Karakamsa Lagna Prediction In Astrology – Meaning and Importance

Karakamsa Lagna Prediction In Astrology - Meaning and Importance

Karakamsa Lagna Prediction In Astrology – Meaning and Importance: One of the many astrological disciplines is Jamini Astrology, which has been preached by Jamini sages as a source which is capable of doing a quite accurate and subtle calculation and provides an effective result. Even though mathematical calculations of Jaimini astrology is different (in many parts) from the Parashari system, especially the use of this system is widely applied and popular in South India.

This Jamini astrological system has a variety of rules and principles that seems to be a little difficult to understand, but still, in the article presented by astrology, we have the way to make some effective statements based on the Karakamsa Lagna or ascendant in Jamini method system of astrology. Factor ascendant:-

How to find karakamsa Lagna: The planet that has the highest degree share in the horoscope is called Atmakarak planet. This Aatmakarak planet has a role in D9 or Navamsa chart. The zodiac sign in which the Atmakaraka planet is posited in D9 Navamsa is regarded as Karakamsa Lagna.

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If the Sun is in the Karakamsa Lagna the native will be involved in Government jobs and services. If the Moon is in this Lagna, he or she will enjoy pleasures and will be a scholar. when strong Mars is in Karakamsa Lagna or ascendant, he or she will be a great cook or will do business in jewels and gold.

When strong Mercury is in Karakamsa, he will be skillful in writing or will be an artist who also will be an expert in business and trading, intelligent, and educated as well.

If Jupiter in Karakamsa Lagna denotes one person will be modest honest endowed with good acts and possess the skill and foundation spiritualism, and Vedic learning.

One will be endowed with longevity and will be sensuous and will look after state affairs of country or kingdom if when Venus is placed Karakamsa Lagna.

When Saturn in Karakamsa Lagna will give such hard-earned livelihood as due to the native’s family.

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Rahu in Karakamsa denotes a bowman, a skilled engineer or machinery maker, and a doctor treating poisonous afflictions.

If somehow Ketu is in Karakamsa Lagna then the person will be a thief.

Mars in the fifth house from the Karakamsa Ascendant (Mars in the fifth house from Karakamsh Lagna) the person succeeded in the matters related to the court cases.

Ketu at the fifth place from the Karakamsa Lagna in Cancer makes the person eminent scholar of mathematics

Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Guru, Venus, Saturn, all these planets are considered very beneficial for the stability of the career.

If Surya or Sun is benefic and placed in karakamsa Lagna or in 10th house from karakamsa Lagna, then he or she will become a government servant and a high administrative officer. If there is a combination of Sun and Mercury, then the native will be very intelligent. And one can make a career in the field of an administrative officer, judge, adviser, etc.

If Mars is in Lagna or in 10th house from karakamsa Lagna, then the native can be land benefactor, colonizer or builder and Completely successful in the work of the contractor. Mercury or Jupiter in the 10th house from Karakamsa Lagna makes the native highly exalted and gives success in the field of intellect and learning. In business too, the success of these two planets Jupiter and mercury leads to success.

Mercury and Guru are both trading factors. Their auspicious placement in a birth chart is situated in the ninth, tenth or eleventh house makes the person financially stronger. He or she will be working, fortunate and righteous, wealthy. Thankfully, Venus is more helpful to the youth who want to achieve success in the fashion or the cine world.

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Venus is a splendid planet, so if Venus is situated by benefiting with high position or self, then the native gets more success in glamour or glamorous business.

Saturn is also important in this. Shani or Saturn helps native in becoming technician, engineer, chartered accountant, mathematician etc. If Rahu is Karakamsa Lagna or in 10th house from this Lagna one can easily become a doctor and has the ability to become a successful surgeon.

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Effects Of Karakamsa Lagna In 12 Zodiac Signs

  1. If Aries sign becomes Karakamsa Lagna, there will be trouble for native from the rats or cats.
  2. If Taurus sign is Karakamsa Lagna, Good trade and business are expected.
  3. If Gemini sign is Karakamsa Lagna and is aspected by malefic planets, one may develop corpulence. By the aspect of malefic planets to Gemini Karakamsa, one may suffer from eczema, itches, etc.
  4. If the Cancer sign is Karakamsa Lagna, aspected by malefic planets, the native may suffer from dropsy or leprosy.
  5. If Leo sign becomes Karakamsa Lagna, then the native may suffer from the disease due to dog-bite.
  6. If Virgo sign becomes Karakamsa, the results of Gemini Karakamsa viz. Corpulence and itch may be mentioned. If the malefic planets aspect Virgo Karakamsa Lagna, fear from accident will be there.
  7. If Libra becomes Karakamsa, the native lives by a business or he is clever in affairs of sale and purchase.
  8. If Scorpio becomes Karakamsa, in its first half of life, danger from water, in its second half of life, danger from reptiles may be apprehended.
  9. If Sagittarius sign becomes Karakamsa Lagna, gradual fall from a high place or from a vehicle may happen.
  10. If Capricorn sign is Karakamsa  Lagna and is aspected by the malefic or enemy planet, dangers from leeches or crocodiles may happen.  If aspected by more than two malefic planets, the native may suffer from eczema, fistula, scrofula or tumors.
  11. If Aquarius sign becomes Karakamsa Lagna, fall in still water like tank or well may happen or the native builds well and tanks.
  12. If Pisces becomes Karakamsa, the native is virtuous and attains final liberation or emancipation, the salvation of soul called Moksha.

Some Special Effects Of Karakamsa Lagna Placement

  1.  If Atmakaraka is placed in a benefic sign or in benefic Navamsa, the native becomes rich. If the benefic planet occupies any of the Kendras (1, 4, 7 and 10) from Atmakaraka planet, the native is certain to attain Rajayoga. He or she becomes a high administrative government officer if Atmakaraka is exalted or placed in his own or benefic Navamsa.
  2. If the Sun occupies the 2nd house from Karakamsa, the native leads a successful life in  political line. If the Sun is debilitated there, he becomes a low-grade Government servant or employer or often gets defeated in politics.
  3. If the Moon or Venus occupies the 2nd house from Karakamsa Lagna, then the native will be rich and luxurious or owner of a big factory. The Moon in 12th from Karakamsa Lagna is responsible for giving riches and luxuries, while Venus in 12th house from this Lagna is responsible for his earnings through scholarships, wisdom or through fine arts as well as performing arts. The quantum of the above results may vary according to the relative strengths of the Moon and Venus by their sign placement and degree.
  4. if you have Pisces, Aries, cancer or Sagittarius sign rising 12th from karakamsa Lagna you will attain superior Mukti ~ Jamini sutra/ K.N RaoThis occurs when no malefic planets are in the 12th house from karakamsah Lagna, Karakamsha Lagna is seen by taking the planet with the highest degree in rasi or D1 chart.
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