Extramarital affair/illicit relations in Astrology

Extramarital affairs/illicit relations in Astrology

Human life is really very mysterious. You do not know when & what will happen, when you will meet someone & fall in love with, and some of them may result in close intimacy also. In our society those relationships are called illicit relations, and if somebody is married so for them, those can be called extra-marital relationships. There are numerous reasons behind these type of relationships, but here I will only concentrate on those combinations  which are responsible to bring this type of relationships in a person’s life for which sometimes we are not ready for but when comes can not refuse them. Why it happens ? we know these type of relationships are illicit and not approved by the society but still we get involved. I will discuss all, now just you have to keep your horoscope in-front of you and have to look for those combinations in that, if any one of those combinations are found in your horoscope so you are going to fall into an illicit or extra marital relationship…… 

ExtraMarital/illicit/illegal Relation/Affairs In Astrology 


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  1. usha says:

    my dob is 13-01-1979 and time is 11:45 am Karimnagar,
    is there any possibility of incest course in my life with husband younger brother

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