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Numerology Number 3 Love, Marriage, Career, Personality


Numerology Number 3 Love, Marriage, Career, Personality: Number 3 is the happy go lucky childlike energy. Where number 1 represents the man and 2 represents woman than 3 would be the child of the family who is not childish, but childlike. The rulership of number 3 goes to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter in Vedic science [Know More…]

Life Path Number 2 In Numerology – Secrets Unveiled


Life Path Number 2 In Numerology: Hi, today I am going to talk about Life Path Number 2 In Numerology. If you do not know how to calculate your life path number you can read this article first. But before starting number 2 want to mention one very important point, no person is totally number 1 [Know More…]

Number 1 In Numerology – Love, Career & Marriage


Numerology Number 1 Love, Career & Marriage Number 1 In Numerology – Love, Career, Marriage: Hi, in this article I will talk about the life path number 1 in Numerology (Life Path Number 1 Meaning). This is a very interesting number itself, because behind the life path number 1 stands a lot of leadership, and idea [Know More…]

Life Path Number In Numerology Life’s Secrets


Life Path Number In Numerology Life’s Secrets Life Path Number In Numerology: The fact is many people find Numerology easier than astrology because it is easy to calculate and understand, moreover some people also think one doesn’t need that much deep understanding of occult principles to understand the secrets of life through Numerology. But, the reality [Know More…]

Number 9 In Numerology


 Number 9 In Numerology What Number 9 Says  If Your ~ Expression Number ~ is 9:  Number 9 In Numerology: The positive side of this Numbers are – selflessness, Humanitarian, obligations, giving nature, creative expression. The expression you exhibit in your life that is controlled by Number “9”. Your talents are centred in – humanistic interests & approaches. [Know More…]

Number 8 In Numerology & Its Secret


 Number 8 In Numerology & Its Secret What Number 8 Says:  If Your Expression number is 8  Number 8 In Numerology: You are status oriented, Practical endeavours, have high-material goals & power-seeking.  The Number “8” Expression is – well-equipped with unique managerial sense. You have an outstanding organisational & administrative capability. You have the potential to get considerable achievement in [Know More…]

Number 7 In Numerology – The Secret


Number 7 In Numerology What Number “7,” Says In Numerology If your Expression Number is “7″  Number 7 In Numerology: Number 7 is all about knowledge, meditating, Analysis, understanding, awareness  & studious, Thought, introspection & seclusiveness. The number 7 denotes a good mind, & especially very good at “searching out” & “finding-the-truth”. You have a great capability in [Know More…]

Expression Number 6 In Numerology


Number 6 In Numerology What number 6 says: If Your Expression Number is “6”   Number 6 In Numerology: Responsibility, protection, nurturing, community, balance, sympathy.  Number “6” Expression gives you really an outstanding-sense of love, responsibility, and balance. The Number 6, is helpful & ever conscientious, make you capable-of rectifying & balancing any kind of “inharmonious-situation”.The positive side of your [Know More…]

Expression Number 5 In Numerology – The Importance


Number 5 In Numerology What number 5 says: If Your – Expression Number – is “5”  Number “5” Expression vibrations come with the bliss of wonderful-characteristic of “multi-talents” & “versatility”. Actually, you are the “jack of all trades” & have the knowledge of doing so many things. The vibration of Number “5” indicates constructive freedom, & in your own [Know More…]

Expression Number 4 In Numerology – Analysis


Number 4 In Numerology – Analysis What number 4 says: If Your “Expression Number” is “4” Order, service, & management are the foundations of “Number 4”. You are destined to express, wonderful organizational skills with your practical sense & “down to earth” approach. You are that type of person, who always, wants long work. Your patience in the matter [Know More…]

Expression Number 3 In Numerology – An Analysis


Number 3 In Numerology – An Analysis What number 3 says in Numerology: If Your “Expression” Number is “3” Number 3 In Numerology: The Expression of Number 3 direct a quest for your destiny towards a variety of fields that, may include – singing, writing, acting, speaking, or teaching; entertainers, salesmen, writers, teachers,  litigators, & composers. You [Know More…]

Expression Number 2 In Numerology


Number 2 In Numerology If Your – Expression-Number is “2” Numerology number 2 personality traits: Number 2 – Expression always gives you a kind of ability to work well, with other-people. Your destiny is playing the role of mediator & the peacemaker. You’re dependent on others – in many ways & seem to work best in any kind [Know More…]

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