10th Lord in 3rd House – Career, Success, Talent, Skill, Love, Marriage

10th Lord in 3rd House – Career, Success, Talent, Skill, Love, Marriage

10th Lord in 3rd House – Career, Fame, Status, Success, Love, Marriage, Hard work, Talent, Skill, Communication, Destiny/ Important years as per Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli in Vedic Astrology: 10th house is regraded as Career or Occupation house and 10th lord is known as the planet of your Work & profession. Below, I am going to discuss the effect of 10th house lord in 3rd house of self-effort, communication, technology, computer,  etc. 

3rd  house is also known as your house of effort, taking initiative, siblings, talent & skills, neighbours, colleagues etc. Here I am going to discuss the effect of 10th lord in 3rd house which determines your career and its results when amalgamated with 3rd house are below.

Karma Bhava Lord In Bhatri Bhava In Horoscope

Effect and Result of 10th lord in 3rd house:-  10th lord in 3rd house gives success during childhood but struggles at young age. Many people get success after a long struggle persistent effort till middle years of life. Native may get success after 38 years of age. Your patience will be key to your success. 10th lord in 3rd bhav also gives success in foreign land or far away from your birthplace. You may leave your home early in life for education or career. You will be tactful and intelligent in your occupation.

Note/pointers:-  10th lord effect might change or alter a bit due to lordship of different planets over 10th house as a different signs can fall in your 10th house in D1 chart which we call Rasi chart.

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10th Lord in 3rd House In Horoscope and Your Personality

You will be an introvert till 23 years of age. Self-confidence will be low till 26 years of age. You will be loyal, devoted  and active person in life. You will have a much dynamic personality but it will be hard for you to pull it off in public before 30 years of age. There can be some disturbance and tussle in your family.

Parents will be supportive but you will not have a very close bonding with them. You will be unique and different from others in your school days. you will be a shy and god-fearing person. You will honest and wise at a young age.

10th Lord in 3rd House In Kundli and Career/ Profession

Career in the marketing field will bring wealth, happiness and success in life. There will be gains from speculations and investments as well. Person may become a star celebrity and successful person through sports. Native may get fame and wealth through football, hockey, cricket, boxing, running, wrestling, etc.

Some may also gain fame through adventure sports like sky diving, paragliding, cycle racing, car racing, etc. Although, few may gain late success through their business and politics. Some will get substantial wealth through acting, dancing, anchoring etc. The media world and advertising world will bring good success in life as well.

10th/ Dasham Lord in 3rd House In Horoscope – Your Finance

Finance/ Hard work/ Health:- There will be financial fluctuations in life till 35 years of age. Person may get financial stability after 35 years of age. There will be a lot of hurdles and obstacles in the pathway of earning sufficient wealth in life. Native’s earning and overall savings will be good after 38 years of age. Person will earn from self-effort throughout life.

Sometimes, there can be a long-lasting struggle. Hard work will give success and money after some delays. Few people may also get wealthy in old age.

10th Lord in 2nd House and Tallent/ Skill/ Communication

Few people will have extraordinary talent in dancing or in sports. Some people will acquire artistic skills after putting a lot of effort in that direction. Few may become an actor, dancer, choreographer, photographer, or cinematographer in life. You will be good communication skills which will help in your dealings with clients or authorities.

Your high communicative ability will help your climb the ladder of success in your career. You may get a good social media fan following and support a large network of friends and acquaintances. You will have a good social network circle which will give you gains in life.

10th Lord in 3rd House Siblings/ Colleagues In Horoscope

Some might get lucky in their career or business due to the support of siblings in their life. You may get financial and professional assistance from siblings and colleagues in life. You will have a very good and amicable relationship with your siblings and colleagues. They can be one of the reasons for your success.

Help from colleagues and seniors will ease your life at the workplace. Authorities may support you after you put constant effort, discipline, and determination into your occupation.

10th Lord in 3rd House In Horoscope and Your Love Life

Love life will be exciting but will be full of ups and downs with break up, separation and patch up. One will not devote much time to relationship because of their career and family complications. You may get cheated in your romantic life but forgiveness will bring back happiness and devotion in your love life.

Your partner will bring joy and sadness both in life. There can be some misunderstandings in your love affairs but you may get your ideal match after the age of 19 may end up marrying him or her.

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10th Lord in 3rd House In Horoscope and Your Marriage

Love marriage will be successful and you will enjoy your life after marriage. Married life will give you joy, laughter, and stability in life. Spouse will bring fortune and money in life. Some people may get married quite late in life. Native will have a good understanding of their spouse.

The spouse will be affectionate and caring towards you. Although, He or she may get health complications that will make you restless and perplexed from time to time in life. There can be problems in pregnancy as well.

Special Effects of 10th Lord in 3rd House In Horoscope

Sun as 10th lord in 3rd bhav will bring a lot of exciting opportunities along with success and growth in life. One will climb the ladder of success after 30 years of age. For some people, success can get delayed till 40 years of age. Few may also become a dentist as well.

Moon as 10th lord in 3rd house will give talent and success in creative arts and performing arts. You may become a good dancer, singer, writer or painter in life. Native may also get good social media success with vlogging, social media influencing, etc.

Mercury as 10th lord in 3rd house will give success in entrepreneurship and media world. You will be very intelligent and diligent in their conversation and communication. You may become a popular editor, journalist, or Anchor.

Venus as 10th lord in 3rd house will give good social media fan following and wealth through social media. You may become a chief promotional strategist or marketing Guru in life. Person may also get wealth and success through writing and travel blogging.

Jupiter as 10th lord in 3rd house will give success in the field of the advertising industry and also in BPO world. Some people will get good posts in the teaching and education sector as well.

Saturn as 10th lord in 3rd bhav will bring success through co-operation with influential people and government authority. You may get a good government job as well as success in politics.

10th Lord in 3rd House – Destiny/ Important Years In Life

Native will have to struggle hard from 19 to 30 years of age in life to attain success and financial stability in life. Some people will get late success in life. Although, some people will get early success through sports and cine world in life. The most important years of your life are as follows:-23.27. 29.30. 31,33, 35, 36, 37, 39, 44, 48, 49e, 50 etc. The age between 30 to 38 years can be a turning point in your life.

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2 thoughts on “10th Lord in 3rd House – Career, Success, Talent, Skill, Love, Marriage

  1. Satheesh says:

    I am have 10th lord mars conjunct with saturn in 3rd in rashi but alone in bhav chalit. Cancer lagna. Whats the profession to choose

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      The 3rd house governs communication, skills, and initiative. Mars represents energy, courage, and drive, while Saturn brings discipline and a structured approach. Here are some potential career paths based on this placement:

      Communications and Media: With the 3rd house emphasis, you might excel in fields related to communication, such as journalism, writing, broadcasting, or public relations.

      Technical or Engineering Fields: Mars, as the ruler of the 10th house, signifies energy and action. Careers in technical or engineering fields, especially those requiring hands-on skills and practical application, could be suitable.

      Sales and Marketing: The 3rd house emphasis on communication, combined with the assertiveness of Mars, makes careers in sales, marketing, or advertising potential options.

      Information Technology: The technical skills of Mars, along with the disciplined approach of Saturn, could be well-suited for a career in information technology, software development, or programming.

      Writing and Publishing: If you have an interest in writing, publishing, or editing, the 3rd house emphasis suggests a potential for success in these areas.

      It’s important to note that astrological interpretations are highly depend on various factors such as the entire birth chart, planetary aspects, and the Nakshatras etc. It’s always advisable to consult with a professional astrologer for a more personalized and accurate reading.

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