How To Break Up With Each Zodiac Signs

Scorpio Love & Break up (23rd October – 21st November):

How Scorpio deal with breakups: Scorpio, the most mysterious lover in the zodiac. Scorpio is the sign of deep feeling. They are very weak in handling break up. They do not like any kind of separation and take break up as been dumped, whether that has happened due to their own fault or not, that doesn’t matter. Some special combinations in a Scorpio’s horoscope can make him/her a psychotic lover, who behaves in a crazy way and can go to any extent to keep their relationship alive.

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One fact is very true to every Scorpio, that is, how deeply they can love, they can hate more intensely than that when the comes out of their hate & frustration they try all possible way to take revenge on their ex’s, intensity depends upon the strength & association of Mars. But, before final break up they obviously apply all manipulative tricks to keep it going. If your partner is Scorpio, do not break up suddenly, it can be extremely dangerous.

Do not go with their appearances all the time, because you do not know what is happening within them, especially when they are upset. They may smile at you apparently, but within them a dormant volcano may be waiting to erupt, when that will erupt practically you will not get chance to do anything. They are the inhabitants of both totally different polls. On one side – they can be very loving and caring but on the other side they can be extremely dangerous, how much that you may not even imagine. These type of extremity also affects their mind and body both. There is a born detective within them and that detective keep an eye always on their exs even after long time of break up, sometimes in rare cases till death. This is the 8th house of natural zodiac and presence of Sun in this sign has made them sexually very active too. They cannot even imagine a relationship without sex. Association or any influence of Jupiter keeps their sexual activity under control.

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How To Break Up With Zodiac Signs

How to break up with Scorpio people: I already said – do not break up with Scorpio suddenly, have patience. Due to their tricky manipulative & detective nature, they will sense your every step before you take. When he/she is in relationship with you that means he/she has judged you clearly before going into deep with you. Only one way is left to break up with them for good. I do not know how you will manage to do so, but due to some serious reason if you want to leave Scorpio permanently, so show your inactiveness towards sex. Try to show, you have somehow become incapable etc. Always remember Scorpio can compromise with every negative side of you if they are in deep bonding, but can compromise the sexual part. If somehow he/she finds you are not sexually capable, he/she will start losing interest on you and after a last test he/she will initiate the end.

If Venus is strong and connected with 7th or 5th house & devoid of any malefic affliction, so these type of Scorpios will have a magnetite power to attract any opposite sex towards them and once come in contact with them sex is inevitable. The intensity of force to attract will depend upon the strength of lagna and Venus both. In this case only god can save you from their manipulative tricks, because, then you will not be able to leave him/her even you are dumped or ditched openly. You are trapped.

Sagittarius Love & Break up (22nd November – 21st December):

How Sagittarius deal with breakups: Sagittarius, the most optimistic and happy-go-lucky lover in the zodiac. They always try to find adventure in a relationship, if they find so they could be the most committed lover, as soon as the adventure is finished, the relationship also becomes meaningless to them and very soon they jump into a new one. But, they are not dangerous like Scorpio at all. Their motto behind going into relationship is – ‘let’s have fun and live the life to the fullest.’ If they find any person who also believes in the same, so the relationship can go long way, otherwise, they may go into many relationships. Due to this characteristic people sometimes find them flirtatious.

They are harmless to their exs, they take each break up as their passing thoughts. Sagittarius is also called philosophical lover. But, they do not suffer from break up at all. As long as they are not into any serious relationship in life they carve for love, romance & sex, till then they are very far away from any commitment. If any zodiac sign support polygamy most, so that is Sagittarius.

They do not fall in serious kind of love easily due to their volatile nature, but if once they are in fall, they will put all their energy in that relationship and during break up, will try their best to keep the relationship going. Sagittarius do not like to permanent break up with anybody, they rather love to be as your closest friend or be in an open relationship after break-up. To all zodiac signs break up is painful and disappointing, but to Sagittarius it is an end of an adventure and beginning of a new. A strong 4th house and Moon can balance & minimize their (all these) type of volatile tendencies.

In rare cases they also get pain in relationship, but very soon they recover themselves.

How to break up with Sagittarius partner: Sagittarius love straight forwardness in a relationship. If you do not like anything of them you can tell them directly, yes you may face some confrontation, but it is absolutely ok to say to Sagittarius that you want break up. They respect honest feedback. He/she may request you to throw a break up party instead of going into depression. But, be prepared, in the end he/she may propose you for an open relationship, because, break up is just a new dimension and taste of love to them.

Capricorn Love & Break up (22nd December – 19th January):

How Capricorn deal with breakups: Capricorn, the most reserved lover in the zodiac. You may sometimes mingle them with Virgo, but the reality is totally different. Capricorn is very serious kind of lover, they are hardworking too. They do not fall in love easily due to their practical approach to life. But, once trapped into any emotional bonding, they find it very difficult to come out of that.

They may show carelessness to their partner during break up but a world war of emotion is going on within them that time in reality. They are mostly misunderstood lover due to their serious & gloomy appetence. Sometimes they become too much realistic and practical that they forget to give value emotion of their partner. In result partner find them egoistic and insensitive, thus results into breakup. Break up is very painful to them, they go into very deep grief, when they find that the relationship is going to be over, they try a lot to sort it out with their logic by talking or meeting face to face. If they are not logically convinced they may not let that break up happen.

If they are cheated by their partner, so they may proactively talk about break up, otherwise they generally do not think of break up at all. They believe in ‘one man/one woman’ (monogamy) type relationship.

They have immense patience to carry a damaged relationship too. They use their hardworking nature in every way of life including relationship. They lack of openness when it comes to any relationship, but very committed. Sometimes they do not find any logic behind sharing some small emotional moment with their partner (for example, may forget to wish on his/her partner’s birth day, or on the day of marriage anniversary etc.). They work to gain more status and power in the society always, in this rat race sometimes they lose their partner or closed ones behind. But, practically they are very much loyal to their partner.

Rahu – Venus, Venus – Mars combination, or connection of Venus with 7th or 8th house can make them a ‘closet pervert’.

How to break up with Capricorn partner: They are very conscious about their status and standing in the society. If you want to break up with them, start complaining and create a scene in get together or party (talk about relationships etc. openly), this will make the end to happen faster than anything.

Aquarius Love & Break up (20th January – 18th February):

How Aquarius deal with breakups: Aquarius, the most independent & manipulative lover in the zodiac. They are very strong-willed, if somebody is out of their life it doesn’t make that much difference to them, these kind of detachment give them an appearance of cold hearted or insensitive person. Maximum people break up with their Aquarius lover just due to this reason.

They are not that much emotional, in a relationship they will not interfere in your matter till the time any problem is not coming. They hate break ups, when the find a relationship is going to be over they start using their strong manipulative tricks to keep that alive.

Aquariuns believe in freedom of life. They do not interfere in their partner’s matter and expect the same from them too. They two totally different characteristics within them, on one side they are very loving and caring, especially when challenges come in the relationship, on the other hand hate burden of relationships. When the find a relationship has become a burden on them they just walk out. Aquariuns do not initiate break ups themselves, once they are decided, they will not be aggressive at all, but will create a situation where you will be compelled to break up with your Aquarius lover.

Aquariuns are sometimes very dominated too, but they will not dominate directly, they like to dominate their partner through their manipulative tricks. It takes really very long time to understand for person that his/her Aquarius partner is dominating the relationship all the way possible.

This is the sign who uses their brain more than the heart. If you ask me, so I would say in word – they are not serious lover at all. Even many times they try to avoid any serious relationship.

In horoscope if there is any combination of hyper-sexual characteristic, so they can be very very cold hearted and will use their partner only to get physical satisfaction. Once they are physical, they will lose interest immediately and will look for a new partner.

If you say to your Aquarius lover that you want break up, if they have manipulated you to do that so, they will only say, “Ok, let’s be friends”. But if they are not prepared for such sudden change they will try to convince you to keep the relationship.

How to break up with Aquarius partner: As I already said that they are not serious lover, so it would be very easy for you to break up with your Aquarius partner painlessly and without any confrontation, if you just follow a simple process, that is – start interfering in every matter of his/her life, from career to friends, ask question every time, what, how, where. Make him/her feel that you are trying to dominate him/her. Then he himself will open the door for you to walk out. Do everything slowly, do not do all these fast, I mean to say he/she should not see any sudden change in you, otherwise you will be manipulated in a very bad way.

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Pisces Love & Break up (19th February – 20th March):

How Pisces deal with breakups: Pisces, the most confused & self-sacrificing lover in the zodiac. They are day-dreamers. They do not know what they actually want to see in a partner. Pisces always want to be with someone who can fulfill their all expectations or needs, but here is the main problem, they change their expectations every day, if now their expectation is something, so it will take just some hours to make that wrong and build a new expectation. Every time they are with totally new expectations. That’s the reason they feel over burden & very stressed out sometimes in their heap of unfulfilled expectations. Frankly speaking, one person is not enough to fulfill their emotional need.

Pisces are very much emotionally driven. This extremely sensitive sign can change their decision any time even after a long term relationship. Sometimes they go into many relationships without any proper commitment, if your lover is Pisces, so do not take his/her commitment so seriously all the time, because any time he/she can feel that you are not sufficient for him/her. A Pisces will feel for you most, when you are not around, that time his/her emotional graph will be at peak. Once they meet, they come back to their confused stage again. Like: “I feel, something missing” or “the chemistry is not there like before” etc. Thus all the time they are over burden with their own expectations & day dreams. A Pisces tend to day dream in such a way with his/her rapidly changing & increasing expectations which is not possible to fulfill for a single partner.

If somehow pieces are in a relationship, they try to fulfill all their dreams and expectations through that person, which obviously not possible, so in return – that results into frustration and depression what make them suffer from inferiority complex. While in a relationship they always feel – “something is missing”, it comes from the lack of stability within them.

This is the only sign in the zodiac who compartmentalize relationships. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly they tend to be in many relationships at the same time to fulfill their different needs, many times they even do not know that they are in relationship, this kind of things make them more restless. If you ask them: “do you love me?” the answer is: “no, we are only friends”, it happens with female Pisces mostly. They will not stop talking with you even after knowing that you have fallen in love with her, because, she knows that you are feeding a part of her emotion or expectation.

In relationship Pisces do not like to be dumped, if they are dumped, so they will try their best to get you back just to dump you.

Pisces is the 12th house of the natural zodiac, thus they tend to be spiritual, and have depth within, if Pisces can control their emotion, so they can be very committed and good partner which will lead them to happiness, because 12th house is the house of “ultimate fulfillment”.

How to break up with Pisces partner: Pisces is called “a crying doll” (mostly females). That’s the reason do not say to Pisces that you want break up if you are in relationship for a long period of time. If you do the mistake somehow so be ready to face a big melodrama. Here I am going to tell you the easiest way to leave your Pisces partner without facing any drama.

Pisces do not like too much of worldly responsibility, any kind of paper works etc., they feel exhausted, like – the matter of paying tax bills, electricity bills, arranging households etc. either you give them all these type of responsibilities or you involve yourself in real world responsibilities completely. It should be real, they should feel that you have become really busy in such things. If you show them only busy-ness in career, that will not work properly, you need to make yourself busy and show love for those things what they hate most (I have mentioned already). If you do not give them space to ‘dream’, they will not find you as their partner at all. The break up will be easy that time.

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