Planets In Astrology – Science Or Fake ?

Astrology – Real Or Fake ?  Science or Superstition Or Myth?


Planets In Astrology – Science Or Fake ? whether it is science or myth or superstition: In “Vedic Astrology”, there is a term “Graha”- in Sanskrit and in English if we translate that so that will become “Planet” which means – “a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit round a star.”

Meaning of Planet in Astrology – historical :

a “celestial-body” distinguished from – the stars “by having an apparent motion” of its own [including, Sun & Moon], especially, with reference – to its “supposed-influence on people & events”.

From here all controversy starts, everybody become confused, how come a astronomical planet has influence on living being, and if it is accepted but it is impossible to accept that SUN & MOON are Planets and RAHU, KETU ? what the hell those are ? How come an imaginary existence can influence “living being” ?


Now let’s see what our Scriptures are saying: 

What is “Graha”? :


A sloka from “Shabda-Kalpadrum”:


In Sanskrit :
“Grinhati gati bisheshan yad ba, grinhati fal daatritwena jibaan”


Meaning: A movable existence who receives and shows all “Karma Sangskara” of all living being is called “Graha”.


It may be anything, may be celestial or non celestial, why ? The word celestial have two way meaning, 1. Astronomical objects and 2. Angels and Seraphs of Heaven.


Whatever it can be heaven or hell or astronomical objects, according to Classics “Graha” are those who are “Moving” means changing its state all the time, not fixed at any state, the state of which will be a constant changing phenomenon and has to have an influence on living beings and objects on earth , because in astrology, earth is the main focus point where we live. The same thing has been supported by another “sloka” in “Brihat Daibagga Ranjan”, little bit elaborately, as follows in Sanskrit :


“prak-karama suchak khaga, kathameshu vukti

 prak-karma-vog shamanaio hi vogo muchu

 kechittatha durito hrit-jaddwish vaktih

 kinno grahavigata eba swa eba bishnuh “


Now let’s see according to astronomy what is planet ?:


A planet (from Ancient Greek (aster planetes), meaning “wandering star”) is an astronomical object orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity, is not massive enough to cause thermonuclear fusion, and
has cleared its neighboring region of planetesimals.


Now let’s take the turn towards Astrological view point again:

From above astrological discussions we have come to know that, in astrology those are “Grahas” or in translated English “planet”, who have :

1. Movable or constant changing phenomenon.

2. has influence on living beings.


I am not taking other planets, because there is no controversy on those, everybody accept that – without Sun & Moon all are planets, lets talk about Sun & Moon only.


Sun: Sun is Moving on it’s own orbit and it has influence on not only living beings but on other objects also on earth, so according to above rule astrologically, not astronomically it is “Graha” or “planet”.

Several times I have mentioned the word “Astronomy” in this article. Let’s see what is the meaning of astronomy : “Based on strict dictionary definitions, “astronomy” refers to “the study of objects and matter outside the Earth’s atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties”.


But, Astrology or “Falit Jyotish” only refers to influence of any (outside of earth) particular object on the earth, if a particular object has no influence on earth so that wouldn’t be called “Graha” or “planet” in Astrology, those planets may have chemical and physical properties but it will not take as “Planet” in astrology, because Vedic Astrology only measure effect not the quantity.


Moon: Moon is also moving around the earth and it has it’s own influence on earth that all we know, so in Vedic Astrology it will be also called “Graha” or “Planet”.


Rahu & Ketu: Rahu & Ketu, they are nothing but just North node and south node of Moon respectively. Those are also called two ecliptic points which are in an alignment with Sun & Earth. Those are also called “Shadow planets” in Vedic Astrology, because when eclipse happen then only those two shadows come into picture, and those each point has it’s own effect on earth.



May be names are same as both in astrologically and astronomically we call in English
“Planet”, but principles are partly different, like, your mother and friends may call you by different names but the person is “you”, the same. It may happen your mother is following some principles to manage the relationship and your friends are following fully different, but the person is same, that is “you”. To get some exact results what principles your mother is following that may be illogical to your friends, but the person is same, that
is “you”, So in between “Astrology” and “Astronomy” also, both are dealing with the same “planets” but on different principles. There is a saying ” many heads, many minds”, that is exactly true. But, if after following some principles one true result is coming out so always that would be appreciate-able.


So many other things are there, if i write, so, that will become a big book, my
knowledge is very limited, I am still learning everyday a new thing, and i would like to be a student throughout my whole life, and when i teach my students,i say to them: “I am just sharing my knowledge with you what i have got by the grace of the “almighty”, do not take that blindly, always judge, because, “accept anything blindly and reject anything blindly both are superstition”……


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