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Career – Job – Business Line In Palmistry Career Prediction In Palmistry / Job – Business Line In Palmistry: When we talk about career, we actually talk about many things, like Money, fame, higher positions and so on. If you want to know about your career through Vedic Astrology you need to have correct birth data – birthdate, place […]

Age Of Marriage In Palmistry, How to Predict ? Palmistry is an integral part of Astrology. Without knowing Palmistry your Astrology knowledge is always incomplete. To get a clear picture in Vedic Astrology we need correct birth data, without which your all calculations may go wrong. Obviously there are some other methods in Vedic Astrology(mathematical) […]

 Money & Wealth Line In Palmistry (line of wealth in palmistry) Money & Wealth In Palmistry: Everybody wants to know their wealth status, through horoscope it is possible to know but some people find it tough who do not have the correct birth data. Birth Time Rectification process is there in Vedic Astrology System but […]

Marriage Line In Palmistry Marriage Line In Palmistry: What is Marriage? We say, Marriage is a long time social bonding between two hearts. Sometimes it is a great bonding and sometimes it is worse. Now the matter is that when it will become worse and when great it is very tough to guess for general […]

Heart Line In Palmistry Heart Line In Palmistry: A line starts from the region under the Mercury mount, means Little finger and ends at the Jupiter mount. In western palmistry this line is called “Heart Line”, but in Indian palmistry, this line is called “Life Line” or the “line of skill”. Here “life” doesn’t only […]

Shape Of Hands In Palmistry Hand elements & shape – Palmistry    Now I will talk about elements related to hands. Everybody we know that, the whole creation is just made up with five elements, and when our body and mind are also the part this creation so the same five elements are ruling our bodily existence also. Let’s […]