1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 1st House Love, Career, Marriage, Health

1st Ascendant Lagna Lord in 1st House Love, Career, Marriage, Health

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 1st House Love, Career, Marriage, Health In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth chart In Vedic Astrology: 1st lord or Ascendant lord or Lagna lord when placed in 1st house or in Ascendant itself in horoscope, then it brings good fortune and prosperity in life especially in the main and sub-period of that particular planet which is your Ascendant lord.

Some individuals will be born in rich or an aristocratic family. Some people may also attain educational and professional success very early in life. Native may get popular due to their merits in education or their skill and talent at the workplace.

To Be Noted: Some effects and results might change due to change of Ascendant and Ascendant lord and its activation years. There are 12 Ascendants and 7 different planets in Ascendant as they own lordship over different ascendants.(Rahu & Ketu do not own lordship over any ascendant)

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 1st House and Personality

Native will be an overbearing dominating personality. Native will have charm and dignified nature with high self-respect. Person will be fond of traveling and adventure. Native will be optimistic and diplomatic when needed. He or she can be dominating at home and even at the workplace.

Native will be very cooperative and helpful towards friends and partners. Native would like to lead luxurious life and will work hard to attain money, power, and popularity in life.

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Native will gradually rise in life through patience but there will be luck and status in life from very young age. Native can be creative with artistic talent. Native will be fortunate from young age and maybe blessed with special natural talent and ability.

He or she will be religious and spiritual and will attain financial support from parents and relatives. Family life will be happy and harmonious. There will be an amicable environment with siblings and relatives. Some people will be lucky from childhood and might get all money and luxury from their parents.

They also inherit property and bank balance from their ancestors, family, in-laws, etc. Individuals may travel to different cities and countries. Person may become highly educated and skilled in some fine or performing arts. Native can become a sports star due to this placement of Lagna lord. Native will get financial and mental support from family, friends, spouse, relatives, siblings, etc.

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Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 1st House and Love Life

Person will lead a very dynamic and overall happy love life. Native may get married from their own choice in life. Few individuals will have happiness from love marriage.

Some individuals will experience sadness and break up in life especially people of Aries, Leo,Scorpio, Capricorn ascendant but many of them will also get success and happiness in love affairs. Some people can found long-lasing love and ideal life partner in life through romantic association.

Native will fall in love at very young age in life and will have many dreams and desires regarding their love life. Some of them might also build castles in the air in love and sometimes will over expect from their lover.

Lover partner will be loving, caring, and loyal to native. There can be moments of sadness or break up for some native. But eventually, most people will find loyal true love with ascendant lord in 1st house.

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 1st House and Marriage

Native will have successful married life but there will few hindrances and can have temporal separation in life.  Native will have a lack of trust and mutual understanding at the beginning of married life but things will settle down gradually over the years and person will enjoy full bliss and happiness from marriage. But the placement of malefic planets in Lagna may bring a lot of discomfort in married life and even sometimes divorce.

Native will get physical and mental satisfaction through marriage along with comfort. Spouse will be cooperative, supportive, and friendly in nature. Overall, person will lead a harmonious life after marriage with domestic happiness from children and partner.

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1st/ Lagna Lord in 1st House and Career

Native will have solid and successful life regarding career and profession. Native will earn much wealth through their occupation. Some people might become administrative officers and work under the government under the post of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, PCS, etc. Few individuals might also work in PWD department.

Few people might also get work in the ministry of external and internal affairs. Native may attain success at the age of 22,23, 25 in life in their career. Some people may also find success in the field of artistic pursuit in fine and performing arts at the age of 16, 19, and 21. Native may become a sports star at very early age of 23. Some people will taste success in politics from the age of 28 or 33.

Few may also work in embassy in foreign land or may become a diplomat. Many individuals will own successful enterprising business or any kind of self-employment method in life through media or social media.

Native will get success in the field of media, writing, traveling, management, hotel business, aviation sector, etc. Native can become painter, poet, writer, lyricist, Novelist, publisher, actor, singer, dancer, director, producer, etc.

1st/ Ascendant Lord in 1st House and Finance

Some natives will be rich by birth as they may born in an influential and aristocratic family. Few native will get wealth in very young age due to their special talent weather in Sports or in artistic field. Some individuals will attain wealth and high position in career due their educational merit and success through competition.

Few people will also attain wealth through government whether through politics or through employment in government sector. Some people will become wealthy through their independent work and business. Few people will also earn money from speculation, investment, or from the real estate business.

Overall, Many natives will get wealth and luxury in life before the age of 30. There will be prosperity, growth, and financial abundance in life. Native will be free from financial issues in life and will also possess some property in life. Native will lead a luxurious life with this placement of Lagna lord in 1st house.

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1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 1st House and Health

Native will be healthy especially from the age of 16. No major health issue or immunity problem from the age of 16. Skin and nerve issues or bone issues may trouble native in advanced years of life but native will be really healthy and will be fond of physical exercise till the age of 45. Yoga will help these people in their advanced years of life.

Few people may also suffer from diabetes. Native will be strongly built individuals with a lot of energy and stamina till 45 years of age. Lung issues might crop up at the age of 50 but yoga and meditation will ease out things easily.

1st Lord in 1st House and Destiny/ Important Years In Life

Native will be born fortunate due to Ascendant or 1st lord in 1st house itself. Native will see abundance of good fortune at the age of 16, 19, 22, 23, 24,25, 28, 29,30. Native will become successful before turning 30.

Many individuals will get early popularity and early success in life through competition, sports, or creative and artistic endeavors. Destiny will favor native most of the time in life especially at young age and will make native achieve significant success and growth in life.

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