10th Lord in 11th House – Career, Success, Profession/ Self-effort, Love

10th Lord in 11th House – Career, Success, Profession Self-effort, Love

10th Lord in 11th House – Career, Success, Profession/ Self-effort, Love, Wish Fulfillment/ Friendships/ Networking, Destiny/ Important years as per Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli in Vedic Astrology: 10th house is regraded as Career house and 10th lord is known as planet of your career. Below, I am going to discuss the effect of 10th house lord in 11th house. 10th house is your Occupation house and 11th house is your overall gains, profits, earning, wealth, happiness, fulfillment of desires, Networking, Friendships, etc. So Below, i am going to discuss the amalgamated effects and results of 10th lord when placed in 11th house.

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Karma Bhava Lord In Dasham/ Labh Bhava In Horoscope

10th lord in 11th house makes native very smart, tactful and sometimes cunning and clever. Person will be witty, intelligent, multi-talented, and sober with powerful people in life. He or she may also become charitable in life. There will be a lot of support from family and friends in life. You may live a very royal and aristocratic life with all comforts and luxury at a young age.

But, you will have to work extremely hard to make your own name, wealth, and property in life. Recognition will come after hard work and self-efforts in life. Sweet talking and your pleasure charming way of conversation may help you gain in your dealings and business. Person will use the trick of spooning and flattery to please others.

To Be Noted:- The effects and results of 10th lord in 11th house might alter due to placement of different planets in 11th house as 10th lord can change strength, dignity, aspect as well as can be in conjunction, combination, etc.

10th Lord in 11th House in Horoscope – Your Personality

You will be generous and sober in life but sometimes you may become selfish and self-centered for your own gains. You may cheat and backstab others for your own benefit. Your taste and friendship in life will be constantly changing.

Native will be outgoing and very social in life. He or she may like to attend parties and weddings of rich and influential people in life. Person will try hard to make contact with aristocratic people in life. He or she will try hard to please powerful people to remain in their good books.

10th Lord in 11th House In Kundli – Career/ Profession

Self-effort and discipline will be indispensable for native to attain good height and powerful position in life. Although, person will have good support from friends, siblings, and peers in life to make him or her successful in their endeavors. Obstacles, hurdles will come in professional life from time to time but native will use their patience, tact, and diplomacy to deal with all those problems in a pious manner. One may become web designer or software developer in life. You may work in automobile sector as well.

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You may become a successful entrepreneur or popular politician in life. There will be gains and success in partnership business. You may get good posts and success through engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and other technology fields. You may become a high-class technocrat as well.

Fame and wealth through outdoor sports is a possibility. You may become social media manager, human resource manager, content creator, client manager, business community manager in life. You may also manage big political campaigns in life. Some people may work for the government as a block development officer or human resource development manager.

10th Lord in 11th House in Horoscope and Your Finance

Native will get all kinds of comforts and luxuries in life from a young age before turning 30. Person will get many favors from government or from someone in an authoritative and powerful position in life. You will enjoy multiple sources of income in life.

Although, partnership business will give you more gains than any kind of self-employment or independent work. You will earn money and gains from all kinds of speculations and investments in your life. Gains from stock market, share market, mutual funds are assured.

Favor and wealth through politics or through government is a possibility. You may also earn wealth from family business or from In-laws as well. Your earning will be high due to your good performance and position in your occupation and profession.

There will be no shortage of savings as there will be a regular flow of liquid wealth. You may gain properties from government or from support of authorities, siblings, friends in life. Real estate work will give you favors and substantial wealth as well.

10th Lord in 11th House In Horoscope and Your Love Life

There may be success in your love affairs and some people will have successful love marriage. But, native might cheat in committed relationships. You may involve in several casual flirting and clandestine sexual pleasures other than your romantic partner.

Your partner might leave you because of your insensitive activities. Your romantic partner will be devoted to you but same cannot be said for you. You may involve in more than one romantic affair simultaneously in life. Although, you will have pleasure, joy, and happiness through all kinds of love relationship.

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10th Lord in 11th House In Kundli and Your Marriage

Your Marriage Life:- Married life will be overall blissful but there will be few altercations and differences with your spouse. Arranged marriage will be better but some people will have happy and successful love married life. Health of spouse may get critical at some point of time in life.

Spouse may be dominant but he or she will be very trustworthy and dependable in nature. Your spouse may bear all responsibilities including your domestic and professional matters. Your spouse may also earn good wealth from his or her occupation or through any kind of work.

Overall, your conjugal life will be happy with obedient children and a loving, supporting spouse. There will be a lack of intimacy because of health issues with your spouse.

10th lord in 11th house and Your Wish Fulfillment

Friendships/ Networking:-  10th lord in 11th house will make your dreams and wishes fulfilled through your career. Self-effort and persistence will be the key to your success. There will be gains from friends and social networking which will help you find your goals and objectives in life.

Friendship with elders, peers, and authority will make your dreams materialize into reality. Elder siblings will be helpful in building your career or business. One may get monetary support from their elder brother or sister.

You can get help from your contacts and connections through social media or any kind of digital medium. Your popularity will increase in your large group circle of friends. Your wishes will be fulfilled after the age of 27. Native will get support, help, and gains from people in power. He or she may get help and contractual work from government.

Special Effects of 10th Lord in 11th House In Astrology

Sun as 10th lord in 11th house gives success in competitive exams for government jobs. You may attain a high governmental post or may become a successful politician. Some people may become directors, writers, actors, poets, journalists, sports stars, editors, publishers, etc.

Moon as 10th lord in 11th house will give wealth through artistic and creative work. Success in partnership business is also assured. Spouse or romantic partner will motivate you in your career and may help you financially. Fame through performing arts and sports is possible. Success in the field of marketing and advertisement is possible.

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Jupiter as 10th lord in 11th house may give success in the field of teaching,  Astrology, and banking. You may become a popular teacher, professor, religious scholar, motivational speaker, and sometimes successful business tycoon.

Saturn as 10th lord in 11th house gives success and fame through politics. One may also become a successful entrepreneur, investor, etc.  You may also become a Railway officer.  Success through self-employment is assured.

Mercury as 10th lord in 11th house gives success in computer programming, software developing, web designing, etc. One may become a successful business analyst, software engineer and investment banker, etc. Some people may become popular singers or musicians as well.

Venus as 10th lord in 11th house may give you success in media, Radio, and designing field. You may become fashion photographer as well. One may become a popular social media influencer, anchor, journalist, etc. Business-related to furniture, cosmetics, perfume, medicine will give ample wealth in life. You may open fashion store as well. You will have more than one vehicle in life.

Mars as 10th lord in 11th house can make you action director, stuntman, fire brigade officer, choreographer, cinematographer, security officer, army or police officer, etc. You may also become a successful architect as well.

Destiny/Important years:-  The most important period of your life will start from the age of 29.  The growth and success in your life will be there between the age of 27 to 55. This will be the most important period of your life. Although, there will be obstacles, failures, and dejection before the age of 29 or after the age of 55. Native’s most important and fortunate years of  life will be 26, 27, 29, 31, 32,33, 36, 37, 39, 40, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50, 55 etc. Your luck will shine through support and cooperation of others in life.

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