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Jupiter+Saturn+Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope

Jupiter+Saturn+Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope: Jupiter – the planet of luck and fortune. Why so? Because it owns the 9th house of the natural zodiac. It has also a great influence on wealth. That’s the reason this planet is also called the planet of wealth. Nowadays, luck and fortune have their own definition. Who has a lot [Know More…]

Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope – Do’s & Dont’s

Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope - Do's & Dont's

Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope Or In Transit: Mercury In Vedic Astrology Governs: Communication, Listening capability, Learning capability – how fast a person can learn, Reading, Marketing skills, Any kind of agreement or documentation, Any kind of contracts, Business or job related to transport or travel & tourism industry, Computer software-related jobs or business (Ketu also [Know More…]

All About Mars Retrograde In Horoscope

Mars Retrograde In Horoscope

All About Mars Retrograde In Horoscope: Mars In Vedic Astrology Represents: Initiation – to take any initiative (Especially business proposals, any decision etc) Vitality, vigor & courage (courage to take any risk) Any argument Any lawsuit or legal matters Any New project Engineering or Engineers (especially mechanical) Administrative matters (especially Mars + Sun combination) Talk [Know More…]

Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Horoscope - Vedic Astrology

Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Horoscope (Vakri graha effects in Vedic Astrology): In Vedic Astrology Retrograde planets are called ‘Vakri Grahas‘. the literal translation of  Sanskrit word – ‘Vakri‘ in English comes ‘twisted’. However, the literal translation doesn’t express the correct meaning of the ‘Sanskrit’ terminology. The reach of the English language is not as vast as [Know More…]

Important Astro-Tips By Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee

Quick tips on Astrology – New Updates Every time Important Astro-Tips By Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee: Here you will get everytime short but very important Tips to learn Astrology & judge horoscope more proper way. I will only mention here what I found to be true in my findings. Rahu & Jupiter – Guru Chandal Dosha and Your [Know More…]