Budhaditya Yoga In Horoscope – Its Effects, Benefits, Rules In 12 Houses

Budhaditya Yoga In Horoscope - Its Effects, Benefits, Rules In 12 Houses

Budhaditya Yoga In Horoscope – Its Effects, Benefits, Rules In 12 Houses: What is Budhaditya Yoga in horoscope? Many people ask me: “Do I have Budha Aditya yoga in my Kundli?” You can check it yourself. ‘Budhaditya Yoga’ is a life-modifying and destiny-changing as it bestows powerful sharp intellectual brilliance to the individual whenever this yoga occurs in any natives horoscope. Budhaditya yoga is yoga or planetary combination that is formed when Sun and Mercury come together in a birth horoscope. Whether it is firmed in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. The effects of this yoga have nothing to do with and zodiac sign. Only house matters should be remembered while judging the horoscope to see the effects of this yoga or combination. The concept will be clear to you as you will keep reading this article further.

Budhaditya Yoga Rules As Per Vedic Astrology

‘Budhaditya yoga’ derives all the positive and skilled communication style with sharp memory with intellectual and physical energy to the fullest extent and allows use of these positive energies to be applied onto one’s observations, perceptions, thoughts, speech, and actions in such manner that one attains various gains in their pursuit due their brain and intellectual prowess and tact in their communication. some natives bless with the rare talent of mimicry and gift of gab with sharp intellect, finely discerning ability, good reputation, personal respect and also all material comforts and happiness.

Principles on which Budhaditya Yoga operates: Budhaditya Yoga operates on the principle of combining the mutually beneficial effects of Sun and Mercury in a birth chart when posited together in Kendra or trikona houses but without any combustion or retrogression of Mercury. Sun, who is the biggest planet in the solar system posses natural source of life energy and Mercury, the planet of intellect, together combine the life-giving energy of Sun with the discretionary power of Mercury resulting into a yoga that makes the native an intelligent person, discerning, creative, social, popular intellectual individual, and thus a socially well known, prosperous and praiseworthy person.

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Budh Aditya Yoga In Kundli For Career and Success

Obvious that such combination of these two planets – Sun and Mercury – is extremely lucky to have as it brings success, status, financial well being, power and respect in the society. However the extent and quality of the good effects of this yoga will depend on the quality and trend of the entire horoscope along with the individual and collective strength and auspiciousness of Sun and Mercury and also the nature of their lordships and their placement in any horoscope.

For best results both Sun and Mercury should be in strong and favorable signs and houses, while none of them should be in debilitation signs or should not get any malefic association or aspect while Mercury should not be too close to Sun. This yoga gives maximum good results when Mercury is behind Sun and is placed within 14 Degrees of Sun. If it is below 3 degrees or above 27 degrees from Sun – the yoga results are negligible. In your case, Mercury is ahead of Sun by little more than 12 degrees. Hence the Yoga effects are excellent.

To experience benefits of Budhaditya yoga, the current running Main and sub-period in an individual horoscope should be friendly with these two planets and also favorable for the specific ascendant of the native.4. How to extract the best result of Budh-Aditya Yoga: For effectively utilizing and extract benefits of this yoga, you will need to show respect to and follow the preferences and inclinations of the planets forming the yoga. Sun signifies and has authority over one’s soul, order, power, authority, and superiors while he demands honesty, generosity, discipline, obedience and hard work to bestow prosperity, power, pelf, fame, a position with respect to the native.

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Budh Aditya Yoga In Different Houses In Horoscope

Budhaditya yoga in 1st house/ Ascendant:-  Native acquires a high position in his or her occupation and also gets much-desired success, wealth and popularity in self-employment and through many modes of communication.

Budhaditya yoga in 2nd house:- Native source of earning will be through media, journalism and electronic medium of communication. Father will be wealthy and popular in social life. Native may become a singer also.

Budhaditya yoga in 3rd house:- Fame in the career of acting and anchoring. Gains from musical instruments and novel writing and blogging.

Budhaditya yoga in 4th house:- This yoga in 4th house in a horoscope does not generate much auspicious result as there will lack peace in domestic affairs and natives will quarrelsome and restless.

Budhaditya yoga in 5th house:- Many clandestine affairs when this yoga occurs in the 4th house of a native, but always lucky in matters of hearing and very popular among the opposite sex.

Budhaditya yoga in 6th house:- gain after initial trouble from lawsuits or legal affairs. victorious in court cases. Justice and honesty in the occupation will lead to fame and respect in life.

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Budhaditya yoga in 7th house:- Much happiness and pleasure in love affairs, the spouse will be talented lucky and will incorporate his or her skills, tact, diplomacy and position to make the native rise in life.

Budhaditya yoga in 8th house– fruitless result with barren spouse and sometimes devoid of progeny. unhappiness from both parents.

Budhaditya yoga in 9th house:-  happiness and gain of wealth from father and mother’s relatives. No shortage of liquid money as major earning from the service sector.

Budhaditya yoga in 10th house:- native may become a famous mimicry artist or may gain success and wealth in the field of technology and science and research.

Budhaditya yoga in 11th house:-  Gains from high ranked government officers and politicians and much success and fame in business.

Budhaditya yoga in 12th house:- tremendous success after much hard work and many struggles in the field of research, astrology, numerology and mystic science. one can attain nirvana and much spiritual progress and enlightenment and one may also become a renowned scholar or Dharam guru with lakhs of followers and disciples.

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