Aspects in Nadi Astrology Prediction Secrets – Learn Nadi Astrology Online

Aspects in Nadi Astrology Prediction Secrets - Learn Nadi Astrology Online

Aspects in Nadi Astrology Prediction Secrets – Learn Nadi Astrology Online: Today I will talk about how does Aspect or Drishti rule works in Nabagraha Bhrigu Nadi Jyotish or astrology. How does a planet influence another planet in a birth chart or kundli. How do planets create yogas in horoscope in the Nabagraha Nadi system/ method. 

Aspect in Nabagraha Bhrigu Nadi doesn’t follow the rule of aspects in traditional Jyotish like Parashari or Jaimini. The system here is a bit different. In Nadi, especially Nabagraha Nadi all planets have the same influence on 1st, 5th. 9th houses from the planet itself. These influences will be taken as Yuti/ combination or conjunction.

In Parashari we only take those planets as in yuti who are together in a sign, but in Nabagraha Nadi it is a bit different. 1, 5, 9 are the primary influences of planets. there is the secondary influence of planets also. these secondary influences are not taken as conjunction or yuti. They are 2nd 12th, and 7th. Why I am calling them the secondary effect that I will discuss later. 

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Let’s take an example to make the concept clear, In the below chart Saturn and Mercury are in the same sign so they will work together, whether against each other or not that is a different topic, but they will work together to manifest something in a native’s life.

Predictive Techniques- Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method- chart example

Moon is in the 5th house from this Saturn-Mercury combination so, now we will take it like Saturn, Mercury, and Moon combination. In 9th from Saturn – Mercury, there are 3 planets Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. Now the combination becomes Sun + Mars + Jupiter + Saturn + Mercury + Moon. See is there any planet in 2nd 12th or in 7th house. We can see only 2nd house is occupied by Ketu which we will not add in the yuti but it has the power to modify the effects of any event. In Nabagraha Bhrigu Naadi system any planet placed from another planet in 2nd 12th, and 7th will have the power to modify the result of the previous planet.

So, Finally, we got a combination through 1, 5, 9 influence: Sun + Mars + Jupiter + Saturn + Mercury + Moon, and one modifier: Ketu which is the planet of obstruction, end, etc.

Prediction Sequence as per Nagagraha Nadi Astrology

Now the next part of this rule consists of the degree of planets. Through the degree of planets, we can know the sequence of events. How a particular event will take place. As per this chart, For example, if in the above chart Jupiter is at 12 degrees in Sagittarius, Mars is at 5 degrees, and Sun is at 20 degrees so we will write Mars first then Jupiter, and then Sun. In Nabagraha Nadi Astrology we write planets as per their degree. 

The final outcome would be Mars + Jupiter + Sun

Now let’s say we want to know about the characteristic of the native in short. I had told you that Jupiter is considered the male native and Venus is the female native in Nabagraha Nadi. So, as per the above example, The native (Jupiter) will first get the quality of Mars (ego, anger, fighting mentality) then Sun (authoritative, domination, taking decisions like a king).

Hence here we can say: the native will be egoistic, short-tempered, impulsive, authoritative, and dominating, but as Mars is controlling Sun’s authoritativeness and domination so, those things will not last long. The native is with fighting mentality but also forgets everything after some time. So his decisions are not concrete better to say he changes his decisions from time to time.

The native (Jupiter) will suffer from Mars-related diseases and also diseases related to houses of mars representing in the chart, especially High Blood pressure. In this way, you can evaluate the influence of planets as per their degrees.

Event Modifier Planets in Nadi astrology Prediction Technique

About 2, 7, and 12th influence of a planet work as modifiers of any event. Now, the question comes how do they work in Nabagraha Nadi. planets in 2nd house from any planet show the destination of the planet as per their significations. On the other hand planets in 12th house from any house shows that the said planet has already adopted the qualities of that previous planet.

look at the below chart Saturn is sitting in the 12th from Moon so the moon has already adopted the quality of Saturn and in the 2nd grom Moon there Venus so the ultimate destination of moon (or will adopt) is to reach the venus related significations. So, in conclusion, here we can predict the Mother (moon) of the native is in a type of profession (Saturn) and will earn good wealth (Venus) through it.

Event Modifier Planets in Nadi astrology Prediction Technique

I believe the concept what I tried to make you understand has become clear to you in this Predictive Techniques/ Rules Of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Method Part 2 article. If you have any questions you can ask me in the AstroSanhita Q-Hub. In my next tutorial, I will discuss another interesting rule of Nabagraha Naadi astrology.

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