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Medical Astrology – Planets & Diseases

 Medical Astrology – Planets & Diseases

Medical Astrology planets and related diseases: Today I am going to discuss on  diseases & their related planets. This is the first part of Medical Astrology you can say. Before going into deep we need to know some basics, like which disease is represented by which planet in Astrology. If any planet is weak in your chart that doesn’t mean that you are going to suffer from all diseases represented by that planet, but, will suffer from some them obviously.

To determine diseases, some houses of a birth chart also play a very important role and finally “Argala” or “Intervention” of planets take the final decision. Aspect of planets are also important. So the combination of all these determine one’s disease, what he/she is going to suffer from. So this is the first part today – impact of planets on diseases. Let’s start:

Planet Sun & Diseases In Medical astrology: 

Planet Sun signifies Vitality and is also a life giver to any birth chart, because it rules the digestive system which provide nourishment to the whole body, it is bilious a planet and has sturdy bones. It generates heat, dry & constructiveness. It signifies bone structure, constitution, blood, brain, stomach, bile digestive fire, heart, eyesight, gall-bladder, spine & belly. If it is weak or afflicted or any how badly influenced in horoscope so it gives the native very weak eye-sight, headaches, erratic blood circulation, heart trouble, bone fractures, over heating fever, blood pressure, baldness, neuralgia, bone cancer, weak immune system etc.


Planet Moon & Diseases In Medical astrology: 

The Moon is a planet of cold, moist & it’s constitution is a mixture of vata & kapha. Moon signifies emotional health, fertility, and general health as it governs the fluid of the body, quality of blood and lymph, glands, tonsils, breast, face, lungs & chest. It also rule, menstrual cycle, ovaries & uterus. If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so any kind of psychic problem is must and beside that, it will give sleep disorder or insomnia, lethargy, drowsiness, neurological disorders (though it mostly depends on Mercury & ketu), mouth problems, lung problems, blood pressure problems, anemia, enlargement of spleen, diseases of uterus and ovaries, menstrual disorders, T.B., frequent cough 7 cold, lack of appetite, fever, general weakness etc. In case of mental diseases, it gives hyper-sensitivity & over-reaction type of problems.


Planet Mars & Diseases In Medical Astrology: 

The Mars is a planet of dry, fiery & “pitta” in nature. Mars governs head, blood, digestive fire, bone-marrow, bile, intestine, neck, forehead, muscular system, external generative organs & nose. If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so it gives a person problem like inflammations, wounds, inability to tolerate hunger, accidents, burns fractures, skin rashes, operations, piles, fever( sudden rising temperature ), tumors, epilepsy, cancer in the muscular part of the body, pox, typhoid, dysentery, cholera, boils etc. It also indicates disease related to over-anger.


Planet Mercury & Diseases In Medical Astrology: 

Vata, pitta & kapha these three are ruled by mercury, that’s why if mercury is afflicted in the birth chart so the diseases related to those three will come to the fore. Mercury indicates the lower part of the abdomen, skin, mind, nervous system, lower neck, gastric juice, intestine, bronchial tube, tongue, mouth, hands & arms. If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so it gives psychic disese, nervous-breakdown, insomnia, skin-diseases, impotency, epilepsy, leucoderma, vertigo, loss of memory or speech, asthma, diseases of respiratory canal, deafness, disorder of intestines, dyspepsia etc. It also indicates timidity, aloofness, low self esteem, difficulty in thought & communication, abnormality & over-internationalization etc.   


Planet Jupiter & Diseases In Medical Astrology: 

Jupiter is a planet of mild, warm & phlegmatic in nature. Jupiter indicates fat tissue, arterial system, hips, glands, liver, gall-bladder, absorptive power, digestion, pancreas related diseases, ears, hearing capability, navel, physical development, feet, palate & throat. . If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so it gives thrombosis, jaundice, lymphatic & circulatory congestion, diabetes

Anemia, liver problems, dyspepsia, cough, flatulence, etc.



Planet Venus & Diseases In Medical astrology:

(Planets and diseases in astrology) 

Venus is a very warm and moist planet and kapha, vata in nature. Venus indicates the sexual organs and pelvis, private parts, semen or ovam, reproductive parts, urinary bladder, kidneys, throat, upper neck, face, eyes, chin, cheeks, skin etc. If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so it gives diseases related to urinary & reproductive system, venereal diseases, stones in bladder or kidneys, diabetes, anemia, weakness of sexual organ, paralysis, cataract, impotency, loss of bodily luster etc.


Planet Saturn & Diseases In Medical Astrology: 

Saturn is a planet of cold, dry & Vata(air) in nature. Saturn indicates joints, tendons, spleen, nerve tissues, teeth, skin, knees, part of leg between ankle and knee, bones, phlegm & secretive system. If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so it gives all type of chronic and degenerative diseases, painful diseases, cancer, arthritis, leg fracture, diseases of glands, paralysis, rheumatism, skin diseases, gout, rickets, flatulence, coldness of the body, deformities, nerve disorders, indigestion, insanity, dyspepsia, senility, numbness, impotency in men, intestinal obstruction, retention of urine etc..


Planet Rahu & Diseases In Medical Astrology: 

Rahu is a planet of kapha, vata in nature. If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so it gives diseases of intestine, boils, nervous system, allergies, ulcers, spleen,, blood pressure, heart trouble,, epidermics, mental disturbances, hysteria, hallucinations, insanity, diseases related to all type of poisons, mysterious diseases( Saturn must be involved), indigestion, leprosy, gas accumulation in stomach or intestines, pain or injury in feet, cancer, insect bites related diseases etc.


Planet Ketu & Diseases In Medical Astrology: 

Ketu is very much explosive in temperament. It governs the Pitta. If somehow it is weak or badly afflicted or influenced in the horoscope so it gives injuries, wounds, diseases of nerves, diseases of spine, surgery, inflammations, ulcers, low blood pressure, deafness, addictions of any kind, skin diseases, defective speech, spasm, diseases related to central nervous system etc.   

Houses Of Horoscope & Medical astrology:

Among all houses 6th, 8th, & 12th – these three houses are main trouble giver. 6th house gives diseases for short period of time but 8th house can give very long term and fatal diseases, especially when Saturn joins the combination. Ketu is a planet who always indicates towards incurable diseases. For example – AIDS comes under the Ketu’s supervision. To Be continued……


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