Scorpio Personality Traits In Astrology

Scorpio Horoscope In Astrology Scorpio horoscope characteristics and personality:  Scorpio star sign personality traits Element is Water  Gender is Female  Ruler is Mars  Scorpio personality traits: Scorpio, the  8th house & sign of the natural zodiac. In astrology 8th house represents a depth of anything, hidden matters, etc.. Scorpio is ruled by mars & it is the darker side [Know More…]

Libra Personality Traits In Astrology

Libra Horoscope In Astrology Libra Horoscope Element is Air  Gender is Female  Ruler is Venus  Libra sign characteristics/ Personality Traits: Libra is controlled by Venus, which represents, beauty-fashion-art- music and good food; this is everything, that Libra is all about. Libra people have a very strong critical mind & can very easily play “devil’s advocate” by standing back & [Know More…]

Virgo Personality Traits In Astrology

Virgo Horoscope In Astrology Virgo Horoscope Element is Earth Gender is feminine Ruler is Mercury Virgo personality traits: Virgo people are generally laborious employees. They’re workaholics, & that they love it. Virgo is controlled by Mercury; however here mercury plays a role as a very logical and matured character, not like Gemini. Virgo people are very much independent among all [Know More…]

Leo Personality Traits In Astrology

Leo Horoscope In Astrology  Leo Horoscope Element is Fire  Gender is Male  Ruler is Sun  Leo sign traits – personality: The hot & bright king of the zodiac Sun is the ruler of  Leo. If there are any proudest people among all zodiac signs so that is. These Leo people always love to be at the centre of [Know More…]

Cancer Personality Traits In Astrology

Cancer Horoscope In Astrology Cancer Horoscope Element is Water  Gender is Female  Ruler is Moon  Cancer sign personality: This is a very subjective position, of the Moon.  Moon is just “at home” in the sign of Cancer, because, Moon is the ruler of this sign in the natural zodiac. Thus we can say, Cancer is fully ruled by, [Know More…]

Gemini Personality Traits In Astrology

Gemini Horoscope In Astrology Gemini Horoscope Element is Air  Gender is Neutral  Ruler is Mercury  Gemini Personality Traits in Astrology: Gemini is ruled by the leader of communication – media – pleasure & business: Mercury. Gemini people are very quick thinkers & this is why their attention is never on one just one thing, but on ten different things, [Know More…]

Taurus Personality Traits In Astrology

Taurus Horoscope In Astrology Taurus horoscope Element is Earth Gender is Male  Ruler is Venus  Characteristics of Taurus in astrology: Taurus people are earthy & strong-willed. Taurus generally is ruled by the sensual, beautiful, attractive & lovable planet, Venus. In 12 Signs/Rashi, Taurus & Libra are both, ruled by Venus, but Taurus is a male sign while Libra [Know More…]

Ketu & Education In astrology

Ketu & Education In astrology KETU Ketu signifies High-precision machines, like watches & computers, statistician, mathematicians, an astrologer etc. Quotes from Jaimini Sutras: 1. If Ketu is in “swamsa”, it indicates someone will earn money through elephants or can be a thief, or swindler. 2. If Ketu is in the 1st or 5th house, it gives [Know More…]

Rahu & Education In Astrology

Rahu & Education In Astrology RAHU Rahu gives knowledge of Big-Machines, making Big-bombs like atomic & nuclear-bombs etc., & abstract mathematician. Jaimini Sutra says: If Rahu is in “Swamsa” it produces – bowman, or thief. He will earn by – dacoity or by cheating, or he will have the knowledge how to handle very poisonous & dangerous chemicals [Know More…]

Venus and Education In Vedic Astrology – Ultimate Horoscope Prediction

Venus and Education In Vedic Astrology - Ultimate Horoscope Prediction

Venus and Education In Vedic Astrology – Horoscope/ Kundli Prediction Including Higher and Foreign Education: Venus is the planet of abundance just like Jupiter but it bestows abundance in the knowledge of Aromatic things,  knowledge about secretive mysterious rules of Nature, Knowledge over Materialistic Possessions, Knowledge in developing love and magnetic attraction, Knowledge over lovemaking [Know More…]

Saturn & Education In Astrology

Saturn & Education In Astrology Education Astrology /Horoscope: Saturn denotes Traditional studies or studies related to traditions; Jupiter and Saturn give “Brahma-Yoga”, this the Yoga which granting Knowledge, from tradition. Like Jupiter Saturn is also a great-teacher, but its teaching is different, It teaches us through punishment & to make us realize the real purpose of life. therefore, it denotes spiritualism [Know More…]

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