Chandra Mangal Yoga In Astrology – Its Effects, Benefits In Different House

Chandra Mangal Yoga In Astrology - Its Effects, Benefits In Different Houses1

Chandra Mangal Yoga In Vedic Astrology – Its Effects, Benefits In Different Houses – Horoscope/ Kundli: What is Chandra-Mangal Yoga? Chandra-Mangal Yoga/ Shashi mangal yoga is a combination whenever it occurs in an individual birth chart in Kendra or trikona house from Lagna either in conjunction or mutual aspect cause tremendous upliftment of native in status, position and wealth at a certain period of time in life. This Moon-Mars yoga is life-modifying and success-giving Yoga that is formed when Moon and Mars come together in a birth horoscope.

Chandra Mangal Yoga In Vedic Astrology and Its Benefits

Effects of Chandra-Mangal YogaMoon-Mars combination or yoga in a native horoscope makes one enterprising, highly intelligent, hard-working, wealthy and successful in life.

It brings out all the positivity of one’s mental and physical energy to the fullest extent and allows use of these energies to be applied onto one’s observations, perceptions, thoughts, speech, and actions in such manner that one attains many initiatives, courage, various skills, a sharp intellect, finely discerning ability, much courage and confidence, and also all material comforts and happiness but all these will happen under the overall quality of the horoscope. A native with this yoga will keep getting money all the time. There will be a continuous person with this yoga will have a never-ending supply of money. The money will keep flowing through his hands in some way or another.

Principles on which Chandra-Mangal Yoga operates:

Chandra-Mangal Yoga operates on the principle of combining the mutually beneficial effects of Moon and Mars in a birth chart.

Mars, a major source of energy and Moon, a planet of power of the mind, together combine to make yoga that makes the native an intelligent, discerning, brave, and hard-working individual, and thus a socially well known, prosperous and praiseworthy person.

Obviously that such combination of these two planets –  Waxing Moon and Mars – is not uncommon but still extremely lucky to have like it in a horoscope as it bestows and deliver success, status, financial well being, power and respect in the society for the individual.

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The Result Giving Age Of Chandra Mangal Yoga

When Moon-Mars combination is very strong in the chart then the person gets wealth after 27 years of age and it continues till the age of 37. The age limit may vary little bit as per other p[arameters of a horoscope. But I have seen that in maximum cases this age duration (after 27 to 37) plays a very important role. The wealth comes very sudden and in hug quantity along with power. Now, if the Chandra Mangal yoga in horoscope or combination is weak then the result will minimize.

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However, the strength and percentage of this auspicious yoga of the good effects of this yoga will depend on the quality and overall planetary alignment of the entire horoscope along with the individual and collective strength and auspiciousness of Moon and Mars and also the nature of their lordships and their placement in strength without any malefic aspects in any horoscope.

For best results both Moon and Mars should be good in dignity and functionally benefic with favorable signs and houses. While both of them  Moon and Mars should be in debilitation signs or should not get any malefic association or aspect.

Further, the running of an individual for activation of this yoga and to gain fruitful results, the Main period and sub-period should be friendly with these two planets and also favorable for the specific ascendant of the native.

The side effects Of Chandr-Mangal Yoga

There is a side effect of this Chandra mangal yoga in astrology also. People who have Chandra mangal yoga in astrology chart always there is a struggle going on in their mind, the person becomes very emotional and sensitive towards everything that goes against him in life. Relationship with relatives and spouse (if anyone planet gets a connection with 7th house ort lord) will not remain good.

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How to determine whether Chandra Mangal Yoga is strong in your horoscope or not?

There is a rule to determine the strength. Always remember, Mars, is strong and gives good results when it is placed in the ascendant, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th house (if it is not the lord of any malefic house). Moon gives good results in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th and in some cases in 12th house. So if yoga is formed in any of these houses the yoga becomes strong enough to give the result. Keep the debilitation and exaltation rule of the two planets also in mind. You can take the ‘ashtakavarga strength’ also under consideration.

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Effects and Benefits Of Chandra-Mangal Yoga In Different Houses Of horoscope

For effectively utilizing any yoga, you will need to show respect to and follow the preferences and inclinations of the planets forming the yoga.

Moon rules mind, sensitivity, fairness, consistency, regularity, punctuality, mental power, sobriety and fairness while demands honesty, generosity, discipline, obedience, and hard work from individuals to gain fruitful results.

Chandra Mangal Yoga in 1st house:- This yoga in 1st house will deliver the most auspicious result regarding name, fame, stature, success in public life and in politics. Native may get involve in administrative service or in Defense service at the higher post.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 2nd house:-  Moon – Mars combination in 2nd house may make native a millionaire and yield them all kinds of luxury and prosperity in life.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 3rd house:- Chandra-Mangal yoga in the 3rd house delivers utmost valor, energy, and courage to the natives to achieve any goals or objectives in their life.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 4th house:- This combination in 4th house leads to comforts of cars, property, more than 1 house and gain lots of agricultural products.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 5th house:- Moon- Mars in 5th house bestow pleasure and success in a creative pursuit, artistic career, and happiness in love affairs.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 6th house:- Moon-Mars in 6th house gives trouble from enemies, lawsuits, legal troubles, divorces, etc. Although, it can lead you victorious in competition in sports, academics or examinations.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 7th house:- Chandra-Mangal yoga in 7th house yield favorable results and gains from marriage but there will be some health trouble to spouse and lack of mutual trust and understanding can be seen from time to time.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 8th house:- This combination in 8th house leads to gain from in-laws and acquired wealth and property from inheritance or from the government as a gift.

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Chandra Mangal Yoga 9th house:- This combination in 9th house delivers serious Raj Yog with rich culture and class in dignitaries and make native popular and sometimes famous in their field of occupation.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 10th house:- Moon-Mars combination is a good combination for becoming a doctor or surgeon in the 10th house. it gives a great rise in the career of natives especially related to public or mass dealings.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 11th house:- Moon-Mars in 11th house can make you very rich from a young age after 28 if its combination occurs in the 11th house. Daily income will be very substantial with much affluence and power in life.

Chandra Mangal Yoga 12th house:- This combination in 12th house leads to the path of religious enlightenment and salvation in old age but it gives earning from foreign resources or foreign lands during the early and middle part of life, especially in the import-export business.

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