All Atmakaraka Planets Effetcs Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Rahu Etc.

All Atmakaraka Planets Effetcs Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Rahu Etc

All Atmakaraka Planets Effects Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Rahu In horoscope/ Vedic astrology: Aatma means soul and Atmakaraka planet means which defines the soul purpose of our life journey and destiny in the present life.  The AK  which means Atmakaraka remains the focal point of your life’s experience. This is where you fulfill your destiny as a human being. The placement of Atmakaraka in a particular house of the birth chart is where your put your deeds or keep your cycle of good or bad most efficiently according to the nature and dignity of the planet.

Karmic experiences will play out the most in where your Aatmakaraka is placed and the lordship of Aatmakaraka. These two things will certainly be a very important one, but it will not give the easiest experiences because to attain the soul’s desire, one has to undergo a series of karmic lessons events to unlearn some of the negative traits that have caused repeated bondage in this life as well as past lifetime.  This will come to light when you experience the Main and Sub period of Aatmakaraka planet.

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we can easily figure out Atmakaraka planet in any individual horoscope by just looking at the degrees of the planet. The planet with the highest degree in a birth chart or horoscope is regarded or termed as an Atmakarka Planet. Here, Given below is the prediction of Different Planets as Aatmakarka in your Horoscope.  Ketu is an exception here.

Atmakaraka Planet Sun

When Aatmakaraka Planet Is Sun- Sun represents Soul in Vedic Astrology. Thus, the Sun is a natural Atmakaraka for every individual. When Sun is also char Atmakaraka in a horoscope of a native according to Jaimini astrology, then the concerned person automatically posses Leadership qualities with amazing confidence and authoritative aura. He or she is authoritative and reliable and loyal. But he will be egoistic. He or she needs to learn to overcome the ego and proud attitude and bossy behavior and should become humble to gain fame, followers and mass popularity with success and money. This is the soul purpose of the native in this birth.

When the Sun is the AK, power, and authority is very important to the native.  These people seek success, fame, and power early in their life and sometimes it comes from family and inheritance.  There is a value and deep respect for those who hold high-level positions in society also for masculine energy. These people need to learn the lessons about power and authority, that only mere seeking power is not everything but also one has to implement and exercise this power into something constructive for society and mankind.

Atmakaraka Planet Moon

When Aatmakaraka Planet Is Moon – With Moon as Atmakaraka in an individual chart, the said or concerned person is very compassionate, kindhearted and friendly in nature. He or she should understand the sufferings and unhappiness of others or less fortunate ones even poor and downtrodden. With Moon as Atmakaraka, He or She would learn to distinguish between true Love and false Love and should not become over-emotional and over-sensitive. Moon as Atmakaraka gives native advancement in Spiritual life as well as Materialistic life. Native possess artistic inclination and get success in a career of Performing arts.

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Moon as AK also indicates a person who is deeply connected to the things that the moon represents, including mother, intuition, land, home, heart, nurturing emotion and compassion. These natives are very caring people and need comfort and support in their life in order to feel safe and grounded.

The native of Moon AK, Moon due to its nature of always changeable and soft, waxing state to waning state, is easily impacted by their environment. So is very important for these people to keep good company so that they do not become overburdened or influenced by dark energies Their spiritual lesson will be the life-changing events for these native. These natives need to learn the difference between true love and lust.

Atmakaraka Planet Mars

When Atmakaraka Planet Is Mars- When Mars is the Atmakaraka planet in a horoscope, the individual with this combination is gifted and bestowed with valor, energy, strength, objective, and goal-oriented persona. Native Possess the ability to carry out the difficult task rather than easy and monotonous or easily achievable. But he or she should follow the path of decency and should not get overaggressive mentally and physically.

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This is the life lesson that must be learned by the native with Mars Aatmakaraka. The individual should understand and be able to differentiate between passion and aggression. With Mars as Aatmakaraka in the birth chart, the control over excess scattered energy and anger with temperament is most important for the person.

Mars as AK in a person’s chart has a burning desire to succeed in life. They possess the passion, adventure, and always wants to win. They need to inherit some wisdom as Mars is also aggressive and violent planet which can put these natives in trouble all throughout life.  These individuals need to keep a tab and control their temper, aggression, and anger. Learning to be soft, playful, happy, chirpy, and spontaneous is helpful.

Conceding defeat, learning the art of patience, and letting go is also part of the spiritual lesson which native with Mars Atmkaraka go through in order to keep peace and prosperity in their life.

One more thing to point out is that if you have a planet in close conjunction with your AK planet, then you should read the descriptions of that planet as well, as it will assert its significations on the Aatmakarka Planet.

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Atmakaraka Planet Rahu

When Atmakaraka Planet Is Rahu:-  Rahu is a shadow planet (the North Node) and if Rahu is an Ak planet in the native’s chart, it brings strong desires and cravings for individuals. He wants and creates desires for us on this material plane of existence. He has a strong drive for worldly pleasures and can become so much obsessive about his desires. Rahu can take native off the spiritual path and keep native away from the true meaning of life. Rahu as AK indicates that the person is under the influence of the shadow and he or she works hard at the unveiling and identifies the true nature of himself/herself.

Learning to trust your instinct above all else is very important for you.  The Rahu AK wants to achieve every materialistic and worldly thing and has a hunger to ingratiate and inhale all experiences.  For you, finding the meaning of purity and utter truth of life and death is an excellent path to follow.   Your spiritual lesson is to accept disappointments, face fears and doubts and insecurities.

Atmakaraka Planet Mercury

When Atmakaraka Planet Is Mercury – When Mercury is denoted as Atmakaraka in a horoscope, then the concerned person with Mercury as AK  over the years becomes very smart, flexible, adaptable, tactful with good communication skill, quick learner, witty and intelligent. But he or she should be honest and should not talk unnecessarily.

Mercury Aatmakaraka represents the mind, the mental intellectual function.  These people with Mercury as Ak are helpful people. There is also an allurement and hunger for gaining knowledge, reading, writing, speaking, networking and as such, working in any of these fields are all will lead you to your soul fulfillment and soul’ as a spiritual journey.

Atmakaraka Planet Jupiter

When Atmakaraka Planet Is Jupiter – When Jupiter is Atmakaraka planet in a horoscope, The native should always respect his guru or seniors and care for his children. Jupiter is the Karaka for children, Guide, Guru, blessings, spirituality, prosperity, knowledge, education, honesty, abundance, growth, seniors, elderly person, etc. So he or she should be concerned and careful about this most important aspect of life. With Jupiter Aatmakaraka we have to learn lessons about mentioned areas of life. The individual may have some unfinished business and cycle of  Karma from past lives regarding the area of Jupiter and what Jupiter signifies as Aatmakarak.

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When the AK is Jupiter, the soul’s desire is for expansion and making rules for others. There will be a strong affinity for knowledge, growth, increased awareness, personal expansion and having children in the life of natives. They need to learn to tolerate other’s spirituality, opinions, and thoughts as well. Respect the husband/spouse, father and children as these can attract much auspicious good fortune for Jupiter AK people and help expand your awareness and enlightenment.

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Atmakaraka Planet Venus

When Atmakaraka Planet Is Venus – When Venus becomes Atmakaraka Planet in a horoscope then the person enjoys luxury, wealth and all sorts of luxury and comfort of life. But with Venus as Aatmakaraka, he or she should have a very clean and clear character and should understand the difference between Love and Lust as well. He or she should not crave for physical pleasure and felicity as well as any kind of over indulgences in sex, wine, etc. Otherwise, it will lead the natives to the path of destruction and may make natives indulge in illegal activities sometimes crimes like rape too.

Venus as Aatamakaraka indicates native soul desire is for seeking soulful relationships, sensuous pleasures, luxury, and wealth.  Venus AK’s spiritual lesson is to accept relationships naturally the way they are and one must keep a tab on sexual urge and control sensuality.  This Native should always refrain from lust and casual sex as these endeavors can bring a reduction in good fortune. Working on relationships is the key theme for you.

Atmakaraka Planet Saturn

When Atmakaraka Planet Is Saturn – This is a tough position for an individual in his or her horoscope when Saturn becomes your Aatmakaraka. The natives with Saturn as their Aatmakaraka will not only absorb his pain and sufferings but also of others. This combination increases the struggle and path breaks in life which can be good or bad depends on your karma and overall horoscope.

Saturn as Aatmakarak will bless the native ability to work really hard with consistency but results will be slows as growth and prosperity in life will be slow.. With Saturn Atmakaraka, the soul needs to learn to overcome loneliness, hurdles, displeasure, obstructions, tussles with authorities and the harsh reality of life. But this is a good placement or combination for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Native with Saturn as AK does things slowly and their fortune rises quite late in life. So these people tend to eat ripe fruit of their hard work later in life. Saturn’s worldly desire is to be dutiful and persistent.  They must learn to face loneliness and harsh realities and sorrows of life.

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