Hasta Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Hasta Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Hasta Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics, Business/ Profession, Health, Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart Prediction In Astrology: Hasta Nakshatra people are intelligent, practical and problem solvers. This Nakshatra is ruled by Moon which gives secretive intuitive and healing power to Hasta natives. This nakshatra people can take interest in astrology and occult practices. As Hasta nakshatra occurs in Virgo sign, it gives good communication and intellectual ability with a good blend of practicality in an individual’s life. Hasta people aspire to be significant and popular in life.

Nakshatra – Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility

These natives bring realistic goals and ambitions in their life and get quick results in life. These people materialize their dreams in reality quite quickly than others.

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To Be Noted (Hasta Nakshatra – Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics):- Here, I am going to discuss the effects and results of  Hasta as Moon Nakshatra and Lagna Nakshatra. The overall impacts and results of this  Nakshatra will be mostly based on Moon Nakshatra which is also known as Janam or birth Nakshatra. In later articles, I will also discuss the impact of different planets in this very Nakshatra.

Hasta Nakshatra Significance Overview

There will be internal and external struggles emotionally in your life. Success will come after 30 years of age. Till the age of 30, you face a lot of struggle and uncertainty in life but things will change drastically after the age of 30. You may become highly educated some people may learn new skills or complete their higher education in foreign land.

Your lifestyle will be aristocratic but you will always care for less fortunate and people of lower status. Your honesty and your patient nature may attract a lot of admirers in life. You may settle a lot of disputes between people through your words of wisdom and common sense.

Hasta Nakshatra – Characteristics/ Personality Traits

Hasta people are good listeners but good speakers and advisors as well. These people can achieve great heights in their career but can have very volatile or struggling life as well in teenage and young age. You may have good communication skills and wealth after the age of 30. You may climb the ladder of success very quickly after the age of 32.

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Hasta natives will attract opposite sex towards you because of your cool, calm, happy, and cherishing nature. Hasta people may become very wealthy but they will never flaunt or show their affluence in life at all. Their nature will be simple and grounded. Your efforts and hard work will not go in vain.

Hasta Nakshatra – Your Love Life and Marriage

Love life will not give lasting happiness but there will be moments of joy but a sheer amount of sadness, isolation, and depression due to separation or break up in relationship for some time. There will be a lot of passion and spark in your many romantic encounters but all will be short-lived.

You may meet your ideal match after the age of 22 or 30 who can become your life partner. Love marriage will be successful. Arranged marriage may also give you happiness. Married life will give luck, wealth, and a loyal supporter, and caring partner. Your domestic life and career will run smoothly mostly after marriage.

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(Hasta Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics)

Hasta Nakshatra – Career/ Profession/ Business – Male/ Female

Hasta people will really do well in the field of media, teaching, writing, blogging, travel blogging, social media influencing, consultancy, medical & health care field. Although, some people will do well in the field of law, advisory, and cybercrime branches. . These people can be excellent counsellor, psychologist, consultant, and advisor.

You may achieve peak in your career from 31 to 40 years of age. Income will come from more than one source. You may become an excellent artist or writer. Some people will achieve success in the field of research and science as well. You may become a famous lyricist, poet, or painter as well.

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Hasta Nakshatra – Strength and Weakness In Astrology

Your creativity and skill in writing and speaking is your biggest strength. Hasta people acquire a powerful position in life due to their honesty,  punctuality, and committed nature. These people are eloquent in their dealings as well as very hard working in day-to-day life. They do not give up on any task easily. These people are very well-liked socially and they can cheer and heal and motivate others from their speeches and practices.  sometimes.

These people can struggle emotionally and physically when under stress. You will always be on high ground morally and ethically but your close people will not do the same for you. Your expectations from others will be unrealistic.

Hasta Nakshatra and its Effect On Health In Horoscope

Hasta people may suffer from health problems regularly after 45 years of age. There will be heart, nerve, and blood pressure issues for you regularly from the middle years of life. Cough, cold, fever may gibe you trouble from time to time. Although, till the age of 40 your health will be fine and there will be enough energy to carry out your daily task easily.

Although, stress may give you uneasiness and headaches in life. Overall, you will need to take good care of your health after the age of 40. Although, your immunity will be good and you will recover from disease easily.

Hasta Nakshatra In 1st Pada 2nd Pada – 3rd Pada – 4th Pada

This  Nakshatra has 4 padas and each pada will consist of 3 degrees 20 minutes of  Hasta Constellation. This Nakshatra falls between  26 degrees 40 minutes in Leo Sign to 10 degrees in Virgo Sign consisting of all padas.

  • 1st pada:- 1st pada of this very nakshatra falls in between 10 degree to 13 degree 20 minutes in Virgo sign.
  • Your Moon sign in Navamsha will fall in Aries Rashi if your Moon Nakshatra is Hasta of 1st pada. Your Ascendant in Navamsha will fall in Aries sign if your Ascendant in D1 falls in 1st pada of Hasta Nakshatra.(This happens according to degrees of Moon or Ascendant varies from 10 degree to 13 degree 20 minutes in Virgo sign ).
  • 2nd pada:-  2nd pada of Hasta constellation falls between  Zero degree 13 degree 20 minutes to 16 degree 40 minutes in Virgo Sign. This 2nd pada of  Hasta yields Taurus Navamsha.
  • 3rd pada:-  3rd pada of of this nakshatra falls between  16 degree 40 minutes to  20 degree in Virgo sign . This 3rd pada of Hasta  Constellation bestows  Gemini Navamsha.
  • 4th pada:- 4th pada of  Hasta constellation falls between  20 degree to 23 degree 20 minutes  in Virgo Sign. This 4th pada of Hasta Constellation falls in  Cancer  Navamsha.
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Hasta Nakshatra – Marriage/ Business Partner Compatibility

Punarvasu, Jyeshta, Krittika, Mrigashira, Shravana, Revati are the most compatible nakshatras for Hasta people in terms of marriage, relationships, and partnerships. Ashwini, Uttara Phalguni, and shatabhisha are the most incompatible nakshatras for Hasta people.

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