Best Astrologer In India, Kolkata & West Bengal

Astrologer Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee

“Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist & Vastu Specialist”

Credentials at a glance:

  • Over 15 years of experience & following traditions from last 3 generations.
  • Advised on various parts of life such as Education, Love, Career, Marriage, Foreign Travel etc.
  • Time tested remedial measures to counter ill effects of planets.
  • Analysed over 30000+ horoscopes till now.
  • Honoured as ‘Jyotish Provokar’ by ‘The Indian College Of Astrology & Astronomy’.

A Short Biography Of Astrologer Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee:

Best Astrologer In india, Kolkata & West Bengal: Astrologer Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee, a respected & well-known name in the field of Vedic astrology.  He was born and bred in a traditional Brahmin family in India – West Bengal – Kolkata, “The City Of Joy”, which is one of the major cities in India.

His grandfather was a very famous Homeopathy doctor in those days, and also was well versed in predictive Astrology & Palmistry. Hence, each day large gatherings of various famous Astrologers, Spiritual Leaders, Doctors & other professionals were a common sight at his home. Naturally, from his very childhood, Dr. Sankar I was growing up with knowledge and culture of Homeopathy & Astrology under expert guidance. So, it is very hard to say precisely when he had started learning astrology, but according to his parents, they found him started learning astrology at the age of 12.

Those days he used to follow “Manuscripts” written by his grandfather on “Palmistry” in Bengali language and used to read the palm of his surrounding people like – relatives, school friends. Most people used to be very amazed by his way of speaking and shocked by his knowledge base. It started from that young age and till date, it continues with even greater enthusiasm. Later he progressed under the expert guidance of his maternal uncle Pandit Ashok Kumar Chakraborty, and had further advancement of his Astrological & Spiritual skills whilst being a student of many respected Astrologers who enriched Dr. Bhattacharjee’s skill base with their teachings and personal guidance.

Spiritual Advancement:

One of the most prominent persons in the life of Dr Bhattacharjee is his spiritual Guru/master “Shri Yogananda Giri Maharaj Ji”, who contributed majorly in developing his spiritual skills. His Respected Highness, was instrumental in teaching spiritual work and furthering Dr. Bhattacharjee’s spiritual growth.

Professional Experience: Over 15 Years

(As an Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist)


Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee specialises in Predicting Future through Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu & the ancient Horary System.

Credentials Acquired:

His acquired credentials in the divine subject Astrology include a Bachelors degree from ‘The Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy’ and he was honoured as ‘Jyotish Provokar’.

He continues with his research in astrology collaborated with “The Indian College Of Astrology & Astronomy”.

It is said that to become a master in any subject you need to have:

  1. keen interest in that


  1. You also have to get the same culture right from the birth (it will be an added advantage).

These two points are perfectly true for  Dr. Bhattacharjee because he acquired the culture & knowledge of Astrology and other psychic subjects from his very childhood which made him highly accurate in his predictions.

Presently, drAstrologer Bhattacharjee is well recognized as one of the Best Astrologer in India, Kolkata & West Bengal.

Needless to say, at present people worldwide are gaining the benefit of his in-depth knowledge and advanced skills for matters concerning various areas of life.


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What Others Say about Astrologer Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee (Reviews):

Sankar Ji is an excellent astrologer, he is very kind and understanding during his consultations. He is easily reachable and always answers the query with a lot of concern. I m extremely grateful to him for the accurate predictions and advice given during my last few consultations. I wish him a lot of success and even greater intelligence to help others. Definitely recommended his service to all seeking guidance and support with their life matters. May God Bless you Sankar ji with very long life

Rita Mehta / London, United Kingdom

You have in-depth knowledge on the subject and answered all my questions patiently. I would Ike to give you 5 star


Natesh Dhoolypala / Senior Principal IT Infrastructure Specialist at Symantec - Irvine, California, United States


Thanks a lot Sirji, for your truly guidance,

Here, I can sure give you 100% credit and positive feedback

These days there are so few people who have truly mastered Vedic Astrology and I truly believe that Sankarji has, it has been really privilege that Sankarji is always there for us when we need his help desperately to guide in any areas of life, I am truly thankful of his guidance and i believe that his wisdom and skill will be able to help countless people who may be in need. I am really blessed that I have found real guru to light my destiny of life.

Ketna Vyas Vaghela / Self Employed in Food Business, Pretzel Maker - Malden, MA, United States

My association with Sankar babu has been over more than a few months now. What is so unique and special is how effective he has been not only through his consultation but also his remedies, which I have seen work more than once. He has been patient in his hearing, always approachable and pragmatic in his guidance. He has been thoroughly professional in his work and often delivered beyond his calling when required. He is also upfront in his advise and calls a spade a spade. The only con is that he may be a little expensive to afford but rest assured you get value from his service if you are able to afford. quality always comes at a price and his genuine and have a very niche segment which will always be there because of his credibility and honest work. I would highly recommended his expertise in astrology and remedial measures. God bless him.
5 stars out of 5.


Anindya Basu / Vice President at HSBC Bank- Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


The way sankar ji predicts that is totally different, he says the blunt truth whether you like it or not. When I took his advice for the first time I found him bit emotionless and extremely practical. Sometimes his way of predictions used to give me pain. Later when I found all his predictions are coming true, I really became his die heart fan. Still he predicts in the same way how he used to but I do not find anything wrong in it now, because I know what he says that just happens. He is a real guide, and you do not need to worry at all when a real guide is around. Thanks to god that one day I found him online just out of the blue.

Tanvi Katyal / Fashion Designer and Consultant at own business - Delhi, India

Thanks a lot sir !! Thanks a lot for ur guidance !! I cannot explain in words how am I feeling after having a telephonic conversation with u!!.It was so soothing was so v calming that it suppressed the storm that was going on in my mind .The way Dr Sankar speaks is so soothing that u feel that u r taking guidance from a person very close to u…..u never feel as if ur talking to him for the first tym…his voice is so welcoming. I bet you will have solutions for all your problems contacting Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee .He is gem of a person showing path to blind souls like us.Need ur blessings all the tym sir!!! Keep blessing!!


Deepa Nadnoor / Syndicate Bank - From - Srisailam, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India


Dr. Sankar is really Knowledgeable in many areas, Yeah, I was happy with the session, thanks …I really don’t have any creative ideas to give, I can give 80 out of 100, a small negative part is that sometimes even after talking for a long time, several questions remain unanswered because a lot of discussion takes place for even a single question, maybe he is just right, due to time limits:)
Ranjani Krishnan

Ranjani Krishnan / College of Engineering, Guindy - Chennai, India

Guidance & remedial procedure of dr. bhattacharjee was just awesome, his guidance was clearly showing his expertise and command over this field astrology. I generally do not give review, but his brilliance has compelled me to give the review. He is really excellent, I think no star rating is enough for him, I may sound a little bit emotional here, but believe me if anybody will give your life ‘back on track’ I think you or any person may become a bit emotional like me. I do not want to share publicly the problem here but yes he is somebody who was there to take me out from the darkness of my life. When i was looking for guidance or helping hand that time i also became very confused about where to go, and i think everybody becomes when they look for helping hand, if this review helps them it will really please me. i wish him a very long life so that he can keep helping others in this way.

Priti Saini / VP of Operations & Professional Affairs - Chandigarh, India

pranam, actually, I came to know Sankar Ji thru 1 of my friends.Whenever I was in confusion ,he had helped me a lot with his knowledge & solutions. still, when I get stuck anywhere I take his help.he is the person to compliment beyond words, which cannot be expressed here. I want to thanks him a lot for his wonderful astrology guidance GOD BLESS HIM.

regards: rishika

Rishika Sahani / Doctor - Dentist - Delhi, India

Sankar ji was very helpful in his advice and he makes a lot of sense. He is easily available for feedback and responses.

Neha Khurana / Lawyear - Australia

Dr.Sankar you are simply amazing, best astrologer

Sankar ji you are simply amazing, best astrologer I have come across and your predictions are 100% accurate. I have consulted you twice once for my birth rectification and the second time for my astrology predictions. I salute you, sir, that you’re so honest in your work.

I would recommend to everyone, Take Care

Salman Latif / Business - Karachi, Pakistan

The consultation was very helpful. only time was limited. service is very prompt and really trustworthy.

Kailash Khurana / Sr. IT Functional Analyst at Air Products & Chemicals - Coimbatore, India

Fantastic ! I received consultation from Sankar Ji recently and am delighted to say that his findings and predictions were 100 percent accurate ; they matched with my situation totally. He put me at ease with his very kind and empathetic approach. I definitely recommend Sankar Ji to anyone seeking advice, and have to say that the star rating 5 doesn’t work for him ! It has to be at least a 100 stars ! Thank you once again for the brilliant service and great help. God Bless.

Veni Mehta / Chartered Physiotherapist - National Health Service, London, United Kingdom

A truth about Dr. Bhattacharjee Believe it or not, it’s up to you

I m Rahul D Burman from Burdwan, West Bengal, India, eventually met many, pandit Ji, astrologers for consultation to get proper remedy for my relationship problem, but I didn’t get satisfaction and also expected result. Fortunately one of my friends referred me Sankar ji’s name, frankly speaking, I couldn’t believe initially, but still out of curiosity I took the appointment to consult with him, keeping in mind that it would be my last try.

He thoroughly analysed my horoscope & prescribed all other possible ways to improve the situation worse by relationship problem and suggested remedy to support and protect me from the adverse and dark phase of my life. Within the given time frame I got really amazing result and still I am strictly following his all suggestions. He is really unparalleled in this field.

Rahul D Burman / Sr. Cyber Security Consultant - Burdwan, West Bengal, India

I met many astrologers all of them were not as much as accurate as he is.And the consultancy of him was superb, that made me really speechless.Just because of him i realised the power of positivity and started applying in my life, truly speaking my life has started changing so much that i m feeling very happy, Thanks a lot for changing my life, may god fulfil his all wishes.

Sakshi Verma / Msc. in Food Science - Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India

Dear Sir, thanks a ton. Before talking to you yesterday I was in a very confusing state of mind due to the things that happened to me. I was very nervous also. But after the conversations, I really feel good. All my confusions are over and now I am what I want and what to do with my life. I feel that whatever you told me yesterday everything was so accurate. I will surely follow your advice and and if I face any kind of difficulties I guess I will definitely get help from you:) thanks again.



Kabita Chaudhury / Software Engineer - Jorhat, Assam, India


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