How To Know/ Predict Or Calculate My Marriage Age/ Time

How To Know/ Predict Or Calculate My Marriage Age/ Time

Question asked by Anjali Saini in my Facebook page: (see the question in Visitor’s post) “Sir I asked in my md of mars n ad of Saturn I don’t get married becoz, Saturn is 7 lord setting in 5 h n mars is sin 7 h n why I did not get married in this period”. – (Question related to – How To Know/ Predict Or Calculate My Marriage Age/ Time)

My Answer: Dear Anjali, There is a big misconception that if any 7th house lord’s dasa or Antar Dasha is going no, so a native will get married in that period. When any 7th house lord’s dasa or Antar Dasha comes we start thinking wow – this time marriage must happen, but when that doesn’t happen then either we start doubting astrological rules or our horoscope.
Here one thing we need to understand that to determine marriage age – only 7th house is not responsible, 7th house is only the house of partnership, sex etc. this house also can show short time relationships even extramarital relationships if connected with those related houses. To know about short time relationship yogas please read my article – Extramarital affair In Horoscope

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First , understand how to determine marriage ages in horoscope: Marriage related houses are:

1. 1st house in horoscope – house of self, you,

2. 2nd house of the horoscope – relatives or people from partner’s side.

3. 7th house of the horoscope: your partner (Marital mainly, sometimes short time),

4. 11th house of the horoscope: success in keeping long term relationship or bonding, a success of any kind.

5.Upapada Lagna or Ul: a strong determining factor of marriage time.
When above mentioned houses will be connected with each other in the horoscope in a rashi chart, then we can say the marriage time perfectly. You need to see in the transit also whether at least 60% of those are connected are not. Another thing we forget maximum time, that is to judge D-9. This divisional chart is also called “marriage chart” due to its marriage life influence factors. This is a very important chart for marriage, to predict correct marriage age without this chart is merely impossible. What I have said above you need to see that connection in this chart too.
If all are supporting so the marriage will be determined in strongest planet’s period among them. Means, among 1st lord, 2nd lord, 7th lord, and 11th lord in Rashi chart and D-9 which one is stronger that period will the marriage period of a native. Now to determine Year of marriage see the Jupiter’s transit, whether the Jupiter is transiting through 7th house of Rashi chart or not, aspect will be also counted in this case. To determine month of marriage Venus should be seen in the same way and to determine Day of marriage Moon transit should be judged. The month of marriage and Day of marriage is very difficult to predict nowadays due to the absence of correct birth data, because, a smaller difference in birth time can make the prediction wrong.

But remember if any retrograde planet is connected with 7th house or any badly afflicted planet is placed there or any other late marriage yoga is present in the chart so to determine the marriage age would be more difficult, and then you need years of experience to predict correctly. Why I am saying so? because then you need to understand the core characteristics of each planet, what only comes through continuous practice.
Now, you can understand why you did not get married in this period. In your case, I can see late marriage yoga and a weak marriage combination. The relationship between Saturn and Mars always make some kind of hassle dear, in this period of marriage conditions are also not fulfilled, that’s the reason you did not get married this time. You have little bit disturbed marriage yoga too.

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