Dasa System Prediction Quick and Easiest Technique In Vedic Astrology

Dasa System Prediction Quick and Easiest Technique In Vedic Astrology (1)

Dasa System Prediction Quick and Easiest Technique In Vedic AstrologyVimshottari Results, Predictions: Time is everything. Astrology is a tool to know the secret of time. Let’s Throw a little bit of light on dasa or time period and how does Dasa impacts a person’s life. Today we will discuss on Vimsottori Dasa system and I will tell you a method that will make this dasa or time period concept super easy to you. I will discuss everything here step by step, no extra word. If you really want to learn, then:

  • 1. Do not jump from one paragraph to other paragraphs rapidly.
  • 2. Read each and every sentence carefully.

If you can follow the above two rules, I can assure you that the dasa system concept will be clear to you at the end of this article.

The Easiest Method To Understand Mahadasha and Antardasha

What is Dasa? In short, Dasa is a time duration of your life when planets give results. All planets have their own time to give results. You are not going to get anything before or after time. In astrology, your horoscope remains the same throughout your lifetime but time changes and the ‘time change detector’ is called Dasa’ or time period in Vedic astrology.

This Article is divided into two parts, today is the first part. After reading two parts your concept about Dasa will be cleared. Whatever I have mentioned in this article that is not my invention, ‘Maharshi Parashara’ has already said this in his Brihat Parashari Hora shastram’ in a scattered way in many places while he was talking to ‘Maitreya’. I have just accumulated all of them in one place and made it simple so that you can understand the technique better. I use this technique when I judge anyone’s horoscope.

Transit has also an impact on Dasa. When you want to get a quick answer always go with Dasa first. See which mahadasa-antardasa is going on at that time. You will get a quick picture that what situation someone is going through, rather than going to see all 12 houses, various yogas, nakshatras, and many other parameters, see his chart on the basis of dasa. Focus on the dasa and antardasa lord of the time when he has come to you is the key to know the secret of answers to his questions. Now the sequence would be like below:

  • 1. First, see the dasa
  • 2. note the name of the dasa-anatardasa planet
  • 3. Now see the chart on the basis of those planets

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Dasa Secrets in Astrology – How To Predict Mahadasha Results Part 1

The person has come to you he must have a question related to – Dasa Antar Dasa planet related houses, Moon’s house in transit. Dasa system is a gift of Vedic Astrology given by Maharshi Parashara, You will not find this system of time so precisely described in any astrological system. Whether it is Chinese astrology, Western astrology or any other.

Dasa and Gochar or Transit both of them comes under the ‘event prediction’ category in vedic astrology. So, planets only give results when they are connected with your natal houses in transit and when their own dasa or antardasa is going on. Today I will focus on dasa only.

Maharshi Parashara has discussed on 9 Dasas of 9 planets in his ‘Brihat Parashari Hora Shastram’. But a native in his/ her lifetime does not get all 9 dasas at all. Out of them, only the effects of majorly 4 Dasas play an important role in anyone’s life. That means only 4 planets out of 9 planets are going rule majority part of your productive life. Here productive means – from foundation to the establishment.

  • 1. The first dasa will play an important role in your childhood.
  • 2. The second dasa will make your foundation after childhood
  • 3. The third dasa will rule till your midlife
  • 4. The 4th and 5th Dasa will deal with your after midlife ages.

You will have your 6th and 7th Dasa also but those dasas are not called productive dasa. You may get those dasas in life but generally, people take rest in those later ages or die.

Through Dasa we come to know that out of 12 houses which houses are more important to play a role in our life (education, career, love, marriage, etc.). We will get only those house matters which planetary Dasas we have got.

If you see the Dasa sequence Maharshi Parashara has given, you will find a graph of life. The sequence is like below:

Dasa Period Of Planets: Sun 6 years. Moon 10 years, Mars 7 years, Rahu 18 years, Jupiter 16 years, Saturn 19 years, Mercury 17 years, Ketu 7years and Venus 20 years. Look at the sequence, you will find Malefic and benefic planetary sequence. That is why no one in this world enjoys good times only, we need to face bad times also. If you go by years you will find a graph of life, sometimes the graph line is going high (year wise) the next is again low.

dasa in astrology mahadasa and andarasa quick technique

In the case of good and Bad dasas we can divide the whole dasa system and their significations into two parts each.

1. Bad Dasas are: Odd number Dasas

2. Good Dasas are: Even number Dasas

3. Bad Dasa planet and Odd number Dasa: Worse period. Problems with the least solution

4. Bad Dasa planet and Even number Dasa: Moderate result with less harm. Face problems but also come out easily. Problems with the presence of solution

5. Good Dasa planet and Odd number Dasa: Moderate result with less harm. Problems with the presence of the solution.

6. Good Dasa planet and Even number Dasa: Very good result. Easy going.

Let us understand with one example, If at the time of birth you were going through Moon Maha Dasa then, this dasa will be counted as your first dasa. The number 1 is an odd number and number 2 is even number. In this way, you can count all good and bad dasas or phase of your life.

The only difference would be if you are going through an Odd Dasa but very auspicious dasa lord in your chart then that will not be bad but will not be able to give you its full result. It is the same for Even dasa lord also. On the contrary ‘even dasa’ but very bad dasa lord will bring less misfortune than an ‘odd Dasa’ lord. That is the reason sometimes we cannot enjoy the best planetary dasa results in our life.

How to see Good time or Bad time duration of life from a horoscope? The answer is, look at the dasa at the time of your birth, If the first dasa duration is short then you will be getting more good times than bad times in life. In this case count the whole life, not a certain period of life. For example, if a person will die at the age of 60 with less duration of the first dasa, then till the age of 60 he will be enjoying more good times than the bad times. But if it is opposite then challenges will be more in life.

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How does dasa actually work – the shortest and easiest method:

To see how each dasa is going to give results in your life, you need to keep the ‘Nava-Tara chakra’ sequence in mind. See the picture below:

navatara-chakra-dasa in astrology

Stars with Janma, Sampat, Vipat and so on…

Now your first Dasa is your ‘Janma dasa’. That means dasa at your birth time. This dasa represents your 1st house. During your Janma dasa you will be getting the result related to your body/ health only. This is the dasa of survival.

For example, If your Sun’s Dasa is your Janma dasa, is 11th lord and it is exalted in Aries still you will not be able to enjoy the result of earning a lot of money in this period. Because you have just born. Some people lose their most favored planet’s dasa in this way. You will find in such families till the time the child’s most favored planetary janma dasa is going on the family’s earning capacity will remain good.

Some children still earn from the very childhood, you will find these children in many films, tv serials (child artists). If you check their horoscope you will find their 1st dasa duration was short and 2nd dasa (Sampat) was going on, and Dasa planet is somehow connected with money earning related houses in the horoscope.

Now the Second Dasa, this Dasa is called ‘Sampat dasa’. Here ‘sampat’ or ‘Samapad’ denotes ‘wealth’. This dasa is co-related with the 2nd house of your horoscope. This is a very important Dasa for all. This is the foundation of our character, beliefe, thought-process, etc, in one word this is the building block or life. During this dasa a native starts speaking the first time in life.

He comes along or mixes up with relatives. He/she develops his/her food test or habit. He starts learning how to express his emotions to the world through speech. If you want to find out the real cause of anyone’s mental ill-health look at his or her 2nd Dasa. You will find how he or she was brought up.

This is the Dasa of starting and finishing school education too. If your first or second dasa is long then your college education will also fall into this time period.

I have seen in many cases if a native has crossed his 2nd dasa and entered into the third dasa he can not continue the regular way of education as he had completed earlier, he has to expose himself to the competition of the society, sometimes they complete their education later through distance mode.

This Dasa is the key or seed of your future progress towards success. If this dasa is bad then life is going to be very tough.

For example, if a person has a problem with family members then see his second dasa, how he was brought up, if he has money problems, see his second dasa whether he had got enough opportunity in that age to build up or plant the seed or not.

Then comes the Third dasa, which is called ‘Vipata’. During this dasa you are going to face all kinds of hindrances, obstacles in life and going to suffer mentally. Now, the native is exposed to the real world. Before this period everything was so glossy, the world of fairytales. Suddenly he comes across the harsh reality of the world competition. This dasa is related to the 3rd house of horoscope – time to show his courage, fall in passionate love (in maximum cases), communicate with strangers etc.

Due to the lack of practical experience, he suffers a lot during this Dasa, and tries to adjust to the situation. Who cannot tolerate, they either go into mental trauma or depression stage or commit suicide.

You will find maximum native commit suicide during this dasa period if dasa lord is bad. Because, as this is ‘odd dasa’, means bad dasa. If the dasa lord is in good state then the planet will give strength to the native to sustain during this period but a bad dasa lord will always give more challenges to the native. If 4th house lord and Moon are badly afflicted in the chart, and connected with the dasa lord then the native likely to commit suicide.

On the other hand maximum, people get married in their third Dasa and also get their first child. You can check it in the charts. But whoever has got Janma dasa for a very short time period then marriage is less likely to happen during the third dasa. That does not mean that if you are not able to marry in third Dasa you will not get married at all.

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Now the fourth dasa called ‘Kshema’. Which means residing peacefully, restoration, being at comfortable and ease. This is the period of settlement. This is the period one buy their own property in maximum cases. This Dasa sequence is related to the 4th house of horoscope. I have seen people bought property or vehicles in third Dasa and have suffered a lot because of that purchase. Either they face problem to pay EMI or something else.

The 4th Dasa is the dasa of expansion. If you had started a business during the third dasa, then the fourth Dasa will expand your business. If you are working in a company you will get a promotion, or you will get new job offers which will give you more exposure. All these types of expansions will be happening during your 4th dasa. But, if the native had a very bad planet’s dasa in his third dasa then he had not got the opportunity to build up his career, then nothing is going to expand during this 4th dasa period. Because, the build comes first, then expansion.

Now, next dasa is 5th Dasa called ‘Pratyari’, means terrible pain and suffering. Now count the age when the native’s 5th dasa is going to come. As I said earlier see also the dasa lord whether it is in good condition or bad. This is the period of worries and anxiety, depression. This Dasa relates to the 5th house of Horoscope. The balance deed of your ‘Purva Janma’ or past life. If you have children then your children or child can be the cause of your worry. Sometimes unnecessary worries and fears come frequently during this dasa period.

Next is 6th dasa called ‘Sadhaka’, means accomplishment and spiritually inclined. This is the period of not to act with worldly affairs. Because it is 6th house-related dasa, hence if you act on something be ready to get the reaction too. This period is to leave everything and lead a spiritual life. Who had lived their whole life spiritually they generally reach to another realm of consciousness during this period.

This is the time to leave everything at the hand of your children and start living an esoteric spiritual life, then only this period will give you peace and harmony. You have completed your duty and it is time to leave everything at someone’s hand. In the Vedic Era, kings used to do the same thing.

But, we forget everything and due to deep attachments cannot leave anything that we may need to leave in the next dasa forever. I have seen if any malefic planet is the 6th dasa lord then the person cannot leave anything due to strong attachment towards what he made in the past. They try to cling to their past so tightly that in return they get mental or physical pain only. Because 6th dasa comes with one warning, that, if you act then be ready for the reaction. Astrology educates us about nature’s un-emotional default rule. If you want to go against nature’s default rule then go, but be ready for the consequences.

Now, let’s discuss the 7th dasa called ‘Vadha’ or ‘Vadh’, means ‘Killer’. In maximum cases, a native dies during this Dasa. This dasa is related to the 7th house called ‘Maraka’, means ‘killer’. The 7th dasa is the exact xerox copy of your janma dasa or birth dasa. Remember when you came to this world, you were dependent on others, during this dasa you will again be dependant on others.

That means your exit point has come. Let’s end up the drama of life and death will give its last laugh. Whoever you are, whether you believe in god or not, whether you are the king of this world or a beggar, dosn’t matter. The death will take away everything that you used to call ‘Mine’, even your own breath. You have to leave. The end of all egos for a time being and get ready to act as another personality in the next life after a short interval with a completely new lifestyle, name, (bodily) form. Again the same journey will start, again we will learn, earn, fall in love, get married, will have children and die, this is a circle. In Sanskrit this process is called ‘Samsara’ or ‘Samsar’ which means ‘circle of life and rebirth’.

I have seen a person hardly crosses his 7th dasa but if somehow he crosses his 7th dasa due to some rare planetary combinations, still there will be a risk of death in 8th dasa or in ninth dasa.

At the last stage of your life whether you will suffer or not that answer lies in your birth dasa or janma dasa. All are connected in this world, as I said this is a circle ‘Samsara’, everything comes to its first place or state where it was.

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