Ketu In 6th House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance, Education, Health

Ketu In 6th House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance, Education, Health

Ketu in 6th house Love, Career, Health, Finance, Education, Family, Marriage:- South Node Graha/ Dragon’s head in sixth horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: Placement of  Ketu in 6th house of the horoscope in an individual birth chart or Kundli is not considered very favorable in Vedic Astrology for the native. This position of Ketu can make native vulnerable to injuries and accidents. It can also lead to diseases like piles and fissures.

South Node in 6th from Lagna for all Ascendants

This placement of Ketu gives a lot of obstructions and obstacles and a lot of detachment and dejection in life. Nevertheless, the native has the ability to rise above the challenges or obstacles and attain success through his or her own efforts and hard work after a lot of failures and struggles. There will be many unfulfilled desires in the life of the native.

Ketu in 6th House bestows natives with intuitive prowess and occult knowledge. The native will be wealthy, healthy and prosperous in the last phase or old age of life. The native will be an excellent conversationalist, a captivating speaker or orator and an excellent motivator with mystic knowledge of life secrets. Ketu in 6th house blesses one with the ability to win heated debates and discussions with knowledge and amazing argumentative and communicative skills. but these individuals suffer on account of unfaithful relatives, servants and they will have some danger of injury from animals as well.

Ketu or North Node of Moon in 6th house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-Effect and Result of Ketu in this house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in 6th house, malefic dignity, combustion, malefic and benefic aspect, affliction, conjunction, Ketu in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Ketu in 6th house.

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Ketu in this house was usually considered excellent by many Vedic ancient times sages and astrologers as it gives real progress and success in the spiritual world and spiritual pursuit but on the other hand, it is not considered good placement in current time in this materialistic world of wealth and luxury.  The native will have name, fame, and authority in the spiritual or religious world. Person confers success and pleasure from the maternal uncle.  The native will attain good wealth after the age of 48 years.

Ketu in 6th house and Love Affair in Vedic Astrology

Ketu in 6th house and Your Love Life:- Ketu in this house gives very dry low unexciting love life.  There will be no permanent love and affection in the life of a native. Many love partners will cheat the native emotionally and physically. The native will live a dull and boring love life which will become sorrowful at some point in time.

Ketu/ South Node in 6th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Marriage

Ketu in 6th house and Your Marriage/ Married Life:- Ketu in this house gives unlucky marriage with lack of peace, lack of excitement, lack of happiness in married life. A spouse may die early or remain unhealthy throughout life. There will be no harmony or bed comfort in the conjugal life of the individual. Lack of conjugal harmony and romance will prevail in the married life of the native. Native may marry more than once in life but still will feel sorrow and lack of love and care in his or her life.

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Ketu in 6th house of horoscope/ Birth Chart – Your Career

Ketu in 6th house and Career – Business/ Job:-  Ketu in this house gives success in career-related to religion, spirituality and occult science. Native may become a very popular speaker or orator in the field of religion and spirituality. Native may get many followers. Native may speak about spirituality, religion or occult science on the public platforms regularly and can gather mass support as well. Special progress after 48 years of age will be there in career and money related matters. Ketu in this house can also make one popular astrologer or an occult scientist.

Ketu/ South Node in 6th house in Kundli/ Horoscope and Finance

Ketu in 6th house and Finances:- Financial condition of the native will be average and will not be satisfied until 48 years of age. There will be a constant need for liquid money for the native. Although, the native will have some property in his or her life. After 48 years of age, the native will become financially sound and secure with good liquid money savings.

Ketu or Dragon tail in 6th house of Horoscope – Your Family life

The native will leave his home for a career or education very early in his or her life. Native may also wander from place to place in search of true spiritual guru or for learning about religion, spirituality or any kind of occult practices. Family life will be normal but native will not care much about his or her family members in life. He will be bereft of home, comfort, luxury, and pleasure in life.

Ketu in Sixth house of Horoscope Or Kundli and Health

Ketu in this house gives diseases and misery of such kind which may not be diagnosed easily or get detected with delay and difficulty. There are the chances that the native may get mistreated by authorities or may not get fully treated well in the hospital  for any disease occurring to him/her and this will enhance the pain and suffering in the life of a native.

Special effects of Ketu in 6th house In Astrology

Ketu in this house gives problems and fear from the government. Moreover, if Ketu is badly afflicted in this house, the person possesses violent tendencies as well. Such a person may also get involved in criminal activities and shady scandalous behavior. This is not a good placement of Ketu in 6th house for natives for maternal relatives as it causes a lack of peace and happiness with blood relatives. The person with Ketu in this house gets troubled by hidden enemies and native is criticized by opponents and critics and gets humiliated by the public. 

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