Ketu In 1st House/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage

Ketu In 1st House Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage-vedic astrology

Ketu In 1st House/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage

Ketu In 1st House/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage: Ketu In First/1st House Personality: Ketu is not an actual planet but a shadow planet which is represents node of the moon that is south node of the moon. On one side, Ketu identify itself to Karma, causes the results of the deeds or work god or bad you performed in past life and on the other side, it implies or signifies spirituality, liberation, and discover mystery over occult science and other mysteries of life.  It is the planet of detachment; it takes away comforts of life and luxurious things for greater good of soul searching. Rahu stands for materialistic desires while Ketu is all about purifying soul and detachment and liberation from the outer glitters, luxury and materialistic happiness of life. When negative, Ketu can cause mental disorders, psychic tendencies, lunatic activities, anxiety, strain, criminal mindset etc.

The Result of Ketu in Ascendant or 1st house(lagna) vary from person to person because of different sign in the 1st house of different people having the same planet ketu in lagna; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. As, lordship varies from Aries sign in lagna or 1st house to Pisces sign in lagna or 1st house. We should also check the sign, aspects, conjunction and nakshatra constellation for prolific and detailed accurate prediction.


General Effect Of Ketu In First/1st House: Ketu  in 1st house may indicate short pulp fleshy frame of body and native has large ear and suffers from acidity and loves to eat rice and dairy and milk products in their meal. Ketu in the 1st house makes one seek a high spiritual detached life. From the middle age native would engage himself in intense meditation and Self-Study. Ketu in lagna or 1st house can make a person adaptable, and can also make a person sometimes inconsistent with their goal ambition and direction in their life. It also makes the person hypersensitive to others feelings and emotions especially pain, anguish, anger and sadness and dissatisfaction with their life in general. Ketu in 1st house makes native wanderer and gifts them great intuitive power and objectivity in their speech like for example, their prediction do come true for other human beings. Negatively ketu in 1st house can make native cast aside the world responsibilities and day to day affairs in life and they lose affinity towards every single relation, and try to find spirituality by renouncing life. Their live their life in search of greater good to world and eternal truth and desires spiritual power, occult power and enlightenment.

Ketu In 1st House Horoscope and Love Relationships

If native with ketu in 1st house falls in love, there will be loss of mental peace for the native and native will become obsessive with his or her love partner. They behave like mad dog or crazy mentally challenged person whenever they fall in love. Although they remain very loyal to their lover but their feeling will not be reciprocated in a same way.

Ketu In 1st House Of Horoscope and Marriage – Vedic Astrology

Ketu in 1st house makes native married life like a living hell. Ketu creates havoc and shallowness in their married life. Husband and wife both will remain unsatisfied with each other and will not obey and respect each other feeling. Infidelity factor will also be there. Separation is very much possible due to this placement of ketu.

Ketu In 1st House Of Horoscope and CAREER – Vedic Astrology

The relief factor is very much there with ketu in 1st house, as by their sheer hard work and by dint of some divine grace or luck they perform wonderfully well in their working sector. They get popularity and success with fame in occult field, astrology or in medical sector. They rise in life because of their focus in career and their work ethics and have sheer knowledge of his her profession and work Endeavour. Thus, rise in life with good amount of wealth till middle age because of their successful stable career.


Ketu  in the first house in the horoscope of a native makes person  have quite a mysterious personality. People struggle to gaze his her ways of action, thought process or nature and behavior to the outer world or socially. There is always a double meaning in what they say. These natives are usually endowed with a magnetic aura and persona. You are likely to have a lot of travel to fulfill a sense of adventure and to feel feeling of being ascetic or detachment in fun way with many dimension of endeavor or orientation in life. There is a strong tendency to become self-centered and greedy many times in their life because they do think of themselves first and gives first priority to himself or herself.

 Badly afflicted Ketu in 1st house can hamper health and stamina of the native. The person may lose his or her social or professional position and prestige and will have a miserable life after attaining middle age of life. People with Ketu in 1st house do not lack self-confidence or courage. This position of Ketu also gives the native psychic abilities and strong intuition but can affect the longevity or age of the person in some cases. Ketu from 1st house aspect over its 7th house, then the person also faces difficulties in conjugal life and can also suffer from divorce.

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