East Direction In Vastu For Flat/Home/Factory/Office & Remedies

East Direction In Vastu For Flat Home Factory Office & Remedies

East Direction In Vastu For Flat/Home/Factory/Office & Remedies: Today I will cover East direction and its importance in Vastu. This is the direction of growth, power, and manipulation. If you are a business person and want to manipulate anyone for any reason always take the east direction that works. You will not only be able to manipulate but also can overpower that person if you know the correct use if this directional energy strength. 

  • The Lakshmi energy rules in this direction is Aishwarya Lakshmi, who gives happiness related to Luxury.
  • The body part of Vastu Purush falls in this direction is ‘The right shoulder and right part of the chest’.
  • Among 5 elements the ruling element of this direction is Air
  • This direction represents a shade of any green color
  • East direction is governed by Indra and the ruling planet is Sun, hence, the energy of this direction deals with power, growth, and reputation.

Significance Of Purva Disha In Vastu Shastra

This is the direction of power, growth, and victory. This direction also refers to goodwill and spirituality. All we know that Indra Dev is the king of all gods as per mythology. Hence this direction represents power and politics or political connections. This direction also represents the social celebration and your involvement in society, thus it represents your friend’s circle.

As I mentioned earlier that east is the direction of Aishwarya Lakshmi, hence energy fields of this direction can bring luxury and high status in the life of the owner or residents.

The entrance/ main door/gate is considered one of the best entrances as per Vastu because the money flow of this direction is long-lasting and never-ending. That clearly means you will enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

East direction can be the second choice for your Puja/ prayer/ meditation spiritual practice room after Northeast direction. You should face the east or north while doing any Puja/ prayer/ meditation or spiritual practice.

This direction should be well open so that light can come easily to the building/ home/ flat/ house. Light comes from this direction makes your family more lively and healthy.

You can plan your Garden or lawn are in the east direction. Actually the east is the best direction for the garden and lawn are. In the same way, you can place your living room in this direction which will bring more social gatherings.

You keep the slope of the building towards the east direction.

East Direction Entrance/ Main door/  Main gate/ In Vastu

Flats/ home/ office owner with east entrance gives more importance to social status, goodwill, name, and fame than anything else in life. They can compromise with their monetary loss but not ready to lose their social prestige at any cost. These houses are the house of leaders. East direction gives us the power to lead or influence others easily. People in society gives you a lot of attention and respect when you keep this directional energy in balance.

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To keep the entrance of your home, flat, office, factory in the east direction is considered very auspicious as it brings the continuous flow of growth, luxury, prosperity, reputation in our life. In Vastu Shastra this direction is considered as the direction or entrance of Aishwarya Lakshmi, Indra, and The planet Sun. Entrance in this direction brings new growth in higher social connections and gives the ability to get help from others even in the bad state of life. But, all parts of the East direction are not good for entrance. See in the picture below:

east Direction entrance In Vastu - Remedies

Only E3 and E4 E4 entrances will give good results and considered to be auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

  • E3 entrance of home/ flat /factory/ office brings monetary profits in business (for business personals and improvements working fields for working professionals.
  • E4 entrance of home/flat/factory/ office gives the connection of high profile people in society. This entrance also helps to build up a good rapport with high government officials.


What to keep In The Northeast Corner Of The House/ Flat/ Factory/ Office

You can keep your: (the east direction in Vastu)

  • Main gate of the building, main door or entrance (but only E3 and E4 is beneficial),
  • Pooja or prayer room, meditation room. Always sit by facing North-east while doing any spiritual practice. This is always would be the second choice after North-east.
  • You can keep your living room/ hall/ drawing room also in this direction. In case of the living room, only children and older people can stay here. In the same way, you can place your living room in this direction which will bring more social gatherings.
  • Any slope of your building/ flat/ office/ home/ plot can be towards North-East. That means your North-east should not be upper than the South-West. Any extension of the building towards North-East direction is considered very auspicious.
  • You can plan your Garden or lawn are in the east direction. Actually this is the best direction for gardening but you should not plant any big tree here. If big trees already exist before you bought the property, then it is ok, but you, yourself should not plant any heavy trees here.

In Case Of Commercial/ Industrial/ Office Area

  • You can place the reception area,
  • The meeting room of the office or meeting room where you will meet with new or existing clients.,
  • Waiting area for everyone
  • You and your employees are advised to face East direction while talking to clients in the meeting room to influence the clients easily. If you as an owner are present in the office meeting then sit in such a way so that you face the East direction.
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What You Should Not Keep In East Direction As Per Vastu Shastra?

  • In case of east corner bedroom Vastu, the master bedroom should not be placed in this direction.
  • The kitchen also should not be there in this direction. If the Kitchen is there in this direction will spoil your reputation, social prestige, growth.
  • Toilet in north-east direction should be completely ignored as per Vastu
  • If there is any door or window in the east direction then always use lightweight and light color curtains to cover (if you need to cover with curtains). Heavy materials and dark colors in the east direction block the flow of positive energy in this direction.
  • Septic Tank in north-east direction should not be built
  • Avoid building Staircase in this direction. If you have already built then I will discuss Vastu remedies for the east corner staircase later in detail.
  • Electric meters in the east direction will give you several health problems.
  • Any Garbage should not be kept in the east direction as per Vastu Shastra rules
  • Dustbin should not be placed in this direction.
  • You should not place any heavy materials, furniture in the east direction.
  • Any cut in this direction can bring misfortune to the resident of that house. Later I will talk about the effect and remedies of cut in the northeast corner.
  • The east direction should not be elevated at all. Means this direction should not be up than Southeast, south, southwest, and west direction building/ flat/ home/ factory/ office.
East Direction Vastu Doshas (defects) and Remedies

When the energy fields of the east direction of your building/ flat/ home/ factory/ office area in the imbalanced state then it will affect the resident’s health, finance, and education of their children, your reputation. If your profession is directly connected with public life then the imbalance of this direction can bring misfortune and fall in career.

If you are a business person and deals with employees on a daily basis then your own employees will not listen to your orders. All we know that to fire someone from the job is not the solution all the time, in that way we may lose a good employee also. In short when you see that suddenly you have started losing control over everything that you used to before, then you need to look at this direction, to see whether this direction is in its balanced state or not. This direction can give you serious health-related problems like high blood pressure, heart-related issues, Eyes related problems, etc.

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East Direction Vastu Dosh (Defects) Remedies

First, follow the above instructions about what you should not keep in the East direction. If you have already kept all those in the East then try to change the direction of those things. To do that if you need to demolish something, then stop, because without demolishing we can also balance the energy of the direction. But if it is removable then it would be better if you change the place of that anti element thing.

  • The most important is color balance, try to paint the walls of the east direction with any shade of green. Green is the color of Air Element and represents growth in life. So if we can bring this color in this direction then this direction will be balanced.
  • Do not keep or hang any shape, sculpture or photo in this direction as long as you are not balancing the direction properly. Because, shapes, sculptures, murtis only boost the energy of a direction, so if your direction is not balanced and is giving bad results then bad or negative things related to that direction will increase.

Many people buy Surya murti or Indra Murti and keep in this direction without balancing the direction. It is bad Vastu practice. It will only bring bad luck. I have dealt with many such clients till now. They buy, all Vastu remedies from the market keep those in the related directions and complain that no good change is happening in life.

  • Keep the direction clutter-free, clean and hang a blue light on the north wall.
  • north direction rooms should be colored with light yellow (very light)

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