All Planetary Transits 2020/ Graha Gochar 2020 Positions For Predictions

All Planetary Transits 2020 Graha Gochar 2020 Positions For Predictions

All Planetary Transits/ Graha Gochar and Positions 2020 For Predictions: Planetary transit is the key and common phenomenon happens regularly in solar universe depends on different planets as their span of transit from one Zodiac sign to another vary and different from one another but all those 9 main planets and substitute planets like Neptune and Uranus, all covers and travels through the 12 Zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces in each 3 constellation posses by every single Zodiac sign or Rasi. In the process, except for Sun and Moon all other planets get retrograde, Combustion, affliction, etc.

Special point- Moon only takes two and Half-day to travel or transit from one Zodiac sign to another as it the fastest moving planet in our solar system.  Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus take a longer period of time to transit from one sign to another.

SUN/ Surya Transit/ Gochar 2020

  • In Makara (Capricorn sign) from January 14, 2020, Tuesday at 09:53 PM
  • In Kumbha (Aquarius sign) from February 13, 2020, Thursday at 10:48 AM
Sun is transiting in Kumbha(Aquarius sign) Rashi at present

In Meena(Pisces sign) from March 14, 2020, on Saturday at 07:39 AM

In Mesha (Aries sign) from April 13, 2020, Monday at 05:09 PM
In Vrishabha (Taurus sign) from May 14, 2020, Thursday at 02:03 PM
In Mithuna (Gemini sign) from  June 14, 2020, Sunday at 08:40 PM
In Karka (Cancer sign) from July 16, 2020, Thursday at 07:33 AM
In Simha (Leo sign) from  August 16, 2020, Sunday at 03:57 PM
In Kanya (Virgo sign) from September 16, 2020, Wednesday at 03:53 PM
In Tula (Libra sign) from  October 17, 2020, Saturday at 03:52 AM
In Vrischik (Scorpio sign) from November 16, 2020, Monday at 02:40 AM
In Dhanu (Sagittarius sign) from  December 15, 2020, Tuesday at 05:18 PM


Venus/ Shukra Planetary Transit/ Graha Gochar 2020

Venus  will become Retrograde in Taurus sign May 13, 2020, Wednesday at 12:14 PM

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Venus becomes Progressive On June 25, 2020, Thursday at 12:17 PM

Duration of Venus Retrograde motion = 44 Days

Venus transit In Aquarius Sign from January 9, 2020, Thursday at 04:35 AM
Venus is transiting in Meena Rashi( Pisces sign) in an exalted state.
from February 3, 2020, Monday at 02:30 AM
In Aries from February 29, 2020, Saturday at 01:47 AM
In Taurus from March 28, 2020, Saturday at 03:55 PM
In Gemini from August 1, 2020, Saturday at 05:29 AM
In Cancer from September 1, 2020, Tuesday at 02:18 AM
In Leo from September 28, 2020, Monday at 01:15 AM
In Virgo from October 23, 2020, Friday at 10:58 AM
In Libra from November 17, 2020, Tuesday at 01:15 AM
In Scorpio from December 11, 2020, Friday at 05:30 AM


Jupiter/ Guru Planetary Transits/ Graha Gochar 2020

Jupiter is transiting in Dhanu Rashi( in Sagittarius sign) from the 5th of November 2019 and continuing in 2020.
Jupiter or Guru will transit in Makar Rasi (Capricorn sign) On March 30, 2020, Monday at 02:30 AM
Jupiter becomes Retrograde On May 14, 2020, Thursday at 04:31 PM in Capricorn sign.
Jupiter will move back in  Dhanu Rasi or Sagittarius sign on June 29, 2020, Monday at 11:37 PM

Jupiter will regain its straight progressive motion in Sagittarius sign from September 13, 2020.

Jupiter will again transit in Makar Rasi or Capricorn sign from November 20, 2020, Friday at 10:25 AM and will remain throughout the year.


Mercury/ Budh Transits/ Graha Gochar 2020
Mercury  becomes Retrograde February 17, 2020, Monday at 01:53 AM
Mercury becomes Progressive OnMarch 10, 2020, Tuesday at 04:48 AM
Duration of Mercury Retrograde motion = 23 Days
Mercury again  becomes Retrograde On June 18, 2020, Thursday at 06:59 AM
Mercury then  becomes Progressive On July 12, 2020, Sunday at 10:26 AM
Duration of Mercury Retrograde motion = 25 Days
Mercury again becomes Retrograde On October 14, 2020, Wednesday at 03:04 AM
Mercury becomes Progressive On November 3, 2020, Tuesday at 06:49 PM.
In Kumbha (in Aquarius sign) from January 30, 2020, Thursday at 10:32 PM
Mercury is transiting in Kumbha Rashi
In Meena ( Pisces sign) from April 7, 2020, Tuesday at 11:04 AM
In Mesha( Aries sign) From April 24, 2020, Friday at 11:13 PM
Vrishabha( In Taurus sign)   from May 9, 2020, Saturday at 06:24 AM
In Mithuna Rasi ( Gemini sign) May 24, 2020, Sunday at 08:34 PM
In Karka ( Cancer sign)  August 2, 2020, Sunday at 12:11 AM
 In Simha ( Leo sign) from August 17, 2020, Monday at 05:06 AM
 in Kanya ( in Virgo sign) from September 2, 2020, Wednesday at 08:41 AM

Mercury will transit in Tula Rasi ( Libra sign) from September 22, 2020, Tuesday at 01:35 PM

In Vrischik (Scorpio sign) from November 28, 2020, Saturday at 02:44 AM
Mercury will transit in Dhanu (Sagittarius sign) from December 17, 2020, Thursday at 07:17 AM


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Saturn/ Shani Planetary Transits/ Graha Gochar 2020

Saturn is currently transiting in Makara (Capricorn sign) from January 24, 2020, Friday at 07:40 AM till the year 2022.

Saturn turning Retrograde On May 11, 2020, Monday at 06:09 AM in Capricorn sign
then Saturn becomes Progressive On September 29, 2020, Tuesday at 07:10 AM in Capricorn sign
Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 142 Days


Rahu/ Dragon’s Head Planetary Transit/ Graha Gochar 2020

Rahu is transiting in Gemini sign till September 23rd, 2020 and then it will start traveling Taurus Sign throughout the year in 2020 and also in 2021 as Rahu and Ketu always travel in retrograde motion.

Ketu/ Dragon’s Tail Planetary Transit/ Graha Gochar 2020

Ketu is transiting in Sagittarius sign till 23rd September 2020 and then it will start traveling in Scorpio sign throughout the year 2020 and also in 2021 in retrograde motion.

 Mars/ Mangal Planetary Transits/ Graha Gochar 2020

Mars will turn  Retrograde On September 10, 2020, Thursday at 12:22 AM in Aries sign 
Mars will become Progressive On November 14, 2020, Saturday at 01:34 AM in Pisces Sign. Duration of Mars Retrograde motion = 66 Days
In Dhanu Rasi ( Sagittarius sign) from February 7, 2020, Friday at 11:44 PM
Mars is transiting in Dhanu Rashi( Sagittarius sign)
In Makara (Capricorn sign) from March 22, 2020, Sunday at 10:32 AM
In Kumbha (Aquarius sign) from May 4, 2020, Monday at 05:34 PM
In Meena (Pisces sign) from  June 18, 2020, Thursday at 05:11 PM
In Mesha (Aries sign) from August 16, 2020, Sunday at 03:51 PM
Again in Meena Pisces sign from October 4, 2020, Sunday at 05:40 AM due to its retrograde motion.
In Mesha (Aries sign) from  December 24, 2020, Thursday at 06:30 AM.


Neptune(Varun) Planetary Transit/ Graha Gochar 2020

Neptune(Varun) is transiting in Aquarius sign till 2023 March.

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Uranus(Arun) Planetary Transit/ Graha Gochar 2020

Uranus(Arun) is transiting in Aries sign till June 2024.

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