Important Planetary Combinations In Kundli/ Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Important Planetary Combinations In Kundli Horoscope - Vedic Astrology

Important Planetary Combinations/ Yogas In Kundli/ Horoscope – Vedic Astrology: Today I will talk only about some important yogas or combinations which influence your life in various ways. Check your horoscope or horoscopes of others you will find results these following yogas are becoming true. I have practically tested all the below-mentioned yogas in my practice life. Later I will come up with many other yogas like these. In some cases, due to some other planetary influences, the result may vary a little but in 99% cases, you will find results of these yogas are true.

Important Planetary Combinations In Kundli/ Horoscope – Vedic Astrology – Part 1

  1.  If Lagna or Ascendant lord gets placed in the 12th house of horoscope/Kundli Native will have many secret enemies. The native will be involved in false allegation and some natives may fall prey to suicidal tendencies.
  2. If Rahu Mahadasha(Main period ) is running in your life with Antardasha (Subperiod) of Ketu then this period will bring the most difficult time in your life along with that you may also fall on the web of negative energies and may experience some harmful Paranormal experiences.
  3.  When in horoscope or birth chart if your 2nd lord gets posited in 9th house or in 11th house then your childhood days will be very much painful and depressing along with the feeling of imprisonment but from a young age till the last breadth native will attain popularity,  happiness, and prosperity.
  4.  If Lagna lord(1st lord)  and 2nd lord exchange their sign or house then Native will attain and accumulate wealth very easily without any kind of effort or hard work.
  5. If Sun falls in the 11th house of Horoscope then natives will have powerful popular enemies with open enmity but Native will overcome each obstacle and will win over each enemy in this or her lifetime.
  6. If the lord of 8th house receives aspects from Jupiter anywhere in the rasi or D1 chart then it confirms the long life of the native with at least more than 65 years of age which could lead to 88 years of age sometimes.
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  1. If in the chart of any female native, Rahu is posited in 2nd house then that female native girl or woman will never be happy in her own birth town and city and sometimes even in-country as well.
  2. If in any Kundli Saturn in exalted mode receives the aspect of Mars then native will surely become a very popular scholar, orator and even quite renowned politician as well.
  3. If Venus is placed in the 11th house of an individual horoscope then natives will become quite a wealth quickly after Marriage and native will get good gains from a foreign land as well.
  4.  if in any Female or girl chart, if Sun is posited in 3rd house and Saturn is placed in 6th house then the girl or lady will get married to a very popular personality or to a person who has high power and commands of administration with a high post in civil line or in public line.
  5. If Ketu is posited in 8th house of Kundli/Horoscope then natives will surely get unexpected wealth and inheritance in his or her life.
  6. If Aries, Taurus, Gemini Virgo or Scorpio Sign fall in 8th house of D1 chart then native will suffer from pain and problems related to stomach, liver, and intestine.

Important Planet Yogas In Kundli/ Horoscope

  1. if Saturn is placed in Taurus sign in a Kundli then the individual will be very hyper and will possess much anger in his or her life and after marriage, there can be some financial problems as there will more expenses than income.
  2. If 6th lord aspects the ascendant and ascendant lord then natives will become very rich in life but only after experiencing hardships and poverty.
  3. if in horoscope 11th lord of income and profit sits in 1st house or Lagna then native will attain happiness, money, and success on every 11th day of his life.
  4. If Venus is posited in ascendant or 1st house then the native life will be full of Happiness and he or she will be an ardent lover of romantic melody and may become a singer as well. The native will crave for artistic entertainment in his or her life.
  5. If Saturn is posited in Lagna or 1st house and Jupiter is posited in Kendra (angular) house like 1st,4th,7th and 10th  or in 5th and 9th then native will receive the parental property and wealth in a large amount.
  6.  If Moon and Mercury in conjunction are placed in 1st,4th,5th,7th, 9th or 10th house then the native will become a popular Astrologer and future predictor. He or she will be very intelligent and surely will become a scholar.
  7. If any planets in a native horoscope get the exalted aspect of Moon or any exalted planet gets the aspect of Moon then the individual will become extremely wealthy in life.
  8. Lagna lord or 1st lord is placed in the angular house that is 1st,4th,7th or 10th then will prosper in life and will destroy thousands of obstacles and will overcome many setbacks to attain high status in life.
  9. If Venus is placed in 12th house then natives will be extremely fortunate and extremely rich with all the materialistic comforts of life after the age of 28 till 48 years of age.
  10. If Sun is posited in the exalted state in 11th house the native will become very popular and famous people in his or her country with extremely high status and much wealth. He or she may become a famous business tycoon as well.
  11. If 9th lord is sitting in 9th house and if from anywhere Jupiter is also aspecting 9th house then native will be fortunate from the very 1st day of his or her birth. The native will belong from very high influential and rich families.
  12. If Mars is posited in 7th house in an individual chart then natives will get tooth decay and problems in gums. There always be a certain problematic issue that will run in their married life.
  13. Ketu in 8th house gives the disease of piles.
  14. If Saturn is in 8th house then it provides longevity to the native.
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