10th house in vedic astrology 

Career & Tenth House in Astrology

Career & Tenth House In Astrology/ 10th house in vedic astrology: The 10th house is the House of honor, status, prestige, reputation, community-power,  & professional career, in our society, this includes financial-success, but only as 10th house relates to community-power & prestige. This house definitely not all about gaining “material wealth” as it is more truth with the second house. The 10th house always wants success only for the sake-of honor & social status.

This house also includes all social-foundations (as just opposite to personal-home-foundations in the 4th house), personal-achievements, recognition, social-responsibilities, authority-figures, politicians & sense of duty. This House surrounds the most public & social areas of someone’s life, & the career, that you grow-into, as just opposed to daily work & odd jobs controlled by the 6th house.

A person with completed his PhD, may work, as a simple-school- teacher, if the 10th house in horoscope is not strong. It can also give you the answer, why people, do different-kinds of job just irrespective of their educational-qualifications! Whenever, a major dasa(mahadasa or antardasa) changes, the effect of that must be looked-into, the 10th house. Because, it is the “Dasa lord” which decides the type of occupation will be undertaken, by a person, during the “Dasa Period”.

People Represented By Tenth House:

Tenth house always represents superior person in an organization, boss, your immediate senior in workplace. some astrologers opine – father is also represented by this house. In short where there is a link of absolute authority that is the subject of this house.

Career 10th house vedic astrology:

In an Vedic astrology System the strength of Tenth house signifies the Status, of a person-in-Life. More the no. of planets associated with the 10th house in a horoscope, more will be, the activities of the Person. This is the top-most quadrant or angular house where, all the high energies of actions are concentrated, for that reason, “Pancha-Maha-purusha-yogas” formed in 10th house are more powerful or stronger than those of other anguler houses like 4th & 7th, in a horoscope. The 1st house lord in 10th  or 10th lord in 1st house of a horoscope may make a person do independent business, if  9th house is supporting in this case, so the person must think about doing something independently. Type of business is decided by the planets associated with the 10th house or its lord, 9th house and it’s lord & 7th house & it’s lord in the horoscope

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