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Know The Direction Of Your Future Spouse Easily

Know The Direction Of Your Future Spouse Easily

How to find the direction of your future spouse Know The Direction Of Your Future Spouse Easily: Marriage plays a very important role in our life. If we divide our life span into two parts then marriage obviously comes in the interval, it changes the story to some extent sometimes fully. Here comes the importance of a good partner. It is very simple if you get a good partner so your life would be happy and prosperous but if not then only god knows and partly you also can imagine. Sometimes we call our partner soul mate. Our today’s topic is on: ‘how to know from where your life partner will come’, is it possible to know the distance of spouse’s house from the native’s house? Will he come from a long distance or he or she is just near to you but you are unable to recognise?

If you are in regular astrology practice then some astrological terminologies might have become very common to you, but if you are not then you may find it a bit difficult to find out the answer from your horoscope. To help you regarding this I will give a short description on each terminology what we need to explore our partner’s place, that partner you are always lingering for. After reading this article I think you will be able to find out that from your horoscope easily. Let’s start: How to judge the direction of spouse in Vedic astrology

How to find the direction of your future spouse

First, we need to figure out that what are those parameters we need to follow to get our answers through horoscope. Those are as below:

  1. Direction according to nature (karakatwa) of each zodiac sign.
  2. The direction indicated by each planet.
  3. Direction signified by each zodiac sign.
  4. The Seventh house (house of marriage), and its lord, both from Rashi chart and D-9 or Navamsa.

Now let me clarify above each point in short. For more detail understanding you can read other articles.

  1. According to Nature of each zodiac signs: Here I am not going to discuss on what is an element and how those are connected to planets in Vedic astrology, I am just directly going to the main point what can be helpful to find out your partner’s direction.

Nature of Zodiac Sign and direction of spouse in horoscope:

Fixed sign indicates – places nearby city (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

Dual sign indicates – the same town in case of smaller rows very near town to that. (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Cardinal sign indicates – long distance. (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Now we know the directions according to nature of each zodiac sign. Let’s go to the 2nd point.

  1. Direction of all planets in astrology:

Direction of Sun in astrology – East direction,

Direction of Moon in astrology – North direction,

Direction of Mars in astrology – South direction,

Direction of Mercury in astrology – North direction,

Direction of Jupiter in astrology – North East direction,

Direction of Venus in astrology – South East direction,

Direction of Saturn in astrology – West direction,

Direction of Rahu in astrology – South West direction,

Direction of Ketu in astrology – North West direction


  1. The direction Indicated by each zodiac signs (direction of zodiac signs):

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – East direction

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn   – South direction

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – West direction

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – North direction

  1. The Seventh House of Horoscope: This house is called the house of marriage, and the lord of this house literally represents the spouse. This house should be judged from Rashi chart and D-9 or Navamsa both for better understanding. But, if you are beginner you can start with Rashi chart.

Another extra information I want to give over here that can help you to find out more in-depth details about the partner:

The Elements indicated by zodiac signs (zodiac sign and elements):

Fire Element in astrology is represented by: Aries (Mars), Leo (Sun), and Sagittarius (Jupiter) – people with impulsive nature and love to live an adventurous life, where everything is new every time.

Earth Element in astrology is represented by: Taurus (Venus), Virgo (Mercury), and Capricorn (Saturn) – individuals always concerns for goal and security in life. This element is also called the most materialistic element, connected with the ground of life.

Air Element in astrology is represented by: Gemini (Mercury), Libra (Venus), and Aquarius (Saturn) – these signs are called social signs. They like communication, and I have seen the influence of these people like to communicate always if there is no other bad influence.

Water Element in astrology is represented by: Cancer (Moon), Scorpio (Mars), and Pisces (Jupiter) – these people are very sensitive in real life and always seek emotional security.

It is very normal if two people fall under the same elementary category they likely to live a balanced life comparatively better than other elements.


A mediator in any marriage plays a significant role as he/she brings the bride and bride groom’s family together. To determine, observe the following points in the horoscope:-

Check the planet occupying the 7th house, the lord of the 7th house, and the Venus (signification of marriage) – the strongest among these three will determine the mediator here. The effect of 7th house and the lord is not same because a house is the ‘store house’ of possibilities and the lord manifests all those possibilities in different ways.

Placement of the above three planets or Any Two of these planets in a house reveals the mediator as below:

First house  in Vedic astrology denotes: Close relative or personal choice

Second house  in Vedic astrology denotes: Stranger

Third house in Vedic astrology denotes: Neighbour, Paternal uncle

Fourth house in Vedic astrology denotes: relative from mum’s side, maternal uncle

Fifth house in Vedic astrology denotes: Love marriage

Sixth house in Vedic astrology denotes: maternal uncle

Seventh house in Vedic astrology denotes: paternal aunt or her relative

Eighth house in Vedic astrology denotes: stranger

Ninth house in Vedic astrology denotes: stranger

Tenth house in Vedic astrology denotes: Father’s relative and or colleague at work

Eleventh house in Vedic astrology denotes: Friends

Twelfth house in Vedic astrology denotes: Acquaintances

Let me clear the matter with a live example I am explaining one horoscope so that your doubts will be clear. The 7th house is occupied by Sun. The lord of the 7th is Jupiter posited in the ascendant/Lagna. Venus is in the 8th house and associated with the exalted Mars (Mars functional malefic). Sun is the strongest planet as it is in a friendly house, the 7th from the ascendant. Here 7th house denotes that the marriage proposal will come through the parental aunt or her relative. The marriage proposal was indeed initiated by the native’s parental aunt as a mediator.

Now let’s concentrate on how to find out your life partner or direction of life partner astrology on the basis of above parameters?

Spouse prediction from Kundli: In Vedic astrology, 7th house is called the house of marriage. This house also refers to partner in general. On the other hand, 5th house denotes your love relationships or affairs. These affairs could be any type, extramarital, or normal love relationships etc. You can say this is overall affair house and all affair starts from here and fulfilled at 7th house. The 7th house is also the house of sex and 12th house is the house of bed pleasure when 8th house also mixes with this combination then there would be a possibility of hidden relationships. I have already discussed on this in another article – extramarital affair in astrology. Now in case of love relationships what relates to our present topic the 5th house aspect or relation with 7th house opens the possibility of love turning in marriage. In case of arranged marriage which is seen rare in metro cities nowadays, this 5th house connection will not be there. In modern days arranged marriage can be called as one where boy and girl have no considerable acquaintance earlier. Every house in Vedic astrology is governed by planet and on the basis of this following results are worth for consideration. Let’s discuss

 Direction of husband astrology/direction of wife astrology:

  1. If lord of 7th house is located in 1st house of chart, this shows that partner will be very close to the person. She may be living in same house or apartment or in close vicinity. Both know each other. I have found this combination in majority cases in Muslim family.
  2. If lord of 7th house is in 2nd house, the partner may be in close relation or proposal is initiated by close relative or her father were friends during school days. The mother of boy will play leading role while father will be quite. If Rahu aspects 2nd house badly, one may go for widower. I have found this combination mostly in the province of Punjab cases.
  3. If lord of 7th house is in 3rd house, marriage proposal is initiated through advertisement in paper or net and sibling/neighbour may be very helpful in this matter. The partner may be approximately within 300 km (exact distance depends on considering all planet strength) from birth place. The partner is mostly attached with teaching or in job which requires daily travel.
  4. If lord of 7th house is in 4th house, the partner is known to mother. Both could have met at an educational institute or during house construction or property purchase. In such cases, there is a likelihood that boy may come to girl house for a stay over a long time. For this combination, the partner is residing near to the city of mother.
  5. If lord of 7th house is in 5th the search places for partner are recreation centres, Educational institute, Malls, Festivals. In this case, both initiate by own and they could have good chances of love marriage provided lord of 7th house and lord of 5th house have positive aspect.
  6. If lord of 7th house is in 6th house, both know each other from college level or at workplace. Other suitable places are health club, banks, initiation by sibling of mother. This is karmic position and in this case, wife/husband has to serve other very much.
  7. If lord of 7th house is in 7th the proposal comes without difficulty. Both could have been in Joint Venture Company or partnership or their parents would have been in joint venture. One who is having this combination shall be dominating.
  8. If lord of 7th house is in 8th house marriage occurs suddenly due to any reason. In many cases, it is found that during any wedding, marriage is decided there itself. The partner may be from medical or insurance sector mostly.
  9. If lord of 7th house is in 9th house the proposal may be initiated during travel, religious tour, Ashrams or at university level. In such cases, father plays major role in finding partner.
  10. If lord of 7th house is in 10th house the partners know each other as their working places are in close vicinity and they could have met at historical places but they do not have any love angle but mere acquaintance. The mother of girl shall be instrumental in proposal.
  11. If lord of 7th house is in 11th house the partners would have met at function involving many common friends. The proposal may be initiated by friends. In such cases, there will be no prior love angle but both would have appreciated each other’s, intellectual faculty. In such cases, elder brother or sister may come forward to initiate along with friends.
  12. If the lord of 7th is in 12th house the partners are unknown to each other. They themselves will initiate during foreign travel, Hospital visit, Departmental stores, Malls, ashrams or may marry to foreigner or having different culture or through internet. The exact place is decided by planets strength and placement.

In Conclusion: First of all, I want to say that, do not always go with any particular rule or parameter to judge any horoscope. Combine all possible parameters and make a note of each on a paper, and choose the strongest one. Above I have mentioned maximum possible parameters to see your partner. Now you need to find out which point is more promising in your horoscope. These are not ultimate, some other important parameters are also there, but those are all part of advanced astrology.

6 thoughts on “Know The Direction Of Your Future Spouse Easily

  1. Anup Thapa says:

    My venus is in the 7th house and aspected from saturn in scorpio from 5th. Will my mom be a mediator in my marriage?

  2. Sheer Wish says:

    I love reading your blogs. Please keep spreading the knowledge sir. My humble gratitude to you.
    I read tour blog about the spouse’s direaction. Some of the info, I didn’t get it 🙁
    My 7th house is in 9th house with Mars. My ex husband was my next door neighbour. In fact my Jupiter is in 3rd house but you said we check 7th house lord. Any way.. we got seprated 9 years ago.
    Now I did try to find some one onlie but it’s a total failure for me !!!
    Just my views for your blog. I know you did say not only 7th house or lord.. i do have Sun, moon, Rahu, mercury… all sitting in 7th house…feawwww

    • Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      When a planet like Jupiter is in 9th house in a horoscope, that is actually aspecting 3rd house, this is the first connection, but some other factors also needs to be checked in the birth chart. Connection must be there. In my article I have given some clues to find out those connections, the rest, means the implementation is up to you. I tried to describe everything in simplest way. Many other things are also there but that could make this article very difficult to understand for beginners. In future I will discuss on the matter in depth…

  3. Vinayaka kumar says:

    Sir, when will I get married. My date of birth 8th September 1975 time 17.05 place Kalikiri pincode 517234 gender male. Thanks in advance

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