All About Mars Retrograde In Horoscope

Mars Retrograde In Horoscope

Mars In Vedic Astrology Represents:

Initiation – to take any initiative (Especially business proposals, any decision etc)

Vitality, vigor & courage (courage to take any risk)

Any argument

Any lawsuit or legal matters

Any New project

Engineering or Engineers (especially mechanical)

Administrative matters (especially Mars + Sun combination)

If Mars Is Retrograde In Any Year – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 etc:

Mars represents your vigor, strength. Significations are always same whether the Mars in transit or that mars retrograde in horoscope. This is the time you need to assert yourself or work on those part of life or issue where you didn’t work at all even till now. It can be your personal or professional part of life. If you are lost, so this is the time to gather all of your energies and send them to one direction. One thing is for sure you will not see the result immediately at least as long as the Mars is retrograde but after the retrogression period the effort you have already put you will start getting the result. As I have mentioned retrograde planet always connects you with your own unfinished work in the past or in the past life.

Your current situation could be anything. But this regression has given you the chance or giving you the signal to ‘wake up again’. Start gathering your energy and attack your all past challenges which you need to finish.

If you are facing any legal issue, this is not the time to win, but definitely you can start preparing yourself to win the case in future, during this you will get that enough opportunities to make yourself ready to challenge your enemies. If you are thinking to start any new legal matter or case, please do not do that now, wait till the time the Mars retrogression period is over. But with existing one you can fight with a new fresh energy.

If you are in any engineering field and are working on any project, so the project might be on hold due to some fast changes in the situation for a time being, at least as long as the retrogression of Mars is going on.

This is not the time to start any new project.

If you have retrograde Mars in your main horoscope or birth chart too so, you may find yourself less confident, directionless or may find it difficult to assert yourself. Your emotional misbalanced condition may hold you back at the time of taking any important decision this time

Uncontrolled Passion: Mars retrogression can cause unnecessary problem due to your imbalanced passion. Your passion is directly connected with your emotion, thus it can convert to problem of emotional imbalance. Wondering why it happens? That’s because Mars rules passion within us. When Mars is retrograde then all unfinished, stored, suppressed, unfulfilled and forgotten passions will come out and mix with your present thoughts and will make a mess of your understanding.

Mars also governs the male sexual organ, and in women it represents ‘passion related to sexuality’. Here retrograde Mars will again play an important role to twist your relationship whether it is marital, extramarital, or simple love relationships. If Rahu also joins that so the matter will start becoming complex and may end up soon.

In case of transit only – the result may vary if you have very strong Mars in the horoscope or Natal chart.

Remedies or how to avoid such bad effects:

Remedies for retrograde Mars: Now, you may be confused that what should you do, right? No need to worry, just follow some basic things to avoid such unpleasant things from happening.

First: try to control your anger, at least during the dasa period or transit

Second, Avoid all kind of arguments, because those can result into big problem anytime.

Third, If it is possible try to have veg food if you are non-veg.

Fourth, Do meditation every day. Meditation will give the self-control power and will diminish the ill effect of the Mars. While meditating concentrate on your ‘Anahata Chakra’ to get best result.

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