Jupiter Transit 2022-Aries-Taurus-Cancer-Gemini-Love, Career, Marriage

Jupiter Transit 2022-Aries-Taurus-Cancer-Gemini-Love, Career, Marriage

Jupiter Transit 2022 – Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Gemini – Love, Career, Marriage, Family In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Gochar Effects In Vedic Astrology: Jupiter is the most auspicious planet in our Vedic astrology system. Guru is a karaka planet for wealth and Marriage. Jupiter is naturally favorable for education, growth, abundance, and success in life. Jupiter usually transits for nearly 13 months in a particular sign. Although, there is an exception like the year 2021.

Jupiter will be transiting in Pisces Sign from 13th April 2022 to 22 April 2023. Pisces sign is Jupiter’s own sign and Jupiter will be strong and favorable for most Zodiac signs during its transit in Pisces sign.

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This Jupiter transit will bring peace and prosperity in world order as per mundane Astrology. Jupiter transit in Pisces sign will bring inclination of humans towards religion and spirituality in a very peaceful manner.

Below, I’m going to discuss the effects of Jupiter transit in Pisces for all 12 Zodiac signs with positive and negative results related to all areas of life.

Please Note For Jupiter Transit 2022:- This General prediction on Jupiter Transit 2022 is based on your Ascendant sign. Effect and result of Jupiter transit vary if there are different planets in Pisces sign in your horoscope

Guru Gochar 2022 – Effects On Aries Love- Career- Marriage

Aries:- General- Jupiter will be transiting in your 12th house from April 2022 to April 2023. This transit of Jupiter will bring transformation and inclination towards learning foreign language and foreign culture in life. There will be a very good opportunity for you to travel to foreign land. Some people may even get settled in foreign countries.

Jupiter transit in your 12th house will bring expenses but a good inflow of wealth and increment in your life. You may buy a new house or decorate your house with much materialism and luxury in your surrounding. Health will be fine with few minor issues here and there. Overall you will enjoy a quite relaxing and decent period of 2022-2023.

Love/ Marriage:- Your love life will be a failure. Aries natives may face heartbreaks and loss in love life. Romantic affairs will not be long-lasting. Your partner might cheat and dump you. You may sorrow and suffer in your love affair. Married life will be moderately good.

Although, there will be few problems, clashes, misunderstandings within couples. You may travel abroad with your spouse. You may go on exotic voyages as well. Some people may get married in 2022. There can be financial support from your spouse. Few may get separated from spouse due to career and personal choices.

Career/ Finance:- You may get some exciting opportunity abroad to make you future plans for your career endeavors. Your career might flourish in foreign land. He or she may also get a good education and can get opportunity for employment in foreign country. Fortune will shine in foreign countries.

Aries people may face losses in business but job sector will give good opportunity in life. There will be gains and losses both from import and export business. Losses from speculations are possible. Although, you will earn substantial money from real estate and investing in mutual funds and cryptocurrency. Some people will get a new job as well.  Overall, work-life will be good especially from Job perspective.

There will be a lot of expenses and travel in your life. Although, some people will get increment and promotion in their job and services. There will be constant inflow of wealth but expenses will be on higher side so savings will be less as well. Financial abundance and prosperity will be there in 2023.

You will have a lot of inclination towards materialistic comfort and spending on a luxurious lifestyle. Although, there will be no windfall of money at all but small profits in your business will be constantly there.

Family:-  Family life will be peaceful and happy. Support from parents and siblings will be there especially in financial sector. You will get support from your family as per your career choices. Health of family members will be fine. There can be a new addition or some celebrations in family. Some people will get good news of childbirth as well.

You may get shifted place and new house. Some people will buy new vehicles and there will be prosperity and materialistic comfort within the family.

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Jupiter Transit 2022 – Effects On Taurus Love- Career- Marriage

Taurus:- General- Jupiter will be transiting in 11th house for Taurus natives in 2022-2023. This transit of Jupiter will give them gains and financial abundance. Some people will pursue higher education and some will get success in competitive examinations. Many will start their new business which will bring gains and substantial profit for them.

Success in higher education is assured. Some wishes will be fulfilled and few may become very popular due to their talent hard work in their occupation. Good gains in many endeavors is possible.

Love/ Marriage:-  Success in love marriage is assured. he or she may get married to person of their choice. Although, some people may settle in different cities away from family after marriage. New love affairs for single people are very much on the cards. Short romantic encounters may lead to something significant in future.

Those who are in a committed relationship will have many relaxing and passionate moments with their partner in 2022. Success and happiness through love affairs is possible. Spouse may support you in 2022. Married life will be joyful and passionate. Few will meet their soul mate in 2022-2023

Career/ Finance:- Politicians may gain new respect with honorary position in life. Victory in election is very much possible. Success in Education and good inflow of wealth through business and partnership work will make Taurus natives prosperous and satisfied. There will be an abundance of materialistic pleasure. Many will get good success in government services and examinations. Few will gain a good reputation and promotion in medical field.

There will be good growth in your career and jobless people will get a good job. There will constantly flow of wealth and prosperity for entrepreneurs. Fortune will favor Taurus natives. Happiness and satisfaction from career and wealth will be there in abundance. Some Taurus people may become millionaires as well. There can be some windfall of money in your life.

Family:-  Family life will be joyful and happening. Marital bliss will be there. Love and support from parents and siblings will make home environment peaceful. There will be materialistic prosperity and financial abundance in your family. Some may join family businesses. Father may get good recognition in society.

Mother will be very supportive in your endeavors. Financial help from spouse or parents will make your life easy. Although, health of family members will give you some concerns in 2022-2023.

Jupiter Transit 2022 – Effects On Gemini Love- Career- Marriage

Gemini:- GeneralJupiter will be transiting in your 10th house which will give you new goals, desires and there will be changes in your routine life. Your health will be fine. Students will do very well in their education and examinations. Some may get scholarships to study in different cities or country.

Study and work related to Astrology, tarot reading palmistry, Spirituality, yoga, meditation will flourish in 2022-2023. Overall, your life will change for better with new targets, new paths and new encounters, new contacts in life.

Love/ Marriage:- There can be failures and separation in love affairs. Romantic encounter with someone new is possible but it can be short-lived. Someone new may enter your life in 2022. Those who are already in committed relationships may suffer from breakup or separation in 2022. Although, married life will be fully blissful and prosperous. Your wealth may shoot up after marriage. Few may get married to partner of their own choice.

Career/ Finance:- Businesses related to construction and real estate will bring large gains and wealth in life. Any kind of work related to teaching, promotion, education, politics, arts, painting, literature, history will bring good income and promotion for some people as well. Few will get a good post in government job in 2022-2023. Unemployed people will get a good job with a decent salary. Some may change their work or shift location of their work.

Those who are looking for a big opportunity or different job or any kind of new occupation than April 2022 will bring good opportunities in your life. Wealth through marriage or inheritance is very much possible. Those who are in banking and education sector may expect growth in life. Some people may also earn from more than one source in coming years.

Family:- Family atmosphere will be peaceful and happy. There will be monetary help from parents, siblings, or spouse. Health of family members will be fine. You may go on pilgrimage or vacation trips with your family in 2022-2023. Gemini native may also buy new house or car in 2022.

There can be occasions of joy and new addition to your family. Marriage celebration or childbirth is possible in your family. You enjoy distance travel with your spouse as well. There will be much harmony among family members.

Jupiter Transit 2022 – Effects On Cancer Love- Career- Marriage

Cancer:- General:-  Jupiter will be transiting in the 9th house of Cancer Ascendant natives. This transit of Jupiter will bring rewards, enhancement in reputation, rise in fortune, and travel to different cities or countries. This is a very favorable transit for Cancer sign natives. 2022-2023 can be very rewarding and significant for cancer sign people.

Most wishes will be fulfilled. You will be able to achieve your goals and materialize your dreams into reality. Your health and energy will be at an all-time high. You may get good success and income through media and social media. You might become a popular social media influencer or travel vlogger in 2022.

Love/ Marriage:- There will be a lot of passion and a lot of pleasure in your love life. Singles may meet their ideal match in 2022. Those who are in committed relationships may tie the knot in  2022-2023. Arranged marriage or love marriage will bring success, happiness, and wealth for cancer natives. Love life will bring happiness and joy in your life. Married life will give all kinds of pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction in your life. You may travel and settle abroad with your wife as well. Spouse will be loving and caring and supportive in coming years of your life.

Career/ Finance:- You may become quite wealthy in 2022 due to gains from your work or occupation. You may have good opportunities for employment in different cities or in foreign lands. There will be constant gains and profit in your business. Entrepreneurs will have a great time in 2022.

You will reach your objectives in your work. One may pass competitive examination of UPSC and can become IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS in 2022-2023. Profession related to medical and engineering will also give gains and good income. Your overall wealth and savings will rise in life. Success and popularity in the field of entertainment, art, sports is very much possible. You may get a big break in your artistic or sports career.

Family:- Health of family members may become delicate although, nothing serious will happen. Your father’s influence might rise in society. Your family wealth will increase. There can be sense of abundance, peace, comfort, and prosperity in your family life. You may get wealth through your father and other blood relatives.

Good rapport with cousins and siblings will make you happy. There can be a lot of short-distance travel and dining with family will make 2022 very joyful and satisfactory.

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