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Follow rules, otherwise your request for free online astrology prediction could be cancelled: All horoscope will be judged and predicted by World Class Astrologer Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist Dr. Sankar BhattacharjeePlease read rules and regulations before submitting the form, If you do not follow below mentioned rules so your request for free online astrology prediction will be cancelled.

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1.Please do not call to avail any “Free Service”,

if you do so, your request for “Free Horoscope Prediction” will be cancelled on immediate basis. Telephonic Astrology Consultation is a paid service. 


2. Mention your original E-Mail id while filling up the form, use e-mail id which is connected to your Facebook, twitter or google+ account. The account should be active, not fake one. Request with fake e-mail ids will be cancelled. Your name should be matched with your social profile (Facebook, google+, twitter). If we find something suspicious, then you also may receive a verification e-mail from the support team.

3. Your question will not be sent to your email address, rather it will be published publicly in the website. We will inform you through Dr. Bhattacharjee’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Google+ Page.

4. Once the answer is published publicly, the answer will be taken as AstroSanhita.Com’s property, and will be used by Astrology students for their “Case Study” purpose.

5. The answer of genuine questions will be published within next 1 to 30 days after submitting the form. It may vary time to time and will be dependant on admin team’s decision. Please follow Dr. Bhattacharjee’s Facebook page, twitter or Google+ to get updates. For faster response with more flexibility please choose any of our Paid Consultation Service.

6. You need to submit your photographs for “Face Reading” purpose. Your photograph will not be published publicly.

7. If you submit the following form – it will be taken as you are also agree to the Terms & Conditions of this website.

8. You can ask Only “One Specific Question” at a time. After getting your answer, you cannot ask any free question for next 1 month with the same birth details.

9. You will be solely responsible, if you are asking any question on behalf of anybody, ex: your daughter, son, wife etc.

10. After submitting the form you will receive a welcome cum verification mail, please reply the mail within 24 hours, otherwise it will be taken as a spam and your request will be cancelled immediately.

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