Love Marriage Problem Solution Astrology

Love Marriage Problem Solution Astrology1

Love Marriage Problem Solution Astrology

Question (As it was asked – on Love marriage problem): “Hello sir, please help me. I was in love affair since 2008 with girl named Monika rajawat dob 13.05.1987 time 23.00 place Jabalpur Rajasthan. We were trying to agree our families for marriage for many years but by god grace, they agreed in august and our marriage date was fixed as 21 Feb 2015. But in September we both had some misunderstanding and this marriage is now broken. Now we each other and both families have no talk and contact with each other. I still want to marry her. Please help me and guide me that what should I do to make her and her family agree. I am very tensed and so my family is. Conditions became very miserable in September. But I still praying daily for this marriage. Please help me sir and guide me. I will be very very thankful to you.”

The Question was asked by:

  • First Name: Puneet
  • Last Name: Sharma
  • Gender(Male/Female):
  • Male
  • Email:
  • [email protected]
  • Birth Date
  • 19/08/1985
  • Birth Time
  • 08:15 AM
  • Birth Place(Country,State,City)
  • Hanumangarh Rajasthan India


Marriage/love Problem

Love Marriage Problem Solution Astrology - puneet

Planetary positions

Mercury RKarka19:46:01
Jupiter RMakar16:31:19
Rahu RMesha19:18:36
Ketu RTula19:18:36
Planet NameNak- PadNak. lordNavN. Lord
Mercury RAslesha-1MeSagJu
Jupiter RSravanam-3MoGemMe
Rahu RBharani-2VeVirMe
Ketu RSwati-4RaPisJu

House Positions

House 2Tula00:10:08
House 3Vrishch00:10:08
House 4Dhanu00:10:08
House 5Makar00:10:08
House 6Kumbha00:10:08
House 7Meena00:10:08
House 8Mesha00:10:08
House 9Vrisha00:10:08
House 11Karka00:10:08
House 12Simha00:10:08

Horoscope Judged and answered by Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)

Dear Mr. Sharma,

According to the birth data, you have given me – you had fallen under the influence of Virgo Ascendant (Lagna) and Virgo Sign (Rashi) at the time of birth.

After reading the full message you have sent to me, I can guess your mental state, which is very confused and restless, and it is very natural too. It is really very tough to accept that – a relationship of almost 7 years old now at the point of full uncertainty, when it was at its culmination point.

Let’s see what Astrology is saying, especially your Horoscope. As it is the matter of love marriage so I will be judging in two parts: 1st.  D-1 or Natal Chart, & 2nd. D-9 or Navamsa Chart.

Let’s start with D-1 or Natal Chart. This chart is also called Rashi Chart, where we can find all apparent existence of all incidents of one’s life. But, if you want to go more deep into – of any incident so you have to go to the related Divisional Chart. Like – for Marriage you will have to go to D-9, for Career you will have to go to D-10 etc.

In your Rashi Chart 4th & 7th house lord Jupiter is sitting in 5th house (the house of Love and romance). From 7th house, we judge somebody’s marriage. So in your case, marriage lord is sitting in the house of love and romance – which is very good sign for love marriage. But, some bad signs are also there –

1. 7th lord Jupiter is retrograded.

2. 7th lord Jupiter is debilitated.

3. 5th house and 7th lord are aspected by the malefic & debilitated planet Mars.

4. Lastly, Rahu is sitting on the “Arudha Pada” (according to Jaimini Sutram) of the 5th house.

Above mentioned four negative points will bring that kind of obstacles in your love marriage to happen – all of a sudden, without any prior information.

Retrograde Jupiter is saying those obstacles are somehow connected to your previous “Karma”, it may be connected to your previous birth.

In this type of cases both the horoscope should be judged simultaneously. So that the actual result can be seen. You also have given me two birth data, but in this “Free Consultation” section this feature is not added yet.

Whether this marriage would be successful or not it depends on upon both the charts. If somehow any connection would be there in two charts so the marriage will be possible otherwise if the same indications are there in her chart also or your marriage time is not connected with her so then it will be concluded that both of you are not made for each other.

If I go to your “Navamsa Chart” so, there, 7th lord Moon is with Ketu in 3rd house – this is also the indication of sudden and definite obstacle – regarding marriage. The 5th house lord Venus is in his own house with 12th lord Jupiter. You can say this is a good sign for love affairs which can convert into marriage but 12th lord can create some adverse situations. The “Arudha Pada” of the 5th house also is not in very good state – that planet is Saturn and is sitting in the 6th house which is also the house of obstacles. Saturn in sixth is good but not for love marriages.


So, in conclusion – your love marriage is with full of obstacles. As I have not judged both of your charts (you & your fiancée) so I will tell you 70/30 chance to happen love marriage in your life. Take 70% as positive and rest 30% as negative. To be 100% sure whether this marriage would be successful or not I need to judge both of your charts.


Don’t worry at all & don’t become frustrated too, your case is solvable. Remember where there is a problem, there is a solution.

Horoscope Judged by:   

Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)   

Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist.    

Please note: Above calculations are based on mathematics, so if any part of the Birth Data is wrong provided by the person who has asked the question – the prediction won’t match. So please be sure, before submitting your Birth Data. 

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