Aspects Of All Different, Various Planets On 4th House Of Horoscope

Aspects Of All Different, Various Planets On 4th House Of Horoscope

Aspects Of All Different, Various Planets On 4th House Of Horoscope: 4th house in a Horoscope or Natal Chart deals about our home, house, properties, luxury, vehicle, domestic environment, relation with Family Members, Comfort, and Peace at Home and overall prosperity in life. Domestic felicity and security around our Homes are denoted by 4th house.

Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets On 4th House Of Horoscope

The effect and result of different planet aspects on the 4th house

Happiness and comfort from Family and blood relation can be gazed by 4th house. 4th house also deals with our school education and our Relation with the General Public. 4th House also deals about well being of Mother. This house also deals with friends, servants, and Helpers.

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4th house can also indicate whether if any kind of fraud or humiliation native would suffer in life or not. Venus and Moon get direction strength and get digbali in Kundli. 4th lord also indicates respect and status in society. Venus and Moon in 4th act as a karaka of 4th house and derive worldly and materialistic pleasure in life.

4th house also denotes proximity of native towards his or her family members, Spouse and Children.

Now, we would derive the effect and result when any planet aspects the 4th house of Kundli in Vedic Astrology.

Here are the effects of the aspects of different planets on 4th house of Birth chart or D1 chart.

When Sun Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:- If Sun aspects the 4th house of Lagna chart or Ascendant chart then, Native’s relation with Mother will be Strained. The mother’s health will cause tension and problems in Native’s life but Native gets all kinds of luxury, property, Vehicle, and prosperity in life. The native will Start earning from 23 years of age.

The native will be popular in social circle and individuals have a lot of friends and vast network circles. The native will earn a lot of wealth only from self-effort. The native will be popular at their workplace or in their profession. Native may work for Government or in any kind of administrative Service. The field of Management will also make native rise quite high in life.

The native will get some kind of bad name gain in society at least once in life but will overcome all the problems with his or her energetic deeds. The native will turn his or her unpopularity into popularity through their sheer hard work and dedication. There will be some domestic tension and tussle in the life of the native. Ego Clashes will deteriorate the family happiness. Friends will use the native for their own benefits.

When Moon Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:- When Moon aspects 4th house in Kundli then, Native will be fully devoted towards his or her Mother. Native will be most favorite child of their Mother and the native will love his or her Mother till the last breath.

Native will be blessed with a lot of family properties, luxury and richness and Native on his own will also add some wealth and will acquire property on its  own in their life. Native will never be short of liquid money. The native will earn much from Agricultural land and Farming. The native will take good care of their Mother’s health. The native will own land and Vehicle and may possess more than 1 house in life.

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The native will rise in life after 24 years of age. The native will rise in life but with a very slow speed which does not match with nature of planet Moon but here Moon aspect on 4th house gives slow success in life. 

The native will perform donation and charity and will help poor people of society. The native will possess tender emotion and sensitivity towards Human Beings and Humanity. Although cunning people will use native’s sober nature for their own benefits the friends and brothers of Native will be loving, caring and will always be helpful and supportive towards native. The native will be endowed with helpers and servants in life.

When Mars Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:-  If Mars aspects the 4th house, then native will have a large property in the for land including agricultural land. The native will have more than 1 house. Native own house or flat will be built after native crosses 28 years of age.

Although, Native will not be kind and co-operative towards their own Mother but His or Her Mother will be very supportive and loving towards Native. The health of the Mother will be delicate and fluctuating. The native will lack family happiness and peace in domestic and Married life. The native will be irritable, will lack patience and will always be wandering in the hunger of accumulating much wealth.

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Native’s mind will be restless and will always be looking for money as native’s hunger and desire will never be fulfilled and native will never be satisfied with his or her own wealth. Native may involve in scandal, fraud, and theft also. The native will use other people’s money for their own benefit. The native will always be in quest for snatching and accumulating other’s wealth as well.

The native will be very stubborn but confused individuals and native will not obey any order and will not listen to any advice from others. Although Native will rise in careers like the police or defense sector.

When Mercury Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:- If Mercury Aspects the 4th house, then native will be intelligent, intellectual, service-oriented and will help less fortunate people in Society. Native gets recognition and popularity because of their pious nature and auspicious deeds for society and Mankind. The native will derive all the happiness from family and blood relations.

Native’s Mother and Sibling will be very loving and supportive towards native. The native will possess excellent communicative skills in their profession and will be favorite of the opposite sex because of delicate and soothing personality and sober way of communication. The native will be respected in society after middle age. The native will possess more than 1 vehicle and more than 1 house.

Native House will be big and beautifully decorated. The native will rise in life after 32 years of Age. The native will be caring towards their mother, sibling, and friends. Friends will also show support and will lend help in the time of needs.

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When Jupiter Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:- When Jupiter aspects 4th house then, Native will highly be respected in society. Native words will be like preaching for others. The native will rise high in life after 34 years of age because of their wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality. The native will be a very wealthy individual and will love his or her Mother and will care for her all through life.

The native will obey their Mother’s advice and order. The native will be extremely devoted towards their family and well being of family members. Native by self-effort will take their family to affluent status in society. The native will have all kinds of luxury and prosperity in life. The native will build a house or will own more than 1 flat in life. The native will also high profile friends and will possess a big car.

The native will also accumulate liquid wealth in a substantial amount. The native will also spend much money or religious and spiritual pursuit and Native’s spouse and children will be the source of happiness and prosperity in Native’s family life. The native will spend money only on useful purposes but will never waste money on any kind of indulgence and will not possess extravagant activity.

Big bank balance and with more than 1 house and the vehicle will make native quite wealthy and aristocratic in life. The native will also have a long life with good health. Native’s mother and family members will also be healthy and fit. Native and native’s mother will be happy in their home and family.

When Venus Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:-  When Venus aspects 4th house of Horoscope then, this the Raj Yoga Karak for the Native. The native will see the extreme height of success and growth in career and popularity.

The native will be highly recognized and respected in Society. The native will be rich and will be endowed with all kinds of Materialistic possession, luxury, and worldly pleasures. The native will become fortunate after 25 years of age and will be extremely lucky and blessed after 51 years of Age. The native will possess a big and beautiful house with all kinds of luxury and comfort.

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The native will possess very expensive cars and will be fond of wearing diamond and Gold. The native will spend much on branded clothes, watches, attire, shoes, sunglasses, etc.. Native will prosper at a rapid pace after Marriage. Native always get help and support from members of the opposite sex.  If Native is male, then Ladies will be highly influential in the life of Native. The native will have large circle female friends and there will be expenses on female friends as well. The native will derive many benefits from women.

When Saturn Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:- If Saturn aspects the 4th house, then for sure native will have a big house even sometimes native own house in a foreign land. The native will own more than one house in their lifetime.

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The native will rise from poverty and lackluster life too much affluence and prosperity after the age of 36. But native will not enjoy the prosperity and luxury in home because of work in a distant place or in foreign land. Native’s mother health will be cause of concern although Native’s mother will live long.

There will be occasional tension and chaos in family affairs and within family members but overall peace and amicable relation will prevail in native’s family. The domestic comfort of the native will be hamper because of work and sometimes unwanted circumstances. Even after having more than 1 house and big house, the native will be deprived of their comfort and happiness and may live on rent in foreign locations due to education, work, service, business, and career.

Native may also become part of conspiracy, scandal, and fraud unknowingly and unintentionally. Native himself or herself may suffer from fraud and theft. The native will enjoy popularity and respect as well as humiliation in society as a leader and politician.

When Rahu Aspects 4th House Of Horoscope:-  If Rahu aspects the 4th house then, native willy active in politics and may become a very popular politician. The native will acquire power and high esteem in society and the city. The native will have a large social following with big networking. The native will hold command and authority in life and will derive benefits from the administration and Government. The mother’s health will be constantly poor and Mother may die early as well. There will be rifts with spouse and siblings.

There will be a tussle in owning and distributing properties within the family. Family life will lack peace and happiness. There will lack of mutual understanding with Spouse. The native will not have amicable relations with parents and blood relatives. The native will also be criticized by opponents in society. Native may get defamed due to bad associates or any kind of Scandal.

The native will be endowed with luxury and servants and will achieve good height in career after the age of 45. Native wealth, savings and prosperity will increase in leaps and bounds after crossing the age of 45. Native’s family members will always be in health trouble ant native expenses will be vast on medication. The native will get sudden wealth in life in a big amount. The native will be bitter and harsh in communication and may get possessed with some negative energies as well. Native may also land in Jail if the 4th lord is weak.

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