Aspects Of All Different, Various Planets On 2nd House Of Horoscope

Aspects Of All Different, Various Planets On 2nd House Of Horoscope

Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets On 2nd House Of Horoscope: 2nd House is the house of accumulated Wealth, Family Income and Savings. This is also the house of speech, food, vocal talent and benefic effect on this house that causes prosperity and affluence.

This house represents the eating habits and the kind of food one would get to eat in life. Talent in cooking and creativity in the food industry or any kind of business in the food industry can also gaze from this house. Competition, debates or common knowledge common sense can be derived from this house only. 11th house is the house of earning but 2nd house which is 4th from 11th is the house of all kinds of wealth accumulation and savings.

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Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets On 2nd House Of Horoscope

The effect and result of different planet aspects on the 2nd house

When Sun Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:-  If Sun aspects the 2nd house of your birth chart or D1 Rasi chart then it means you will accumulate a satisfactory amount of wealth in life by yourself and there will be profit and gain of parental property as well. You will also earn from renting your property. There will be no shortage of wealth or prosperity in your life.

You would like to eat very hot cooked food and there will be a fondness for eating salty, spicy food. You will be fond of wearing Jewels and ornaments and there will knack of habit for showing off your luxury and your aristocratic status in the society. You will have liquid wealth and well as wealth in the form of property and big gains from father or government as well. You will spend your money in big amount including in some travel and extravagant activities and indulgence. You will be an affluent personality in your society.

When Moon Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:- You will have big gains and profits from your mother or Mother’s relative. You will have some property but most importantly accumulated liquid money in your life. You will be prosperous because of your parents as well as your own property. Multiple sources of income or multiple properties are usually seen with this planetary dynamics.

But there will many problems in accumulating and saving your wealth throughout life at least till 44 years of age. You will have some loss of wealth because of your over-sensitive and over-emotional nature and you will bear the expense of others and will spend much on blood relatives as well as on your friend circle. There will be inconsistency in your savings. There will fondness for eating fast food drinking milk product and you will have a sweet tooth as well. You will be spending much on pleasure from the opposite sex as well. You will have problems with cough, cold and congestion.

When Mars Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:-  You will be extremely wealthy in life and you will have all kinds of money from all sources good as well as bad. You will earn from more than 2 sources in life and you will earn from your own hard work as well as from Good fortune and other people’s labor.

But you will end up wasting all your money on legal issues, on jail and police, on conflicts, on gambling, on speculation, and on your pride of showing authority and dominance in society. You will also bear many expenses on medication and hospitality and on serving guests as well as on your own brothers or cousins. But overall there always be some regular inflow of wealth that will be there in your life.

You will also be fond of hot food and cuisine culture and will travel far off place just for your foodie nature.

When Mercury Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:- There will be a lot of accumulation of liquid wealth and savings in your life. If Mercury is benefic and strong then natives will prosper throughout life especially after 32 years of age. You will be fond of sour and salty food.

You will also bear the expense of your family and your own relatives. But Your wealth will be stable and there will be a regular inflow of substantial wealth in your life and your prosperity and luxury will increase as you reach your middle years of life.

There be quest and thirst for enjoyment and pleasure and you will spend much of your earned money on these unnecessary activities. You will also have some expense on medication as skin related disease will trouble you in life. You will also have singing, acting and dancing talent and you can earn a lot of money through this artistic profession.

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When Jupiter Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:- You will have a sound financial position and will be extremely prosperous after Marriage or after 34 years of age. But you will spend freely from your own wish on religious- spiritual activities, occult activities or any kind of research activities. You will also spend on court cases as well as on marriage and sometimes on alimony and divorce.

You will bear many expenses in life because of sudden problems in life. You will also earn from renting your property or vehicle as well. But there will be expenses on maintaining your property and vehicle. So, there will be some problems in the accumulation of wealth but not in the inflow of money. There will be constant flow funds in your life. But there will b no shortage of liquid money in your life. You may bear some liver or intestine problems in life as well. You may spend some of your money in charity as well.

When Venus Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:-  You will rich and there will be a lot of savings and accumulation of wealth after 28 years and continuous for coming 24 years of life. You will earn much gains and profit from the help of the opposite sex or through the opposite sex.

The native will have lady luck in life and ladies will play a significant role in the prosperity of the native. You will have much acting – singing talent and some kind of occult talent or spiritual power as well. You may earn much from astrology too. You will have all kinds of wealth, luxury and property in life.

You will be much attached to glamour, clothes, and cosmetics in life and much spending will be on nourishing yourself as well as your close family members but not on others. You may also earn from the help of your spouse as well. You will also spend on parties, alcohol, clubs, maybe on some kind of prostitution or on clandestine relation.  But there will be no shortage of money in life till 48 years of age. The native will suffer from Diabetes.

When Saturn Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:- if Saturn is aspects 2nd house of wealth from your Lagna or ascendant chart then native will industrious will be very rich after 38 years of age especially when Saturn is aspecting the 2nd house from its placement in 5th house as Saturn has 3 aspects that is 3rd, 7th and 10th. 

The native will be in search of money and life will be full of struggle and poverty till 36 years of age but after 38 years of age, native get a fruitful result of Good Karma and Hard work in life. He or she will earn much wealth from knowledge as well from broker-ship, speculation, investment, construction and from inherited or god gifted talent.

The native will spend much money on the public. charity and on less fortunate. Native also have to spend on unnecessary travels as well as on religious and spiritual activities. The native will spend much on the health of family members and native will also suffer from heart troubles.

When Rahu Aspects 2nd House Of Horoscope:- Rahu’s aspect on 2nd house will destroy any kind of accumulation of wealth through unfair means or through government, Justice, and authorities. You will destroy your large hard-earned income on police as well on politics and public.

But one this is sure you will have a large amount of property and a substantial amount of saved money as well as incomes in large amounts from many sources at least Once in a lifetime. But his or her large earned money and savings will be destroyed through unfair deeds and from capital punishment.

Native will loose money due to scandals, court cases and immoral activities. But these will be sudden emergence and gain of sudden surprising wealth in life too. You may suffer from piles or infection in sexual organs.

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