Divorce In Horoscope & Re-Union

Divorce In Horoscope & Re-Union

Question (As it is – on Divorce): ” i m separated from my husband since 25th July, 2014. we got married in June,2014. this is my first marriage and my husband’s second marriage. will i reunite with my husband and have a good married life ?”

The question was asked by:

First Name: Dr. Anupreet

Last Name: Chawla



Email: [email protected]

Birth Date


Birth Time

07:36 AM

Birth Place(Country,State,City)

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Divorce In Horoscope & Re-Union - anupreet


Planetary positions

Rahu RMithun12:30:55
Ketu RDhanu12:30:55

House Positions

House 2
House 3
House 4
House 5
House 6
House 7
House 8
House 9
House 11
House 12


Horoscope Judged and answered by Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)

Dear Dr. Chawla,

According to the Birth Data, you have given, at the time of birth you had fallen under the influence of Scorpio Ascendant (Lagna) and Sagittarius Sign (Rashi).

Your question is on “reunion” with your husband. At first, I want to appreciate your good will to think of a reunion which is very rare nowadays. Ego has become more important than anything else in this world to maximum people these days, they do not even think of reunion which they should. Marriage is something where there is no place for ego, it a holy relationship between two hearts where only love exists, without which a relationship becomes lifeless. Adverse situations may occur, but in every case divorce is not the ultimate solution. Because nobody is 100% perfect here, but very few people can realize that.

Now let’s come to the point. At first, I will talk about your Natal Chart which is also called Rashi Chart.

In Astrology to judge Marital relationships, we need to judge some factors very carefully, then only we will be able to get the actual reason of separation (if it is there) and whether that issue will be resolved or not.

In horoscope – 7th house is the house of marriage or the house from where we judge – how far the husband & wife is attracted to each other.

Sexual urge – which is very important for both – husband & wife, again it is controlled by Venus for men and Mars for women.

Saturn creates misunderstanding between husband & wife and Rahu finally make them blaming each other.

Lastly 8th house or lord who gives the ultimate result which is divorce or separation. Whether the separation would forever or just for a time being that will be depending on some other factors.

If Jupiter’s interference is there, so any elder or well wisher will try to solve the problem, whether he/she would be successful or not it will be totally depending on the strength of the planet, but Jupiter’s interference always gives a smooth ending, for example – Mutual Divorce.

Mars interference will send the matter to court, and both – husband & wife would be ready to ruin each other, and will make the life a real time battlefield.

Above, what I have mentioned those are just the common scenarios what can be found if horoscope would be judged properly. Planet’s influence will be depending on the strength of the particular planet, whose strength will be more, that planet will be the prime controller.

Now coming to your natal chart, your 7th lord is sitting in the 1st house with Sun & Mercury. Here Sun is in 2 degrees and Venus is 6 degrees, which means that – your 7th lord Venus is fully combusted by Sun and lost him all power, thus your 7th house (the house of marriage) is affected. In the same house, Mercury is also there which is the 8th lord(sudden change & separation) indicating that – separation is a must. Again, 7th lord is hemmed between three malefic planets Mars, Ketu and Saturn – which has formed “Papa Kartari Yoga”. This is again not promising the happy marital life. Now, again how many marriages will be there in your life that is not the main focus point here but these “yogas” cannot give you happy marital life, only can give separation instead. If somehow the relationship sustains, it will be unhappy married life.

Don’t worry, it can be solved. While I am talking about the solution, do not think that I am telling you to use Gem Stones, doing Mantra-Tantra or other things, I hardly believe on those things. Astrology is a science, some people have made it a superstitious subject, what – it is not at all.

Let’s come to the point again. From your Rashi chart, it is cleared that divorce is must and reunion are quite impossible, but it is not the end. I will go more deep into it to see whether really there is a hope or not. To see that let’s explore your “Navamsa” or D-9 which is called the “Chart of Marriage”.  You can say it is an “X-Ray” plate of marital life. If anybody’s Natal Chart is with full of bad indications, but his/her “Navamsa” or D-9 is strong and with good indications so, at first the native will face the adversity which has been indicated by Natal Chart but at the end, the D-9 chart will bring the happy ending.

In your D-9 Chart, here ascendant is Libra and the 7th house is Aries. 7th  lord Mars is in ascendant which is a very good sign and aspecting his own house – that is 7th (house of marriage). Moreover, Ascendant lord Venus is in 11th house which is again a very good sign. 7th lord Mars or 7th house – they are not affected by any malefic planet.

There is a “Rajyoga” between 9th lord and 10th lord in 10th house, which is giving positive intervention (Argala) to 7th house, though the presence of Ketu and “Badhaka Lord” Sun has made this yoga little bit weak but still good influence of the “Rajyoga” will bring happiness, but due to the “Badhaka Lord” you may have to face some obstacles. At the end, everything will be fine. In the conclusion we are getting that – your marital life will become unhappy (I am not stating the reason here, because it is your very personal; matter) you will be separated – both the matters have already happened, but the “reunion” is there, it will definitely be a happy ending and will bring smile to your face at last.

One very important matter I want to discuss here, that – you have given me only your “Birth Details”, I do not know the “Birth Details” of your husband, which is required to judge these type of cases. Because the presence of two people makes a relationship. Especially in marriage, it is highly required to get an exact picture. So, this is the loop-hole of this prediction. For this reason, I cannot tell you that yes, 100% chances are there that – both of you will be reunited but as far as your chart goes, what could be the possible result that I already have stated. Here I cannot mention the date of reunion also, because of the same loop-hole.

Horoscope Judged by:   

Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)   

Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist.    

Please note: Above calculations are based on mathematics, so if any part of the Birth Data is wrong provided by the person who has asked the question – the prediction won’t match. So please be sure, before submitting your Birth Data.  

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