10th Lord in 1st House – Career, Fame, Status, Success. Love, Marriage

दशम/ दसवां भाव का स्वामी प्रथम भाव में और आपका - करियर, प्रसिद्धि, सफलता

10th Lord in 1st House – Career, Fame, Status, Success, Love, Marriage, Health, Growth, Authority, Position, Destiny/ Important years as per Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli in Vedic Astrology: 10th house is regraded as Career house and 10th lord is known as the planet of your career. Below, I am going to discuss the effect of 10th house lord in 1st house in Lagna bhav. The 10th house is your Career house and the 1st house is your overall life, status, health, wealth, happiness, etc.

Karma Bhava Lord In Ascendant In Horoscope

Effect and Result of 10th lord in Ascendant:-  10th lord in 1st house indicates Raja Yoga in life. Native may attain wealth and success very early on in life. There will be many favors from the government or authorities in life. One may attain political success and fame. You may also become a person with a lot of followers in life. Some individuals will be much focused on their goals and objectives. There will be a lot of happiness, comfort, and prosperity in life.

To Be Noted:- The effects and results might alter a bit due to the change of Ascendant and Ascendant lord along with its activation years. There are 12 Ascendant and 7 different planets for Ascendant as they own lordship over different ascendant.(Rahu & Ketu do not own lordship over any ascendant)

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10th Lord in 1st House In Horoscope and Your Personality

You may be very ambitious and aspire for great things in life. Your dream will be to become larger than life personality. One may aspire to live life king size. Your style and charisma and charitable nature may become an inspiration for others. There will be positive aura in your personality. You may look very attractive or very charming. Other people will be very attracted to you. Your name may get dragged in some kind of conspiracy or scandal as well.

10th Lord in 1st House In Kundli and Your Career/ Profession

Self-employment or independent work mode can bring fame and wealth in life. Partnership business will be very profitable too. One may become an administrative officer, diplomat in life. You may also become a minister of State affairs. Few might climb the ladder of success very early in politics.

10th lord in Ascendant may also make you chief minister or  Governor of a State. Few individuals will become popular Advocates or Judges. One may become a Mayor of the city as well. Your occupation related to transport will give quick success in life.

10th Lord in 1st House In Astrology and Your Fame/ Status

Success and fame in politics, the entertainment world, or the sports world is assured if one tries their luck in these fields. Police and defense service work may also give you rewards and awards in life. You might also become a popular writer, painter, scholar, or motivational speaker in life. Your popularity through the support of the public may increase leaps and bounds.

10th/ Dasham Lord in 1st House In Horoscope – Your Finance

You may become wealthy from your occupation at a very young age. You may gain property along with a lot of liquid money in life. There will be monetary gains from the support of the government or the public. You may earn very well from the age of 24 and may become wealthy from the age of 29.

Person will have all kinds of luxury and comfort. Native may gain aristocratic status and a lot of affluence in life at a young age. One may earn money from his or her diplomacy and amicable nature.

10th Lord in 1st House – Growth-Authority-Position-Success

There will be an overall success in your work or occupation. You may attain a very high position in your workspace at the age of 22 to 44. You may start working at a very young age of 16-17. One may gain much recognition or popularity in their education or in any kind of occupation at the age of 19 or 21. Gain of position, promotion, and increment may happen after the age of 22 or 24.

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10th Lord in 1st House In Horoscope and Your Love Life

Love Marriage will be successful. Although, you may focus more on your work-life than on your personal life. Partner will be loyal and devoted. You may meet your ideal match at a young age through work or meeting or traveling. Although your partner will be charming, you may lose passion and interest in any relationship midway.

With some ups and downs in love life, one may become responsible and committed in relationship with the passage of time. There will be some intimate moments in your relationship as well.

10th/ Dasham Lord in 1st House In Astrology – Your Marriage

Happiness in married life is assured. Although, some adjustments and sacrifices will be needed. Spouse can be dominating and independent in nature. He or she can be steadfast and very committed to you.

Spouse can be bit egoistic but he or she will be very dependable and trustworthy in life. There will be mutual respect and mutual understanding between both of you. Overall, Conjugal life will happy and successful. There will be long-lasting intimate bonding and friendship with your spouse.

10th Lord in 1st House In Birth Chart and Your Health

Health may suffer from the middle years of life. There will be chances of injury, accidents in life. Although, it will not be very critical. One may also have heart trouble or blood pressure problem in life. You may also go through some surgeries and operations in life. You may also have eye trouble and headache problem. But overall health will be good especially at a young age. Lung issues may crop up in old age. 

Special Effects of 10th Lord in 1st House In Horoscope

Sun as 10th lord in 1st house gives success in any kind of competitive examination of engineering, Medical, or UPSC(IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS). One may attain good posts at a young age. Employment in Government service is very much a possibility. Success in the field of Politics is also bright. Jobs in Railways or in PWD Department is also a possibility.

Moon as 10th lord in 1st bhav gives early success in career before the age of 28. It can make you shine in the entertainment or sports field. One may do very well in the family business as well.

Mars as 10th lord in 1st house gives success in service or job field. One may also shine in the sports field. Occupation related to construction, land, buildings, real estate is also very much suitable.

Venus as 10th lord in 1st house gives prosperity in family business or occupation related to entertainment, import-export, textiles, designing, fashion, garments, luxurious things, etc.

Jupiter as 10th lord in 1st house gives success in the field of education, teaching, religious preaching, spiritual pursuit, etc. One may become Headmaster, principal, or high profile professor, lecturer, scholar in an esteemed university or institution.

Mercury as 10th lord in 1st house gives success in the field of Computer programming, music field, software development, web designing, Radio Anchoring, marketing field, advertising field, etc. Saturn as 10th lord in 1st house bestows success only after struggle till 38 years of age. It can make you a popular political mass leader or can make you a successful businessman. You may become an Industrialist or an entrepreneur.

10th Lord in 1st House – Destiny/ Important Years In Life

Career lord or 10th lord in 1st house gives success in young age with popularity and recognition. One may start getting success from 17 years of age till 40 years of age. Your 1st half of life will be more comfortable and will give you popularity, wealth, happiness, success, and wish fulfillment.

You may attain a very authoritative and high position in life. Some people may also become film stars or sports stars. There will be a success from government sources or from entertainment sources.The most important and significant years of your life will be 15, 16, 17,18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30,31, 35, 38, 39, 42, 46,48.

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