Gemini, Cancer Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Gemini, Cancer Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love: The year 2021 will be eventful but very positive year in comparison to 2020 due to several good planetary dynamics.

Jupiter will transit in the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius for the whole year 2021 . Jupiter although, will transit in its debilitation sign but due the presence of Saturn in the same sign whole years which happens to be Saturn’s own sign no major negative result of Jupiter will be seen. Saturn will transit in Capricorn sign whole year. Rahu will be transiting in ts exalted sign Taurus and Ketu will be transiting into exalted sign Scorpio. So, for most of the Zodiac sign 2021 will be favourable especially for Water Signs like:- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Gemini Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Gemini;-General:-  This 2021 year will bring mixed result for Gemini natives. There will be some losses and tiff in home and at work place. You may change job or loose your position and authority at work but partnership business will give you gains.Health will be delicate and overall the year 20221 will keep you busy and in your toes. here will be problems in Education and students will not get the desired result. Enemies and competitors may cause trouble but they will be defeated.

Career& Finance:-  There will be some  ups and down in your career or occupation. There will be dispute at work place and losses. You may change job or your line of work.  Financially, you will not be secure but inflow of money will be there which will fulfill your basics needs and other necessities. You may have good opportunity to accumulate wealth in the period of May 2021 to September 2021.Although your income will not be constant but expenses will  be high including medical expenses.There will be struggle and delay to earn and getting you money back.

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Love& Marriage:-  No major love affair can be seen for Gemini natives in 2021, although some  casual short period affair will happen in your life. hose looking For marriage should wait till November 2021. For those who are already married and in committed relationship will have normal sweet time with their better half or love partner.  No major hustle and tussle in  love, relationship and emotional bonds in 2021.

Family& Health:- There  can be health issue sin family and to you as well. Take care while driving and take care of your liver and lungs. Indigestion, constipation, diabetes may trouble some Gemini natives. Relationship with family members will be cordial but nothing major auspicious will happen in 2021.

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Cancer Horoscope 2021 For Marriage, Career, Finance, Love

Cancer:- General:- Cancer native will have a very good time in 2021  weather in carer, love, education, competition, finance or health. 2021 will be the year of relief, opportunities and happiness for the Cancer Sign native. Students will do very well in the competitive examination and there will be no health issues.

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Career&Finance:-  Job oriented will get progress and increment in their occupation or may get transfer with promotion to desirable place. Those who are in  the field of law and administration may get  promoted to higher ranks.  Those are in private job or business will se e good results and fruitful outcome from their hard work. Hard work will be key to success this year. There will be gains and profit in the occupation. There will good inflow of money and constant financial stability and satisfaction. No Scarcity of money will be for Cancer natives in 2022.

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Love & Marriage:-  Those who are single might get involve in casual relationship which will not be long lasting although some might get involve in secret affair or fell in love with an online friend through internet chatting. But, nothing will turn into a serious kind of affair. Those are already married will experience rekindle and reignition of passion and old  romance in their married life. Those who are already in serious committed relationship and wants to get married or take their relationship to next  level will have to wait til November 2021.

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Family& Health:-  Family life will be happy cheerful and cordial. Amicable relation with siblings and parents will being peace as well as some celebration in home. Domestic affairs will run smooth. There will happy and satisfactory time in family. There will be comfort and cheerful environment at home.  Health of the family members will be good .No major expenses on medication can be expected. Cancer Sign  people will enjoy robust health with lot of energy and drive and they will be socially very active.

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