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love Life In Horoscope, Astrology

love Life In Horoscope, Astrology We become speechless when anybody ask us ‘what is Love?’ An evergreen question with an evergreen feeling. I have got so many e-mails & they have requested me to throw some light on this subject, that – How to find out Love indications from a horoscope. But, some of them [Know More…]

Love Relationships In Horoscope – Astrology

Love Relationships In Horoscope – Astrology Love Relationships In Horoscope – Astrology: Love, when we listen the word or see the word anywhere our mind goes to a different realm. That may be dreamy stage or the practical, we just like to feel that word. The word caries trust, closeness and much more. (compatibility sign [Know More…]

Extramarital affair/illicit relations in Astrology

Extramarital affairs/illicit relations in Astrology Human life is really very mysterious. You do not know when & what will happen, when you will meet someone & fall in love with, and some of them may result in close intimacy also. In our society those relationships are called illicit relations, and if somebody is married so [Know More…]

Extra Marital/ illicit/ Relation/ Affair

ExtraMarital/ illicit/ illegal Relation/ Affairs – In Horoscope/ Astrology: (extramarital affair Vedic astrology) Extra Marital/ illicit/ Relation/ Affair – In horoscope/ Astrology: Everybody wants a suitable partner for themselves, somebody gets, somebody doesn’t. Another very peculiar matter is there that, when you will meet your Mr. right or Miss right you don’t know, maybe before [Know More…]

Medical Astrology – Planets & Diseases

 Medical Astrology – Planets & Diseases Medical Astrology – planets and related diseases: Today I am going to discuss on  diseases & their related planets. This is the first part of Medical Astrology you can say. Before going into deep we need to know some basics, like which disease is represented by which planet in [Know More…]

Ketu & Education In astrology

Ketu & Education In astrology KETU Ketu signifies High-precision machines, like watches & computers, statistician, mathematicians, an astrologer etc. Quotes from Jaimini Sutras: 1. If Ketu is in “swamsa”, it indicates someone will earn money through elephants or can be a thief, or swindler. 2. If Ketu is in the 1st or 5th house, it gives [Know More…]

Rahu & Education In Astrology

Rahu & Education In Astrology RAHU Rahu gives knowledge of Big-Machines, making Big-bombs like atomic & nuclear-bombs etc., & abstract mathematician. Jaimini Sutra says: If Rahu is in “Swamsa” it produces – bowman, or thief. He will earn by – dacoity or by cheating, or he will have the knowledge how to handle very poisonous & dangerous chemicals [Know More…]

Venus & Education In Astrology

Venus & Education In Astrology VENUS   Venus gives the knowledge of “Shatras”(scriptures), Knowledge of, beauty-products like perfumes, garments etc. Different types of arts, private sectors & Management skills, an eye to look in detail. Like Jupiter Venus is also a guru or master, but he is the guru of “asuras”, the bad within you, who only thinks [Know More…]

Saturn & Education In Astrology

Saturn & Education In Astrology Education Astrology /Horoscope: Saturn denotes Traditional studies or studies related to traditions; Jupiter and Saturn give “Brahma-Yoga”, this the Yoga which granting Knowledge, from tradition. Like Jupiter Saturn is also a great-teacher, but its teaching is different, It teaches us through punishment & to make us realize the real purpose of life. therefore, it denotes spiritualism [Know More…]

Jupiter & Education In Astrology

Jupiter & Education In Astrology Education Astrology Prediction Jupiter & Education In Astrology: Jupiter is a “Brahmin” and a teacher of deities (devata), here “devata” means whose mind is always in ascending mode, Jupiter always give the knowledge of how your mind can go in ascending mode. It is the master of all “good” within you, it knows [Know More…]

Mercury & Education In Astrology

Mercury & Education In Astrology Education Prediction Astrology Education In Astrology: Mercury is all about communication & speech, thus all fields related to these two, are indicated by Mercury, like, Telephone, Television, Radio, Journalism, Reporting, documentary film making, etc.  Writing books or article, this is also one type of communication so it is also governed by mercury itself, and education [Know More…]

Mars & Education In Astrology

Mars & Education In Astrology Education Horoscope Prediction Education Horoscope: Mars represents engineering related fields of studies. Mars in nature a “kshatriya” & a fiery planet. It gives logical & analytical power, due to this quality it has the ability to convert a big complex-problem into many simple and smaller parts to find out the exact solution. As it is [Know More…]