1st/Ascendant/Lagna Lord In 12th House Jail, Foreign settlement, Marriage

लग्नेश/ लग्न स्वामी १२वें घर में होने का फल - जेल, विदेश यात्रा और बंदोबस्त, विवाह

1st/Ascendant/Lagna Lord In 12th House Jail, Foreign Travel, and settlement, Marriage, Career, Health, Love, Bed Pleasure, Finance and Expenses, Guru/ Scholar/ Orator/ Spirituality, Destiny/ Important Years: 1st lord in 12th house gives unnecessary and aimless, fruitless travel till 30 years of age. Native will get success through traveling and in foreign land after the age of 30 or 35. 

Ascendant Lord In Vyaya/ Dwadash Bhava

You may also get success through web designing and web coding in life. One can become a software engineer or researcher or astronaut in life. There will be lof unexpected events in life.

General:-   There will be disappointment in love and career at a young age. One will go through many hardships and struggle till 26 years of age in life.  The person will not have much respect and love in the family or in society in the early years of life.

Few people will give good lectures and become experts in communication or in giving ideas. The native will also have an interest in teaching others at a young age. some individuals will also be experts in computer and technology-related work.

To Be Noted:- The effects and results might alter a bit due to the change of Ascendant and Ascendant lord along with its activation years. There are 12 Ascendant and 7 different planets in Ascendant as they own lordship over different ascendant. (Rahu & Ketu do not own lordship over any ascendant)

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1st/ Lagna/ Ascendant Lord in 12th House and Personality

You will be secretive, anxious, and mysterious for others. Your curiosity about life & nature will be abundant and abstract. One will be a lover of nature and solitude. You may become careless, arrogant, restless, and rude at a young age due to dejection and failure in every stage and sector of life. There can be some moodiness and some anger issues at a young age. There will be a lot of curiosity about the mysteries of life and nature.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 12th House and Love/ Bed Pleasure

1st lord in 12th gives immense bed pleasure with sexual satisfaction from more than one partner. Native will also clandestine secret affair or involvement in taboo sex outside committed relationship or marriage.

But when the 1st lord is Jupiter, the native will be clean and clear-hearted, transparent, and will not have any kind of secret pleasure outside marriage. Love life will mostly be tensed and failure but person will extract physical satisfaction and intimate moments with every partner. There can be cheating in married life and he or she may get caught as well.

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1st/ Ascendant Lord in 12th House and Marriage

Married life will be overall normal but if  4th or 8th or 12th lord is also in 12th house then native may leave home and travel towards the path of spirituality. Arranged marriage will be more suitable than a love marriage. Although, through love marriage, one will have foreign spouse or spouse from different cultures and traditions.

Marriage with foreign person will be somewhat suitable in case of stable marriage. Overall, married life will have ups and downs with some misunderstandings and trust issues. The bond can be long-lasting if both partners are spiritual. Some people may also go through a separation, divorce, or 2nd marriage.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 12th House and Career

Ascendant lord in 12th house can make one a Jail Superintendent, a Doctor, a surgeon, writer, blogger, freelancer or give any kind of independent work. Native’s nature of work will be free from the hustle. Person would like to work from behind rather than in any kind of public domain.

1st lord in12th houses also give popularity and money from adventure sports as well as from indoor sports. Native can also become a popular Astrologer or Writer. Few individuals will grow in the path of spirituality and may become spiritual scholars, spiritual leaders, or heads of any spiritual institution.

Some people may also become yoga teachers, healers, librarians, travel agents, or religious & spiritual teachers,s and preachers.

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1st Lord in 12th House and Finance and Expenses

Native will live a luxurious life with much comfort and ease at a young age. Sometimes person’s expenditure might become greater than their income. Person may get addicted to alcohol, smoking, party and other extravagant activities.

One may also get a windfall of sudden money from investment or speculation or as a surprising gift. Native’s wealth will rise in foreign land with an increase in fortune. There can be many expenses regarding health issues in family or through some damage to property.

There will be financial issues in life from time to time due to their high-class lifestyle or over expenditure. The native will spend a lot on cosmetics, luxury, traveling, and on their personal pleasure.

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1st/ Lagna/ Ascendant Lord in 12th House and Health

You will have health issues in childhood. There can be injury issues or hospitalization during childhood and teenage years of life. One may also face diabetic issues or blood pressure issues at a young age. Native will lose all their strength and energy in advanced years of life.

Although, through yoga and meditation one will have some energy for completing day-to-day affairs. There can be some problems in private organs for a temporary time period. Some people might get some injury in their limbs and feet which may reduce their physical capacity.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 12th House and Jail/ Isolation/ Nature

Some individuals may become travel bloggers or writers especially Gemini Ascendant people. Few may write poetry and quotes on the basis of nature’s bliss and nature wandering. Some individuals would like to live alone and in isolation from family and there will be growth with success that will also start when working in a distant land or aloof from family and friends.

Native’s career will grow in foreign land. Some people may get involved in immoral acts or scandals and may live in jail for a short time. Your occupation may demand working from behind the scenes. You may desire to have property and house in foreign distant country.

1st Lord in 12th House and Foreign Travel and Settlement

Native may settle in foreign land after the age of 36. Some people will travel a lot in foreign country but will face problem in case of permanent settlement in foreign land. One will have much desire to travel to foreign country and adopt the foreign culture, traditions, culture, etc.

Person can learn some foreign languages as well. Few individuals may get employed in foreign companies and become wealthy through that employment. some may also work as independently or as a freelancer in foreign land.

1st Lord in 12th House and Guru/ Scholar/ Orator/ Spirituality

Native may found some mentor or Guru through traveling or through residing in foreign land. One will get much wisdom through spiritual pursuit or spiritual guru. Some people may get mentors and guides who will shape their career in a good way.

You may also get success through religious and spiritual practice and teachings. Some people may become a priest and religious scholar as well. Person may possess the skill of an orator in advanced years of life.

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The native will have a deep desire to attain liberation and salvation from the world. You may possess the psychic ability and may go to other dimensions of life 7 death and contact other souls. Person may for the large institution and work for NGO’S etc.

Special effects of 1st lord in 12th house In Horoscope

Sun as 1st lord 12th bhav gives success in the field of science, medicine & research work. Moon as lagna lord in 12th gives a fun, adventure, comfort, pleasurable travel and good food in life. Mercury as ascendant lord in 12th house gives skill and talent in technology field and software developing.

Venus as 1st lord in 12th bhav gives easy money, comfort, and luxury in life till the age of 44. Jupiter as 1st lord in the 12th house gives success in the field of teaching, yoga, meditation, healing, astrology, and spirituality.

Saturn as 1st lord in 12th house gives the loss in family life and materialistic life but substantial wealth at least once in life. Mars as ascendant lord in 12th bhav gives success in the field of adventure sports.

1st Lord in 12th House – Destiny/ Important Years In Life

Native’s fortune will rise far away from birthplace and sometimes outside the birth country in foreign land. The important time of their life will start from 42 years of age to 75 years of age. Most important years of their life will be 35, 36, 40, 42, 48, 50, 55, 56, 65, 70, 71, 72, 75.  The person will get good growth and success in advanced years of life.

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