Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Moon/ Sun signs Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020 Effects On Moon Sun signs Prediction-c

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Moon/ Sun signs Prediction: Jupiter has transited to Sagittarius on 5th November 2019. The effect of each sign what I have mentioned below that you can take that from Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign. Due to some other planetary factors and Dasa, Antardasa the result may vary. But these effects will let you understand the Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions properly. Take these predictions as guideline to go to the conclusion. 

Jupiter Transit 2019 – 2020 Effects On Moon/ Sun signs Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On aries Prediction 1

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Aries/ Mesha Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi:  This Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius on 5th November 2019 will bestow many wonderful opportunities and various wide possibilities for professional and personal growth will be there for Aries natives as Jupiter will move into the 9th house,(bhagya sthana) the house of destiny, spirituality, and higher knowledge.

The transit will bring immense success in your daily earnings and business. There would be a significant substantial rise in name, fame, and respect, both on the professional front as well as on the personal front. This Jupiter transit for you dear Aries suggests that the family life of Aries people remains peaceful, jolly and happy. Many trips to shrines, nature or pilgrims destination with family and friends will re-energized and will rejuvenate you.

Natives born with Aries sign will get a good boost in their career and upliftment in their social status and prestige and a sense of authority will be felt which will develop a lot of confidence in the aura and personality of the native. Windfall gain of liquid money can also come from the stock market, speculation and investment. Younger brother or sister will flourish in their life and you will also acquire remarkable success and growth in your life.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On taurus Prediction 2

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Taurus/ Vrishabha Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius 2019 will not bestow such good results for Taurus natives. They may feel uneasy and restless. There will be possibilities for injuries or major physical ailments. But it signifies Unexpected financial gains are on the cards as a result of inheritance and gift; however, risky investments probably will out-shoot and outburn the savings. there will also be a pleasure of stored wealth and gain in family total income.

But it may prove to be a less favorable time to make investments. Health and professional matters will be challenging and issues will take a toll on the family life of Taurus native and resulting in occasional outbursts of anger, displeasure, and sense of dismay and bitter confrontations. Jupiter will transit in your 8th House, the House of Obstruction, obstacles and bad name gain with suffering and setbacks and skills in occult science.

Hence you are very cautious dear Taurus native. Do not lend money to anyone and say no to investment in new projects during this 1 year period. Believe in yourself, your capabilities and have faith. Your inclination towards Occult science, supernatural powers, and magic readings shall increase. During this transiting phase, it is advisable to visit holy and spiritual places and worship lord Shiva. You may suffer from false allegation and humiliation in your social or family life which could affect your mental composure immensely.


Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On gemini Prediction 3

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Gemini/ Mithun Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: The Jupiter Transit 2019 in Sagittarius sign on 5th November 2019 yields favorable results for Gemini natives.

Jupiter will move into 7th House, the House of marriage and business and partnership. This phase of transit for Gemini people is immensely beneficial and favorable for singles, and to those also eligible bachelors who are willing to get married. It is a golden phase for people who are already married and they can enjoy cozy blossom moments and gleeful happiness in their conjugal marital life.

Things will get smooth on the professional front or business sector as you may gain a lot of profits and monetary gains through your business or professional sector. There are chances of promotion and awards. The family atmosphere remains calm amicable and peaceful throughout the course of the transit. Income sources will remain stable and in profits with much savings however, it is important to control extravagance and unwanted expenses.

You will get rid of past legal complications, hindrances and obstacles or troubles, and monetary problems. This Guru Transit in Sagittarius sign on 5th November 2019  signifies and bestows wish-fulfillment of cherished desire for Gemini sign born native.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Cancer signs Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Cancer/ Karka Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: As Jupiter will move into the 6th house in Sagittarius for Cancer sign native, this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring a mixed bag effect on you, dear Cancer Native. Professional requires to give their best at work and should shy away from office politics and gossip mongers.

Controversies will chase you like your shadow during this period and someone may hatch conspiracies against you and you may get hatched in legal troubles which will affect your mental state and bother you immensely. Stay very aware and alert of hidden enemies, imposters and fake people who will try to pull you down and hamper your name.

The transit would affect your married life and occasional differences and confrontations may lead to dismay and big arguments. Though the income would remain in a constant flow and steady, hefty and sometimes unnecessary expenses on medicine and health issues might make things financially tough and challenging for Cancer natives.

Pay equal attention to your health during this transit as chances of illness, accident or hospitalization is also there for you. Confidence will be your key and the main prospect which will not let you deter from your path and in the end victory in your endeavors will be yours. Hard work will reap and earn some rewards for you in your career and you may gain some fruitful results in your profession by the sheer dint of your discipline, hard work, and dedication.


Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Leo Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Leo/ Simha Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi:- This Guru Transit in Sagittarius on November 5th, 2019 will bring a lot of changes and promising growths for Leo. Jupiter is going to transit in your 5th House dear Leo native, which is the house of education and artistic creativity. this is the best time for students who are appearing for exams or competitive government exams or any kind of entrance exam. academic performance will be above par for Leo natives.

During 2019 Jupiter Transit, job service people can expect positive changes, promotions, and rewards and kudos, plaudits from their seniors and superiors. Family life would remain soothing calm and very jolly mentally composed environment and married Leo couples can plan to give birth and conceive. There will be good upliftment in the height of your social status and reputation and you will climb the ladder of success and popularity during this period.

During this duration of Jupiter transit, your belief and interest in religion and spirituality will strengthen and gets a huge boost. An auspicious ceremony or event is likely to be organized or functions will be held at home. If in the performing arts sector, like acting, singing, dancing, huge opportunity and gains will knock on your door dear Leo native.


Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Virgo Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Virgo/ Kanya Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: As Jupiter will move in Sagittarius sign on November 5th, 2019 in your 4th house (house of comfort), so this transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will yield favorable and progressive result in time with respect to different aspects and sector of your life.

During this Guru Transit 2019, success rests assured for Virgo sign born natives in respect of career and profession. New job, promotion with a job transfer, fruitful effective job changes and a transformation in business; like increasing product line will yield a favorable and auspicious result for you dear Virgo. Your hard work and sincerity will be highly appreciated, which will cause enhancement in your reputation in your office as well as on the social ladder.

As a result of the Jupiter Transit 2019, a significant increment in your regular wealth income and Virgo people will be immensely positive with a good flow of funds and cash and you will imply your wealth to buy new vehicles or houses or property dear Virgo people. Socially the natives will get prestige and respect. Things are expected to move smoothly on the domestic front as well as the social and career front.


 Effects On Libra Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Libra/ Tula Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius on November 5th, 2019, will help Libra people to enhance and sharpen their creative skills and will pleasantly surprise everyone with new revitalized energy. You may receive some pleasant news from far off places or from foreign lands.

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The transit of Guru or Jupiter in your 3rd House promises to bring in much appreciation, rewards, gifts and laurels and many other gains for Libra people in their job and working sector and also in society. You will get filled with newly renewed enthusiasm, confidence, and energy. Frequent short trips and pleasure destination traveling is high on the cards during this Jupiter transit in Sagittarius in 2019-2020. Short trips and journeys would render and yield positive results for you professionally.

On the romantic love front, things will get smooth cozy and lovingly pleasant for you and divine blessing will be bestowed in your relationship and marriage bonds. In addition, the Jupiter transit in 2019-20 will also bless Libra with some materialistic benefits and financial mileage. Colleagues, associates, friends and business partners will be very supportive. Be careful of your health during this transit period. You may be applauded and rewarded by Government agencies or authoritative distinctive company due to your meritorious deeds and work in your profession. You may also involve in various charities which will bring you fame in society.

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 Effects On Scorpio Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Scorpio/ Vrischika Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi:-  Jupiter will move into your 2nd house which is the house of wealth and family. This Jupiter Transit 2019 will bestow and benefit Scorpio natives in accumulating liquid wealth and a huge chunk of Savings because of a constant good flow of funds. Investments in real estate will generate profit.

This period is favorable for savings, especially for the family. The transit suggests that Scorpio natives might develop an interest in arts, drama, acting, singing, dancing even in gymnastics and literature. Due to this transit, there is a significant and substantial increase in the name, fame, and popularity of Scorpio both on the professional as well as personal front.

However, there are chances that opponents, rivals or hidden enemies may put forth obstruction in the success of your path but eventually, in the end, they will get defeated. The Guru Transit 2019 indicated additions in the family and it will be implied and received by happy celebrations. A holy event or marriage ceremony in the family will be performed with other auspicious functions and event and childbirth is also possible in the family.


 Effects On Sagittarius Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Sagittarius/ Dhanu Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi:- As per transit of Guru or Jupiter traveling in Sagittarius in own sign from 5th November 2019 will hold the utmost important year for all Sagittarius native from November 2019 to December 2020 and you people should remain alert for opportunities and happily optimistic as many cherished desired will be fulfilled this year for Sagittarius sign born people.

Stars suggest and predict that Sagittarius will enjoy prosperity and harmonious family life due to the transit of Jupiter in this airy sign. Sagittarius natives who are of marriageable age will fall in love or get hatched in a wonderful soul mate kind of relationship and bond. Many youths of this sign would meet their soul mate. This planetary movement of Jupiter at high speed is very favorable and amicable and auspicious for couples who are expecting a baby or ready to conceive or planning to start a family.

Income may also register a manifold increase for Sagittarius natives. There are chances of promotion in your career also. Welcome this Guru transit with open arms with a lot of optimism and positive approach as your many optimistic approaches will give very fruitful results and a big desire will be fulfilled. Your interest in spirituality and philosophy will be on a hike and you may adopt few hours of span some time for learning new analogy of life through higher learning of religion, spirituality, and philosophy during this time period. Your frame of mind will be elated and this transit will be a blessing for you in many ways.


 Effects On Capricorn Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Capricorn/ Makar Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: Jupiter transit in Sagittarius sign on November 5th, 2019 will not very favorable or auspicious result yielding time period of 2019-2020 for Capricorn sign native. It is the time when Capricorn natives have to guard them against their opponents who will pose obstacles in their path every now and then.

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The transit will take place in the 12th house for Capricorn sun sign or Lagna ascendant sign briefs or suggest that Capricorn people need to be moderate when it comes to spending money for pleasure or any expenditure in general and should find different means and a way out for savings during the time period of this transit. During this period it is suggested to you avoid unnecessary trips and do not indulge in leisure or extravagance activity.

You could be in mental trauma and dilemma as you may fell in the trap of unwanted activities or falsely alleged guilty due to the conspiracies hatched by hidden enemies and jealous people at the workplace. This period is indicative of a failure in attempts delays and obstacles in your endeavor and which implies sadness and grief in your life for some time.

Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will prove to be a blessing in disguise for Capricorn natives when it comes to long time process and long term goals. This is the best time for religious ceremonies at home or in family life in general. charity oriented people will have some grace by almighty by dint of their good deeds. Capricorn natives should visit holy shrines and religious places. Keep patience, personal, financial and social well being improves gradually but only after some loss and few unwanted expenditures. Visit religious places daily and feed blind and poor people to get rid of the bad effect of this transit.


 Effects On Aquarius Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Aquarius/ Kumbha Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: Jupiter or Guru Transit in Sagittarius on 5th November 2019 will yield and bestow very favorable and fruitful result for Aquarius native because of their hard labor dedicated work put in for earning money and earning success in their career.

For Aquarius native, Jupiter will move into your 11th house of gains and multiple sources of income. This is the house of profit by one’s earning by self-effort. Hence, professional people will taste good success, promotions, rewards, and accolades for their hard work and persistent effort. Lady luck will be on your side dear Aquarius native. Jupiter Transit foresees that Aquarius people enjoy romantic pleasure for the course of the transit.

Income also registers a manifold rise for Aquarius people. Students taste success in competitive examinations. This planetary alignment is favorable for childbirth. Aquarius natives get inclined towards spiritual and philosophical practices.


 2019 To 2020 Pisces Prediction

Jupiter Transit 2019 To 2020 Effects On Pisces/ Meen Ascendant/ Lagna, Moon/ Sun Sign/ Rashi: This transit of Guru or Jupiter in Sagittarius sign from November 5th, 2019 will bestow huge success and glorious achievements for Pisces native as Lagna lord  Jupiter will transit or travel in the House of karma, deeds, and profession in the 10th house from your sign.

For professionals, this Jupiter movement and another planetary alignment will bring a dream come true phase in your job sector where Pisces natives will actually grab recognition attention, kudos plaudits and laurels. Travel related to official purposes or business purposes will bring fruitful results. Pisces natives could get a new job, promotion hike or an increment in salary.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen would get the most benefit of this  Guru transit during 2019-2020 as the planet will yield favors for them in all of their endeavors and especially for starters who initiated new work or projects. You will remain optimistic during this phase because a good position of your ascendant lord position in your 10th house favoring you with success in money dealings and money matters also in your career or professional life. Family life for Pisces natives remains jolly and cheerful and income will remain constant with a good flow of liquid cash.

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