Career and Success In Dancing and Singing In Horoscope – Astrology

Career and Success In Dancing and Singing In Horoscope - Astrology

Career and Success In Dancing and Singing/ Dancer-Singer Yoga In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: The profession of Singing and Dancing is one of the prime professions of Showbiz industry. The talent and aspirations for singing and dancing are huge in India as well as in the whole world.

Many Talent Hunt and live shows have happened to seek and nurture the talent of Dancing and singing for the overall global benefits of performing arts. These shows and live performances encourage youth to take up the profession and earn fame along with wealth by showcasing their skill and talent which primarily due to their hobby and interest in this particular field of art.

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Career & Success In Dancing & Singing Yoga In Horoscope

According to Predictive Astrology(Mainly Vedic), To gaze hobby and talent in these fields of some particular planetary combination along with signs and ascendant is required in an individual’s horoscope. Your Natal chart or Birth chart can exactly express if an individual is interested and talented in this profession or not. Divisional charts like D9 and D10 also help and assures a person’s talent, hunger, and desire for success in these particular professions.

Astrological Combinations For Success in Dancing and Singing

Planetary combinations through house, aspect along with  Nakshatra (Constellation) of planets plays significant role with lordship and dasa period.

Time Of Success: Dasa of Venus, Moon, and Rahu plays the most significant part in horoscope to deliver success in the field of Performing arts like Signing and Dancing.

  • Now, when it comes to planets responsible for Dancing, Only Venus and Moon and to some extent Mars placement need to be checked but when it comes to acting or singing Venus- Moon, Rahu-Venus, Moon -Mercury, Venus – Mercury with lordship and their Nakshatra (Constellation) along with Dasa period needs to be analyzed. So, there is significant difference when it comes to analyzing Career in Dancing in comparison to acting or Singing.
  • Which planet is responsible for singing? Being specific, Venus with its combination: Rahu-Venus, Venus-Moon, Moon-Rahu, Moon-Mercury, Mercury-Venus are the prime factors and in 90% of cases, one of these combinations remains present in a Successful Singer or Performer’s Horoscope.
  • In Today’s Multi-Media, Mass-Media world  Rahu is the king of the Main planet which derives results and sometimes quick in career-related to Entertainment.
  • If anyhow, Rahu is influencing Venus or Moon in an individual’s Horoscope then one should try their luck in the entertainment field especially in the field of acting, singing, dancing. Rahu changes things quickly within months but Rahu gives hard struggle in life. Rahu is an instant giver of success but only after long hard battle as Rahu is a natural Malefic Planet but plays a key role in gaining fame, affection along with love from the masses through these creative fields of performing arts.

When it comes to Visual effects, Choreography & Cinematography for Dancing then you need combination of Saturn, Mercury, and 10th house deeply. Saturn plays a big role in this type of work routine as they work aloof or behind the scenes away from the limelight. Saturn and Mercury’s connection with 10th house together can lead you on these paths.

Sound designer and production designer all belongs to Saturn, Mercury, and to some extent Venus.

Music Director and Sound designer are also Mainly due to the combination of Venus and Moon in horoscope and to some extent combination of these planets with  Jupiter.

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Planetary Combinations For Dancers/ Dancing Career In Astrology

Specific Combination Required in Horoscope to become a successful Dancer:- Venus or Moon together or alone either in the sign of Taurus, Cancer or Pisces either in 1st house or 3rd house, 5th house or 12th house in any birth chart can give you extraordinary talent and skill in Dancing.

  • Hand Movement and Feet movement is the most important prospect of Dancing.
  • 1st house denotes personality, charm, and Charisma
  • 3rd House denotes hand movement and 12th house denotes Feet Movement.
  • 5th house gives talent and skill, ability to charm and attract the audience.
  • So Combination of Venus and Moon or any of one planet either in 1st house or 3rd house or 5th house or in 12th house in a sign of Taurus or Cancer or Pisces assure success and popularity from this profession.

Some Exceptions:-  Mars to some extent also plays some role in the art of dancing as it removes stage fear and gives courage and energy to perform on stage and eliminates any inhibition in front of camera or audience. So Mars placement in 1st house or 3rd house or 5th house or 11th house can give you talent and ability in form of Dancing.

Any Combination of Moon + Mars in these houses or Moon+Venus in this house or Venus + Mars in these houses can make you an extraordinary dancer. But the prominent sign of these Planets in Horoscope Should be Taurus sign, Cancer sign or Pisces Sign, and to some extent Aquarius Sign.

Examples through birth chart:- Hrithik Roshan Horoscope

Career and Success In Dancing Hrithik Roshan

Singing Career/ Singer Profession In Vedic Astrology

Specific Combination Required in Horoscope to become a popular Singer:- To understand the relationship between music and astrology (music notes, tastes, theory, etc.) these combinations should be analyzed in the chart, like: Venus or Moon in the Zdiac sign of Taurus or Cancer or Pisces weather in 2nd house, 3rd house, 9th house, 10th house, or 12th house amplifies the possibility of becoming a popular successful playback singer.

Mercury or Rahu either in 2nd house or 3rd house or 12th house makes a person an outstanding artist or performer on stage with a live crowd audience especially in the sign of Taurus or Pisces.

These combinations are applicable to both male or female singers.

Some exceptions:- Placement of Moon or Rahu in 1st house, or 5th house or 9th house or 11th house can make you a good popular singer. But these planets should play benefic or auspicious role in your horoscope according to lordship and degree.(This happens mostly for Cancer or Taurus or Libra Ascendant or Pisces Ascendant)

Venus in 1st house or 5th house or 11th house can make you a versatile artist and popular singer if its auspicious and benefic planet in horoscope. (Mainly for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn Ascendant)


Horoscope of Star Singer Harry Styles. ( Famous from one direction band)

career in singing Singer Harry Styles horoscope


Horoscope of star Singer Arjit Singh

career in singingsinger Arjit Singh horoscope

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