Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope/ Kundli

Leo, Virgo, Libra, scorpio love career, marriage horoscope astrology

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio – Love, Career, Marriage/ Married Life Horoscope/ Kundli / Birth chart – Astrology: I have already discussed Love, Career, Marriage of four zodiac signs Aries, Taurus Gemini, Cancer. Now in this article, I am going to discuss Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio. Those are as follows. This is the second part.

Please Note:- These predictions on Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio may vary due to the effect of other planetary combinations in your Horoscope based on your Ascendant, Moon Sign, Sun Sign, other planetary aspects, and nakshatras.

Leo – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope/ Kundli

Leo natives are very focused and goal-oriented people. They are very career-oriented and aspirational. These people are focused most of the time on their work. These people do not prioritize their love life or personal life over their professional life. Although, Leo people are very much indulging in passionate affairs with an Aquarius person. Leo people achieve success from 24-25 years of age.

Career Line/Life:-  Leo people will get success in the field of Police service, in Defence field, Acting field, Writing field, Travelling field, Direction field, Teaching field, etc. One can also become an event manager, Administrative officer, Anchor, Star in the entertainment world or in Sports world.

Person may also get success in the field of designing and modeling as well. Some people can become popular travel writers and vloggers. Few may also become a politician or PR Executive. Native can also become an inspiring Motivational Speaker & Consultant. One can also become a Travel agent, tourist Guide, painter, poet, fashion designer, etc. Success in government job is assured through becoming IAS IPS, IFS, IRS officer.

Love Life:-  Love life will not be very exciting though he or she may get find their passionate ideal match in Aquarius or in Sagittarius native. Aries native can also become their true partner. You Leo people may fall in and out of love very quickly unless and until you meet your right match which can happen in young age.

Marriage Life:- Married life will be overall prosperous and happy. Some Leo natives will find a very devoted partner in Aquarius and Sagittarius person. Leo person can also make Aries a loyal, supportive, and devoted lover. One may become wealthy after Marriage. Spouse will be co-operative but you might dominate your spouse which can bring some strain in married life.

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Virgo – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope – In Astrology

Virgo people are very practical in life. They look at life from different perspectives. These people can manage personal and professional life with perfect balance. These people can get abstract-minded sometimes and need their personal space and privacy as well. Person will achieve success from 32 years of age.

Career Life/ Line:-  These people can become accountants, writers, editors, media reporters, Anchors, Teachers, Personal assistants of Big industrialists or politicians,. They can also become Vet Doctors, mathematicians, librarians, Dieticians, Dentists, Gym trainers, poets, etc. You will shine in these given professions. Your mode of work will also display working for public even from behind the scenes. Your forgiving nature will bring happiness in life.

Love life will be devotional, emotional but satisfactory. You may find your love match after going through hardship, struggle, and heartbreak. Pisces and Taurus people can be your ideal match.   Capricorn people can be your soul mate. Pisces can be just opposite of you but they will truly be the most devoted, loving, and caring people for Virgo native. Love and Passion will come late in their life. Patience will be key for long-lasting relationship.

Married life:-  Married life will give utmost happiness, comfort, joy in life. Marriage with Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, or Capricorn will be prosperous and blissful. Spouse will be talented and very supportive. You will also be very loyal and trustworthy to them.

Libra – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope/ Kundli

Libra natives are very romantic and sometimes hopeless and delusional in love. But, they somehow manage to find balance between love and work. These people are also very professional and very artistic. Some people of Libra sign have gifted talent in Acting, Singing, Dancing. Some will be successful in sports as well. Libra people will find it tough to be loyal to one person. But, after sometime investing  in relationship they become loyal, concerned, caring, and devoted to their partner

Career line/Life:-  Libra person can become Human Resource development officer, Human Resource Manager, Event planner, Art dealer, Lawyer,  Judge, Counselor, Actor, Director, Producer, Stylist, Photographer, Interior Designer, Casting Director, Recruiter, etc. You will get good success in your career from 28 years of age to 38 years of age and sometimes after 50 years of age. You can become a pilot or work in aviation sector as well.

Love Life:-  Libra people will find it tough to be loyal to one person. But, after some time investing in relationship they become loyal, concerned, caring, and devoted to their partner. Aries and Gemini sign person will be suitable partner but Aquarius sign person will be your ideal match. In some cases, Pisces person can also be your true mate.

Married life:-  Married will be exciting and there will be a lot of travel with your partner. Spouse will be caring, trustworthy, and supportive. There will be bliss and happiness after marriage. Domestic life will be peaceful. Spouse can be dominating at times.

Scorpio – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope In Astrology

Scorpio people are secretive about their desire and talent unless they are very confident about it. They are jealous but can become inspirations for others. You will be aspirational for materialistic things as well as for high level of occult power and spirituality in life. They believe in magic of life & Death. You are a firm believer in unseen and abstract things in-universe. Scorpio natives will be very emotional.

Career Line/ Life:-  Scorpio native will start getting success in their career either from 18 years of age or after 29 years of age. These people can establish themselves in stable career and can achieve a high position in life.

These people will get success in Marketing Department and in Astrology Field. You may also become a pharmacist, Psychologist, Detective, Market Analyst, Secret agent, Engineer, Consultant, Financial Advisor, Actor, Singer, Sports Star, Auditor, Chemist, etc. One may also become an Astronaut and scientist in life.

Love Life:-  These people are very possessive and very loyal in love. Pisces and Cancer sign person will be your perfect match. Sometimes, Taurus natives will also be your suitable match. These people will be extremely jealous and caring about their partner. Love life will be full of drama, excitement, sadness, aloofness, etc. There will be an emotional and nervous breakdown in love life. There will be heartbreaks but eventually, you will find your true love in life.

Married Life:-  Your married will be overall happy and prosperous. There can be a few misunderstandings and altercations but things will eventually get smooth as the year passes by. Cancer and Pisces person can be your perfect partner. Your spouse can be loyal, caring, trustworthy, and devoted to you if you also support and co-operate with him or her.

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