As already it has been discussed that marriage is ruled by 7th house from lagna or
 , Moon and Venus and their lords, hence, number of marriages may be counted according to the number of planets are associated with 7th house and its lord from lagna, Moon & Venus.


Venus is the natural significator of marriage and its influence in the male horoscope
is very strong and this priniciple is widely accepted also. Therefore we can say the number of planets are associated with Venus play a great role in identifying the number of marriages.


Without the above principles, there are other principles which indicate more than one


There are various books on this in ancient time are saying about more than one marriage and those principles or planetary combinations are based on the social
structure or practices of that time. But, in the todays world things have changed, the society and practices also have changed. Therefore, some combinations mentioned in those ancient books do not match nowadays.


Nowadays, one person may be marrying one time socially but he/she is involving
him/herself into some illicit or extra-marital relationships. So, there is no doubt, at present it is very difficult to predict anything about relationship or bonding, if you are not enough experienced in Judging all this matters so there is a very high chance of giving wrong predictions.


In this case we can divide marriages into two types, first is “Social” & second is “un-social”, that means secret marriages, sometimes we call it extra-marotal or illicit. In normal languages those wives are called “kept”.
Remember, if any relationship between a man and woman is fulfilling all terms and conditions of “normal marriage” so we will call that “Marriage”, whether that is social or secret.


Now, let’s discuss the combinations of more than one marriages in astrology.