Gajakesari Yoga In Kundli and Its Effects, Benefits In different houses

Gajakesari Yoga In Kundli and Its Effects, Benefits In different houses

Gajakesari Yoga In Kundli/ Horoscope and Its Effect, Benefits In different houses – Vedic astrology: Importance of Jupiter in your horoscope: Without the support of Jupiter, there cannot be stability, progress, growth or righteous lifestyle. Jupiter gives intelligence, knowledge, scientific education, friends, business and trade, adeptness in actions, material wealth, happiness and virtuosity.

He is the Karaka or significator for education, right thoughts, speech, power of analysis and differentiation, growth and progress, honesty, ego, progeny, creativity, and expansion in all areas covered by him. The effect of Jupiter becomes more prominent during his transit. The current transit of Jupiter will cover many areas of life in a highly fluctuating manner. Understanding and proper use of these variations will lead to much greater benefits.

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Gajakesari Yoga In Horoscope and Its Effects, Benefits In different houses

Gajakesari Yoga in Kundli is one of the most auspicious Yoga-s (planetary combinations) that one can have in his or her birth chart. This Yoga is formed when Jupiter is in Kendra (that is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses) from the Ascendant or the Moon. Such a position of Jupiter from Moon is more important and effective than from ascendant. Jupiter is the planet of growth and wealth, and Moon is the giver of happiness and stability of wealth.

This Yoga becomes really effective and auspicious when Jupiter is not afflicted due to his retrogression or debilitation or being at the junction of two signs or due to aspect of any malefic or adverse planet or any other malefic situation affecting it in the birth chart. Similar conditions will also apply to Moon in the birth chart [except the point of being in retrogression].

When no affliction to Jupiter or to Moon is present, Gajakesari yoga in Kundli gets its full power and offers abundant wealth and fame to a native having such a clear yoga. This yoga will bestow one with a sharp intellect and much prosperity and one will be loved and respected by people around. Similar auspicious effects are also produced [though to a much-reduced degree] when this Yoga is not present in the birth chart but occurs during transit.

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General Effects, Benefits of GajKesari Yoga In Vedic Astrology

  1. Give Mental Strength and social support to do anything
  2. Success and Prosperity
  3. Money power and Fame
  4.  Comfort, confidence, and peacefulness
  5. Higher Positions 

When does gajakesari yoga work? Now, let me tell you one fact, in most of the charts you will find these two yogas: Budhaditya Yoga and Gajkesari yoga. Now the question comes will everyone get the benefits of these yogas? obviously not. Then who will enjoy the benefit?

To get 100% result of gajkesari yoga:

The first and foremost condition is – the yoga should be strong. Now the question comes how to measure the strength of this yoga?

  1. When the yoga forms in 1st, 4th, house 7th, 9th or 10th house and at the same time not afflicted by any malefic planets
  2. Any one planet of this yoga is exalted or in its own house

If the yoga is not strong but Moon and Jupiter are fulfilling other common parameters of Gajkesari yoga, then yoga will give the normal result.

The fundamental effects of Gajakesari yoga in Kundli are bestowing very high clarity in a individuals mind with wise attitude and wisdom, impartiality and goodness of intellect, polite and generous attitude, power and capacity to make others grow in life and living while enjoying indulgences with much wealth, power, popularity, and respect. This Yoga can bless natives to get a long life with prosperity, virtue, leadership qualities, friendly attitude, generosity, politeness and overall distinction in life.

Moon-Jupiter Conjunction In Horoscope

The Moon and Jupiter combining together in conjunction or transit in angular houses (Jupiter in the first house from the Moon) in any sign or house to produce this yoga. The results accruing from this yoga have already been described as overpowering, famous, intelligent, virtuous, wealthy, consistent and happy in love and fickle-minded but very successful in life with high status. The occurrence of this conjunction in a horoscope in different angular houses is obviously likely to produce different results some of which have already been described.

When Does Gajkesari Yoga Give Its Result?

Gajkesari yoga gives results in its maha Dasha of Moon and Jupiter. But the period I have seen in my practical experience is in Moon mahadasa and Jupiter Antardasa.


GajKesari Yoga Effects, Benefits In different houses Of Horoscope

Where this yoga gives the good result I am mentioning that result only:

Gaj Kesari Yoga In First House: Moon and Jupiter in 1st house make the native good looking, flamboyant personality, vivacious blessed with friends, wife, and progeny and prosperity surrounds him like moonshine. When this benefic and powerful yoga formed in the Lagna, then they make a person healthy, dignified and impressive. The Moon, a planet of beauty, and Jupiter, the most auspicious benevolent benefit, combining in the Lagna or 1st house can install or incorporate an abundance of benevolence in the native.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In Fourth House: This Moon and Jupiter conjunction and combination in 4th house make native equivalent to a king, a minister, learned knowledgeable person, etc. A lot of domestic comforts are promised by Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the fourth house. This  4th house also represents the parliament in modern democracies makes native a politician or parliamentarian.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In Seventh House: Moon-Jupiter conjunction or combination in  7th house makes native learned, skilled, a trader, wealthy. This conjunction falling in the 7th house is good for conjugal bliss. The 7th house also deals with trading and partnerships, while the Gaja-Kesari yoga occurring here ensures wealth through partnerships.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In Ninth House: Distinguished, fortunate, wealthy, contented. The 9th  house deals with virtues and religious pursuits as also the fortune of the native. This is a very fortunate combination to have Moon-Jupiter conjunction in.9th house.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In Tenth House: Moon and Jupiter together in 10th house make individual Scholar, wealthy, haughty, respectable, etc. The presence of the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in this house is very favorable and beneficial for career prospects, high status, and financial prosperity.

Apart from the above houses this yoga also gives good result in two more houses in the modern scenario 

Gaj Kesari Yoga 11th house: Gaj Kesari yoga in 11th house blesses native with wealth, fame, powerful contacts with politicians and Government official and natives friends will be from high upper-class society. Gains and success in the political field and they acquire a tremendous amount of wealth and profits from their business or occupation. These natives with Gaj Kesari yoga in 11th house remain very popular in the opposite sex.

Gaj Kesari Yoga 12th house: Gaj Kesari yoga in 12th leads to the attainment of salvation and natives lead ascetic life from middle age. Their behavior remains as pious and as wise Sanyasi or yogi. Gaj kesari yoga in 12th house leads to occupation in foreign affairs and provides much pleasurable foreign travel very frequently in the life of that particular individual who blessed with this yoga in the 12th house. The spouse may also be from a foreign land or foreign culture.

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