Face Reading Eyes, Nose, Lip Useful Tips


Face Reading Eyes, Nose, Lip Useful Tips

Face Reading Eyes, Nose, Lip Useful Tips: There is a saying that ‘Face is the Index of Mind’. Whether you are happy or sad that can be seen by seeing your face at any point of time. In day to day life you can easily predict on basis of some facial expressions. Today I am going to discuss on some basic characteristics of face which can tell you a lot about the person’s personality and recognize his/her character.

According to psychologists your brainwaves or your thought process can be examined through some special facial  characteristics. Let us discuss some of these important facial characteristics and what they indicate.

Face Reading Personality With Pictures

  1. How do you know a person is self-confident or not?

If a person’s face is taller than wider, so that person becomes very conscious in every stage of life in whatever he/she is doing. On the contrary, if the face is wider than taller, then the person does not become that much conscious about facts what are happening in life but they tend to be very confident in whatever they do.


  1. How do you know a person is friendly or not? (Face Reading Eyebrows)

In this case, a person’s eyebrows will help you find out. Just look at the distance between the eyebrows and eyes. Wider the distance between them, the person is less friendly and makes him/her very choosy in case of relationships and friendships. Lesser the distance between eyes and eyebrows, friendlier the person is. Such type of people can make friends very easily at any point in life.


  1. How can you measure a person’s tolerance or patience level?

Here again a person’s eyebrows will help us find out. If the distance between two eyebrows determines the patience level of the person irrespective of gender. Closer the two eyebrows, the person has low patience levels. On the contrary, wider the distance between eyebrows, more patient or tolerant the person is.


  1. How do you know the person is dominating or not?

So many factors of a face determine the dominant characteristic of a person. Of them, the most important are the eyebrows. Thick eyebrows indicate dominating characters and thinner the eyebrow then the person is less dominating by nature. Very thin eyebrows are not good sign at all because it shows low self-esteem.


  1. How do you know a person is very sensitive or emotional? 

Here the eyes will reveal the secret. Bigger the eyes, the person becomes more emotional and sensitive. These types of people always try to be in limelight or in other words always try to attract others attention. There is a problem with big eyes people is that they cannot let go what others think about them. They instantly react and become impulsive.


  1. How do you know that a person can keep your secret? 

Eyes and Lips will come into the picture here. Do not share anything with big eyes people, they cannot keep anything secret. If they start talking once, they just reveal everything. But in these type of cases, if lower lip is bigger than the upper lip or lower lip and upper lip is identical, than the risk is less ie they can be secretive if they want to be so.

Big eyes with big upper lips are extremely dangerous, they are completely unable to keep any secrets. Sometimes, they share even that information, which can create problem for even themselves in the future. Small eyes people are very secretive, you can trust them to tell your own secrets.

  1. How do you know that a person has a good sense of humor? 

See the distance between the nose and the upper lip. The wider the distance, the better the sense of humor. You can notice, that most famous comedians have a wide space/distance between the nose and upper lip. The narrower the space, less likely it is that such people can take jokes upon themselves or of any kind and are of a more disposition by nature.

  1. How do you know that a person can attract anybody very easily? 

Here the eyeballs of the person will give us the information. See the color of the eyeball. The deeper or intense the color is, more attractive the person is or people get more attracted to such people easily. That is the reason, in practical life, sometimes we see that an ordinary person attracts more people than a beautiful one.



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