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Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope Or Transit – Do’s & Dont’s Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope Or Transit: Mercury In Vedic Astrology Governs: Communication, Listening capability, Learning capability – how fast a person can learn, Reading, Marketing skills, Any kind of agreement or documentation, Any kind of contracts, Business or job related to transport or travel & […]

Heart Disease-Attacks In Astrology & Remedies Heart Disease-Attacks In Astrology & Remedies: Some people have asked me that – how to determine from a horoscope that a native will suffer from heart related diseases. Is it possible to know? My answer is – Yes, it is possible to know whether you will suffer from heart […]

Career & Success In Film Industry – Astrology Career & Success In Film Industry – Astrology – Horoscope: The first person:”I have a dream.” Second person: “What is that, dear?” First Person:”I want to become a film star.” The second person: “Do you know, will you really become, or it will remain a mere dream throughout your […]

Debt In Horoscope – An Analysis & Remedies In Astrology (debt in Vedic astrology)   Debt In Horoscope – An Analysis & Remedies: For some months I have been continuously getting some common questions through e-mail. Some of them are on the Marital issue, some of them are on Business or Career issue, and one […]

Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology (foreign travel in horoscope) Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology: If we talk about transportation, in today’s world that has become so compact & distances between one place to another seem to have become so reduced that one can go or travel anywhere in the world within […]

Ketu In Astrology – A Planet Of Mystery  Ketu In Horoscope: Ketu, in other word The south node. This planet is always sits in the opposite direction of Rahu and in nature also they are poles apart. Like Rahu this planet is also mysterious to many people. In my article ‘ketu in astrology – a […]

Rahu Ketu In Vedic Astrology If you want to know the history and birth of these two lunar nodes, you have to go back into the Vedic Scriptures where we find one story. Whether that incident had happened or not I am not going to that part but like every other stories mentioned in scriptures […]

Rahu & Ketu in Indian Astrology Rahu Ketu in Horoscope After publishing my article on Rahu in Astrology, I have got several e-mails, where many people asked me to through some light on how to exactly judge the effect of these two planets while judging any horoscope. In this article – “Rahu & Ketu in […]

Effects Of Rahu In Astrology – A Mysterious Planet  Role of rahu in vedic astrology Effects Of Rahu In Astrology: Rahu & Ketu – These are two planets whom you can not see in the sky like you see other 7 planets, and from here all controversy starts. People say, that if these two planets […]

love Life In Horoscope, Astrology We become speechless when anybody ask us ‘what is Love?’ An evergreen question with an evergreen feeling. I have got so many e-mails & they have requested me to throw some light on this subject, that – How to find out Love indications from a horoscope. But, some of them […]

Love Relationships In Horoscope – Astrology Love Relationships In Horoscope – Astrology: Love, when we listen the word or see the word anywhere our mind goes to a different realm. That may be dreamy stage or the practical, we just like to feel that word. The word caries trust, closeness and much more. (compatibility sign […]

Extramarital affairs/illicit relations in Astrology Human life is really very mysterious. You do not know when & what will happen, when you will meet someone & fall in love with, and some of them may result in close intimacy also. In our society those relationships are called illicit relations, and if somebody is married so […]