Best and Very Rare Different Yogas In Vedic Astrology/ Horoscope/ Kundli

Best and Very Rare Different Yogas In Vedic Astrology, Horoscope, Kundli

Best and Very Rare Different Yogas In Vedic Astrology/ Horoscope/ Kundli:-  There are several peculiar unique planetary combinations in our Vedic, Jamini and Nadi Astrology which when present in our horoscope gives significant effects and results in our life. I have listed here some yogas that I found to be true in my practice life. You can check or tally practically with different horoscopes or Kundli. Various types of other influences of planets, the result may vary a little. This is the second part of the Important Planetary Combinations and Yogas and aspect in the Kundli/Horoscope series. You can read part 1 here.

Best and Very Rare Different Yogas In Vedic Astrology/ Horoscope/ Kundli

Part -2: Below given some of the planetary combination/yoga in Kundli/horoscope part- 2

  • 1. If Sun alone in Lagna or 1st house then native gets married twice in life in most cases. one marriage may be neglected or hidden or forgotten from society.
  • 2. If Moon is in 4th house then Native will be devoted to his or her Mother but Native mother will die due to long-lasting illness and Pain.
  • 3. If Jupiter is in 10th house of a native then, the individual will give free advice to everybody or becomes a lecturer in college.
  • 4. If Saturn is in 7th house then natives must listen to words and advice of Spouse as Spouse fortune will be key to Native success.
  • 5. If Saturn is in Libra sign in 7th house then natives will get employment in Railways and Aircraft services.
  • 6. If exalted Saturn is in 10th house then native will be writer/director/cameraman/sound technician in the creative media/ad industry or in the film industry.
  • 7. If Venus is in 7th house along with Rahu then natives may get married to a partner of different religions.
  • 8. If Moon is with Rahu in 5th house or 9th house then native gets instant fame in life. Life changes within a few weeks.
  • 9. if Sun is in 1st house in Lagna and Jupiter is in 7th house then natives will become an Astrologer.
  • 10. Ketu in 3rd house makes you very wealthy after 48 years of age.
  • 11. Sun in 10th house will make you a King Maker in Politics.
  • 12. Rahu in 10th house will give mass support as a leader in politics.
  • 13 Mars in 4th house will give you loss of parental property but natives will possess their own house and land.
  • 14. Mercury in 12th house along with Sun or Saturn will make you live in a rented house for a long period of time.
  • 15. A combination of Mars Moon or Mars, Mercury in 3rd house makes native a sports star that too a very famous one.
  • 16. A combination of Venus-Mars in 7th house gives more than 1 Marriage in life.
  • 17. A combination of Venus Moon and Mercury or Sun inn 8th house will give you a tremendous rise and fall in life.
  • 18. Rahu in 9th house gives native chances to earn from a foreign land.
  • 19. Jupiter in Lagna or in 1st house will make native Rich after a hard struggle in the youth age.
  • 20. The combination of  Sun-Mercury Venus in  12th house will make native achieve king life status alternatively after long hard struggle and sense of dejection.
  • 21. Moon and Venus in 5th house give success in love affairs.
  • 22 A combination of Jupiter Venus or Jupiter Moon in 3rd house will make you meet and marry you Soul Mate.
  • 23  The presence of Sun in 5th house gives Success, fame, Money in artistic profession especially in performing arts.
  • 24 Presence of Moon, Venus, Mars in 1st house with the auspicious aspect of Jupiter from 5th, 7th,9th house then native will attain Native the highest social and political position in the country and may also become a President, Prime Minister or Home Minister.
  • 25 The presence of Rahu and Moon in 3rd house along with the benefic aspect of Jupiter or Venus can make you a Mega Star in the cine world or Film Industry.
  • 26  The presence of Sun and Jupiter in 6th house will make you a winner in legal and court cases.
  • 27 The presence of Moon and Mars in 4th house will give large inherited and also self-made property in life .
  • 28 Mars in 2nd house will make you fond of hot food as well as fast food.
  • 29 Venus in 2nd house will give you fondness for food and ornaments like Gold, and Diamond and you will possess wealth to enjoy the splendor and luxury of it.
  • 30 The presence of Venus in Pisces sign will give failure in love affair but success through the opposite sex, especially for males.
  • 31 Moon and Rahu in 3rd house 5th house 9th house and 10th house give mass popularity for the natives if aspected by Jupiter.
  • 32 The presence of More than 1 malefic planet in 11th house will give wealth in abundance and may make you very rich in your city or sometimes in the country.
  • 33 The presence of Venus and Moon or Mars in 2nd house with the aspect of Jupiter will make native experts in cooking.
  • 34 Jupiter in 7th  house in own sign leads native to the designation of a barrister or a judge in city or state.
  • 35  The presence of Rahu or Ketu in 5th house causes miscarriage or loss of progeny.
  • 36 Presence of Exalted Mars in 1st house makes native successful in business.
  • 37  The presence of Mercury and Saturn in 7th house or 10th house gives tremendous success in the transport business.
  • 38 Ketu in 7th house gives disliking towards marriage and commitment but the presence of sun in 7th house gives ego tussle and separation in marriage.
  • 39 The presence of Moon in 1st  house gives ill health for a lifetime but the presence of Moon and Mars in 1st house gives undefeated yoga and long life with splendid health for native.
  • 40 Sun and Venus in 1st house will make natives go through lakhs of obstructions and affliction but ultimately natives will achieve very significant high status in life.
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