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Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Horoscope (Vakri graha effects): In Vedic Astrology Retrograde planets are called ‘Vakri Grahas‘. the literal translation of  Sanskrit word – ‘Vakri‘ in English comes ‘twisted’. However, the literal translation doesn’t express the correct meaning of the ‘Sanskrit’ terminology. The reach of English language is not as vast as that of ‘Sanskrit ‘ or ‘Greek’, in describing human expression. So do not think that the planet has become twisted. How a planet can be twisted, right? Let me tell you clearly in shortest way what does it really mean. When a planet starts moving backward instead of moving forward in the zodiac, that state is called ‘Vakri State’ of a planet. One sign equals to 30 degrees, generally a planet moves forward from 0 to 30 degree, but when that is ‘Vakri‘ so that moves backward from 29 degrees to 0 degrees (suppose a planet is at 29 degrees in any sign). The term ‘Retrograde’ is much closer to ‘Vakri‘ than any other word in English language, that’s the reason the term ‘retrograde planet’ is widely accepted.

Now, no need to go to the deep calculation part of retrogression. Today I am simply going to describe what exactly retrogression mean in Vedic astrology.

Vakri grahaVedicc astrology: When a planet is a retrograde, be it any planet people will experience some common phenomena during the retrogression phase. During the period of retrogression period, there will be delay in one’s work, professional as well as personal. What kind of delay one will experience and what would be the situation in one’s life that depends on upon the planetary signification and houses that planet is associated with. The situation will compel you to rethink before making a final decision. For example, if Venus is retrograde in transit or in your birth chart so during that transiting time or that planet’s Antar Dasa your relationship matters, marriage etc can be on hold, resulting in delaying the matter.

You will find many well-known and genius people they have retrograde planets in their Birth Chart or Horoscope.


Retrograde Planets And Past Lives – Its Relationship With Karma

Retrograde Planets And Past Lives: We all are bound by time. We all get a certain time period to live life. You can relate this with nowadays talk time validity term of telecom or mobile network industry. As the validity is finished your talk time is no more. You need to re-validate that. The retrograde planet does the same, it revalidate or connects your unfinished past karma with existing one. It reminds you of the effort you put in any past time or life on a particular matter and now this is the time to finish it. That’s the reason you feel like re-thinking on something during that time. Basically, it breaks the barrier of time for the time being so that you can re-evaluate yourself once again regarding related matter or work.

If you meet somebody new during the retrogression period of Venus you will feel like ‘you already know the person from years’. Sometimes memories can be so vivid that you may dream some peculiar events related to that person. Vivid dreaming is possible when the moon is somehow connected with the retrograde planet in the birth chart.

You may find the phase little bit dull also because actually you are living in your past mentally but physical yes, you are living in the present. All these diversified things create a lot of confusions and that makes a person think deeply on a certain matter and in result it delays the work to be implemented.

Retrograde planets in birth chartVedicc astrology: A retrogression phase takes you through various different dimensions of life, you may feel sometimes you are living two different lives, mentally dwelling in the past while physically you are living the present one, it is like your one leg is in the present and another is somewhere, unable to figure out where. That’s the reason a person can remain upset or confused during retrogression period, it can be Mahadasa-Antardasa or transit. If the planet is only retrograde in transit so the result would not be that deep like I have mentioned above. Retrogression should be in both ways. Here birth chart retrogression is most important to feel the complete result mentioned above. Basically, a retrograde planet connects our past ‘Karma’ with the present.

Should We Take A Retrograde Planet As Malefic?

No, not at all. I know many people think that retrograde planets behave like a malefic planet that is totally wrong concept. What retrograde planet does that be – it just delays the related matter and compels you to give a pause for time being on your existing work or progress. But it does not stop the progress, even it makes the progress more worthwhile when it comes after a re-evaluation. But if a planet is a natural malefic and connected or afflicted by any malefic planet so it can be harmful, but always remember the harm you will experience not due to the retrogression of the planet, it is due to the malefic effect of the planet, retrogression will give the situation a new color only.


‘Can Retrograde Planets Be Strong Or Weak’?

Yes, a retrograde planet can be strong and weak too like other planets.

Retrograde planets are strong in Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses) and Kona (1st, 5th, and 9th).

1.In dusthana houses (6th, 8th, and 12th) retrograde planets are weak, but if a dusthana lord is placed in any other dusthana house so that time it doesn’t give bad result as a weak planet.

2. If a retrograde planet is there in its own exaltation sign so the planet cannot give that mush good result but if it is in debilitated sign it gives good result.

3. There is a belief among astrologers that – retrograde planets gives the result of the previous house except for Jupiter. However in my practice life, I have seen it is not true all the time. I have seen most of the time planets are giving result where they are placed, especially when the planet has crossed 15 degrees.

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Among 9 planets Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde, on the other hand Sun and Moon never retrograde at all. So I am going to discuss what I found to be true in my practice life remaining 5 planets that go into the retrograde state from time to time.

Those are: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus.

To be continued……


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