How To Solve Land Problems


How To Solve Land Problems

Question was asked by Mr. Sekhar Sharma

Email Id: 

[email protected]

Birth Details: 

Birth Date: 27/09/1977  

Birth Time: 11:37 AM  (Time Zone: GMT+5.5 hours E)

Birth Place(Country,State,City): India, West Bengal, Hamiltonganj  

Latitude: 26:41(N)  

Longitude: 89:25(E)

Rashi Chart


rashi chart1

D-9 Or Navamsa Chart


navamsa chart1


Question: I am facing big land problems. how will it be solved ?  

Subject: How To Solve Land Problems


Dear Sekhar Sharma Ji,     

According to the birth data you have given, you are under the influence of Sagittarius Ascendant(dhanu Lagna) and Pisces Sign(Meen Rashi). In astrology, we judge land related matters from 4th house & Mars. In your chart 4th, house lord Jupiter is sitting in an inimical house in the 7th from the Lagna or ascendant with 12th lord Mars. In this chart, Jupiter is weak due it’s ‘kendradhipatta Dosha’. Mars is also 5th lord so it will give mix result. On the other hand 8th, lord Moon is sitting in the 4th house with Ketu and afflicted by Sun(aspect). Though Ketu & Moon both are 13 degrees apart from each other, still their presence in that house is enough to give you big land issues. 8th lord always gives sudden radical change in life and Ketu is the indicator of also the same. But, when Ketu is involved so there must be something hidden issue, apparently it is looking something but actually, the matter may be more difficult or indicating to other factors. Though you have never given me any clue that what kind of land issue is that, so I would have focused on that particular part, but, as a whole, from your chart, I am getting your family link. I do not want to go into those personal matters publicly. One advice from me, as Saturn and Rahu ‘Argala’(intervention) is there on 1st & 4th lord Jupiter – beware of your closed ones, it may be anybody – friends, relatives or any other person, because this ‘Argala’ is an indication of “cheated by very known person”, influence of Ketu on Moon won’t let you understand properly, whenever you will try to understand the person your mind will be distracted to different path.     

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Now you are running Venus Mahadasa and Venus Antardasa. The Antardasa had started on 27/01/2012 and will be there till 27/05/2015. You are advised try to solve the land issue within May 2015. After this period the issue will become more problematic & difficult to solve.

Horoscope Judged by:

Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)

Astrologer Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu specialist.  


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