Education Astrology Free Prediction

Education Astrology Free Prediction

Question (As it has been asked):”My daughter kiren Ravi Shankar is studying in class 9. she is weak in math and she has a dislike for maths moreover she is always confused what educational career should she take up in life. I am worried as to how she will fare in question is how is her education.will she do well ?”

The question was asked by:

Ms. Geetha Ravishanker, Mother of Kiren Ravishanker, about her daughter’s education.


[email protected]

Her daughter’s Birth Details:

First Name: kiren

Last Name: Ravishanker



Birth Date


Birth Time

09:59 AM

Birth Place(Country,State,City)


Education Astrology By Date Of Birth Free

Education Astrology Free Prediction - ravishnker

Planetary Positions:

Saturn RMesha16:26:36
Rahu RKarka10:46:48
Ketu RMakar10:46:48
House Positions:
House 2Meena08:37:09
House 3Mesha08:37:09
House 4Vrisha08:37:09
House 5Mithun08:37:09
House 6Karka08:37:09
House 7Simha08:37:09
House 8Kanya08:37:09
House 9Tula08:37:09
House 11Dhanu08:37:09
House 12Makar08:37:09
Horoscope Judged and answered by Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)

Dear Ms. Ravishanker,

Your question was about your daughter’s education. Before going ahead I want to directly go into one important matter where you made a mistake. I said several times in my articles that if anybody is asking about his or her closed one please mention your name in the message box. What you have never mentioned at all. For some security reasons, my team checks all these things. My team had cancelled your question, but before some days when you contacted AstroSanhita through the Facebook Page after that my team sent your question to me. Always remember, when you are filling up the form it is going to the Customer Support of AstroSanhita.Com. If you are hiding something (your identity etc.) they won’t send me the question at all to judge. This message is not only for you, this is for all.

Let’s come to the point, as per the birth data you have given me your daughter had fallen under the influence of Aquarius Ascendant (Lagna) and Capricorn Sign (Rashi) at the time of birth.

Let’s at first analyze her natal chart. In astrology to judge education, we have divided that into three parts – 1. Primary Education to High School Education, 2. Bachelor Education (Graduation), 3. Master Degree to Ph.D. Or Research.

No. 1 is judged from 2nd and 4th house. The 2nd house is the house of speech, so, at first, a child learns to speak, learn how to pronounce an alphabet. The Next house is 4th house. This is the house of Mind itself, to by heart something we need the help of this house and till 12th class generally we think from the heart mostly, till this age maximum students do not find the logic behind studying hard if they are not enjoying to do so.

No. 2 is judged from 5th house. This is the house of judgment. If this house is giving any negative signal so the student won’t be able to complete his/her graduation. This is the house of taking correct decision, you can say this house as “decision maker”. If this house is afflicted so the person wouldn’t be able to take the correct decision at the proper time. That’s why good companies give importance on graduation, if you are not graduate they think that you do not have the decision-making power, you are not enough matured to handle an important post. Whether you are arts graduate or commerce or science – you are a graduate that is enough for them. We also find some indications in horoscope like – previously the person was not good in taking the right decision but as the age goes higher or after a particular “Dasa or Antardasa” the person becomes totally opposite to what previously he/she was.

No. 3 is judged from 9th house and partly from 8th house.

To judge Education in astrology, any planet can come into the picture. It is simply depending on which subject you want to choose. Like – Mars & Ketu will always signify Computer Hardware Engineer, but, Mercury & Ketu indicates Computer Software Engineer etc.

Now in your daughter’s case – 4th house has come into the picture because you have mentioned that she is in 9th class. 4th lord Venus is in 10th house aspected by Rahu from 6th. Again 10th and 3rd lord Mars is also aspecting 4th house, this yoga is clearly indicating that your daughter’s educational career is not of monotonous mainstream, rather it is versatile. Your daughter is not good in mathematics, because – Mercury is sitting with Sun, here Sun is in 24 degree and mercury is in 20 degrees, as a result Mercury is fully combusted and lost his power to give his result, it is also the 8th lord, but again it has formed a “Budhadittyo Yoga”. Though Mercury is combusted but we do not take it as that much inauspicious because in the solar system the distance between the two planets is not that much high. So, here she will get the mixture result, good and bad. Due to the bad effect, she has become very weak in mathematics.

She is not good in Mathematics, so what! but she has a very bright future ahead. I am not saying this, her horoscope is saying. Do not worry at all. Do not give her pressure, try to make her understand that Mathematics is also important to pass out the exam, learn mathematics just to pass out, that’s enough.

You have asked what education career she should take – well, let her decide what she wants to do, but according to astrology she will flourish if she comes out of mainstream education and takes educational career like – Fashion Designing, Beauty Therapist, any education related to glamour world, Interior Decoration or any kind of field where she will get chance to mix-up with a lot of people or society.

Let’s go more deep into it, to do that I am going to her D-24 or “Siddhamsa” – the chart of Education. Here the Lagna is same Aquarius, the 4th lord Venus is in 7th house and the 5th lord Mercury is in 11th house. The 10th & 3rd lord Mars is in his own house (Aries) and aspecting the 10th from there. D-24 is indicating the same like Natal Chart.

In Natal Chart Moon is in 12th house and afflicted by Ketu, that’s why she has got a restless mind. This type of restlessness can be a big challenge for her and she could lose some very good opportunities in life. Best practice would be Meditation, tell her to join a good meditation class.

Horoscope Judged by:   

Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)  

Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist.    

Please note: Above calculations are based on mathematics, so if any part of the Birth Data is wrong provided by the person who has asked the question – the prediction won’t match. So please be sure, before submitting your Birth Data.  

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