Higher Studies In Horoscope – Phd. Or Research

Higher Studies In Horoscope - Phd. Or Research - sandeep-singla

Higher Studies In Horoscope – Ph.D. Or Research

Question (As it was asked – on higher studies – in the horoscope): “I am B.tech Civil Engg, M.tech Env. sci, and doing a job as a teacher in Engg college. I am doing Ph.D. in end sci. Please let me know whether I will be able to complete Ph.D. or I have to start again as my health is not supporting me.


The Question was asked by:

First Name: Sandeep

Last Name: Singla



Email: [email protected]

Birth Date


Birth Time

07:07 PM

Birth Place(Country,State,City)

India, Punjab, Patiala


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Rahu R



Ketu R



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Horoscope Judged and answered by Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)

Dear Mr. Singla,

According to the birth data, you have given – you had fallen under the influence of Aries Ascendant (Lagna) and Pisces Sign (Rashi) at the time of birth.

You wanted to know that, whether you will be able to complete your Ph.D. Or not. Let’s start judging from the Rashi Chart itself, then I will judge the Divisional Chart accordingly for deeper understanding.

In Astrology 9th house & Its lord in the horoscope represents higher studies of any kind and research is also the part of that. In some cases, 8th house also plays an important role. 5th house is also very important to complete any high-level research or study because this house is responsible for developing our power of judgment, our intelligence. This house makes us ready to think deeper and take the right decision. In your Rashi or Natal Chart, the ninth house is Sagittarius and the lord is Jupiter. This Jupiter is sitting with 10th – 11th Lord Saturn and Rahu in 5th house. Here Saturn and Jupiter has formed a “Rajyoga” which is a very good sign because this “Rajyoga” is the strongest Yoga in Astrology, which is the yoga of 9th & 10th lord, so you will get the advantage of this yoga throughout your whole life. Starting date of functioning that yoga could be a particular Dasa but once it starts it won’t stop. It will keep giving you good results accordingly. But, here is a problem, the problem is “Rahu” itself. According to the astrological rule if any malefic gives its bad influence on any “raj yoga” so the yoga loses its power. In your Rashi Chart Rahu is influencing the “Rajyoga”.

Here you will get mix result, the “Rajyoga” will not lose its power completely, try to understand why – Rahu is a malefic planet, so according to the rule it will give some malefic effect according to its nature & will give obstacles. But, Rahu is in Leo and in this Rashi Rahu always give good results. So, in conclusion – you will be able to finish your Ph.D. But you will face some problems and will not be able to get expected marks – result or outcome.

Now you are thinking why health problem? Because Rahu is in 5th house. From 5th Rahu is aspecting 1st house which is called “Lagna” – means your health, which also represents your own self. Rahu is called planet of smoke. It creates confusion, troubles, uncertainty etc. what it is creating at present too. Do not worry there is a solution for it. Do you know there is another reason why it is happening with you right now ? that is – according to the “Vimsottori Dasa” system now you are running Venus Mahadasa and Rahu Antardasa  and this Antar Dasa will be there till 05/10/2016. You are enough intelligent so, I believe you understood what I want to mean.

Now let’s see what your Divisional Chart is saying. In the case of Education, I need to judge D-24 or “Siddhamsa”. This chart is also called “the chart of education”. Rashi chart is the physical chart from where we get some apparent indications but divisional charts are like “x-ray plates” – they guide us what exactly the scenario is and what could be the possible result.

In D-24 your Lagna is also Aries, so the 9th lord is Jupiter again. As your Lagna In Rashi chart or D-1 and D-24 are same, so the lagna has got enough power to complete the desired education level. Apart from this – 9th lord Jupiter is in 11th house which is “Upachaya”. In any “upachaya” house a planet becomes strong enough to give the result. Here Jupiter will give the good result. The indication of the problem what you are facing right now is there in D-24 also. The dasa lord Venus is with Antar Dasa lord Rahu, interviewed by Malefic planet Mars and Saturn. Moon is also afflicted by Rahu. This combination has made you mentally and physically restless.

In conclusion, I want to say the same what I have already mentioned, that – do not worry at all, you will face some problems, what you are already facing also, but you would be able to complete your Ph.D.

Horoscope Judged by:   

Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)   

Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist.    

Please note: Above calculations are based on mathematics, so if any part of the Birth Data is wrong provided by the person who has asked the question – the prediction won’t match. So please be sure, before submitting your Birth Data.  

8 thoughts on “Higher Studies In Horoscope – Phd. Or Research

  1. Abhisheka says:

    Namaste sir, my name is Abhisheka, my birth time is 11.00am, date of birth is 14/07/1994 , sun sign is kanya and birth place is ‘Hebbal, district: Belagavi, state: Karnataka’
    I have completed my MSc in Organic Chemistry and I want to pursue PhD in organic chemistry. Can I persue my PhD in Japan as I want to apply for MEXT scholarship will it be beneficial and successful? Please suggest me sir. If it is not in Japan can do my PhD in India. When I have to start studying PhD please suggest me.

    • Harendra kumar says:

      Good evening sir
      Myself Harendra kumar.I am a doctor by profession.My DOB-31-03-1984,TOB-17:50 ,KATIHAR(Bihar).Sir I have completed my speciality in pediatric in June 2019 ,but couldn’t clear exit exam in July.Next attempt will be in may 2020.Please guide me.I want to appear in superspeciality in pediatric which will be conducted in June 2020.I want to know whether I can qualify for this or not.

  2. Abhishek N says:

    Namaste sir, my name is Abhisheka, my birth time is 11.00am, date of birth is 14/07/1994 , sun sign is kanya and birth place is ‘Hebbal, district: Belagavi, state: Karnataka’
    I have completed my MSc in Organic Chemistry and I want to pursue PhD. Can I persue my PhD in Japan as I want to apply for MEXT scholarship will it be beneficial and successful? Please suggest me sir. If it is not in Japan can do my PhD in India. When I have to start studying PhD please suggest me

  3. Nitesh says:

    Hi Sir. My time of birth is 22.20, place of birth is Ghatkopar, Mumbai and date of birth is 19/11/1990.
    I have completed my Masters in Mechanical Engg. with research work in Acoustics from IIT Madras and have almost 3 years of experience in same domain in Mahindra.
    Even after having a competitive profile, some or the other issues popped up and hence could not make it last year. I would be grateful to you if you can kindly let me know whether things will go in my favor this year or so. I am trying planning to pursue a PhD from a top foreign university. I would also like to know whether or not I will make it count by my research work. With my personal and family interests, I have aim to someday serve my country and it nationmen hence kindly detail about future prospects after PhD and will it help me and my country in long run.
    Sorry Sir for long message but I am really down at this time and would like to know more hence detailed out everything.
    Thanks you in advance.

    • Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Nitesh,
      Do not need to feel sorry at all. You have elaborated your question, I appreciate it, and hence you are getting bit quick reply than others. I can see from your horoscope or birth chart that you have very high sense of order and values. You are very trustworthy person, and also do not love to stay within limitations, rather always try to go beyond your limitations, you do not like to put anything aside before finishing it. Right now you are going through Venus mahadasa and Ketu antardasa. This period is not favorable for research or phd related work for you according to vedic astrology principle. After mid of august 2019 you definitely can go ahead with your research work or related education. Always remember, in this world everything has its own time to happen. We need to wait for that right time to get the best result. Your next dasa (time period) planet is Sun and is placed in 5th house of ‘followers and recognition’ in your rashi chart or D-1 and 10th house lord Mars is aspecting from 11th house of ‘success’. This Sun is in ‘Uttarshara’ nakshatra which is the nakshatra of Saturn. In your chart Saturn is the 7th and 8th house lord and is sitting in 6th house (the house of obstacles and struggle for a short period of time). As dusthana lord Saturn has got a placement in a dusthana (6th, 8th, 12th) house so it has become a ‘Veeprit raj yoga’, some astrologers do not count nakshatra lord’s yogas but in my long years of practical day to day experience I have seen that they also give result. This 8th house related yoga will help you to successfully complete your PHD or research work, but with some struggle and time delay. The journey will not be easy for you. You will face unnecessary obstacles, even in between the course you may seem to give up all hope of completing the Phd. But after a certain period of time suddenly everything will change and you will reach your goal. You only need to have patience during the struggle period. As this is a free consultation I say this much only. If you need more clarification you can contact me anytime…

  4. PRIYANKA GUHA says:

    Dear Sir, can you pls tell me whether I can pursue my Phd or not? If possible, I wanna know the year of pursing tthe Phd . I would be grateful if you can suggest me something. My dob: 01/071992, time: 4:40pm, place: India, Jamshedpur.

  5. bhu says:

    Dear sir since 8 years am trying to phd .but am not getting. Pls tell me whether will go do in my life or not? I would be very grateful Thank you my dob: March 4th 1986 time morning 8 am

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